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  1. I played muay thai for a while and really enjoyed it ,in the training you learn to strike with every part in your body and in the strike movement it self you learn how use your all body muscle when striking.& it's really hard core game .

  2. It has to do how much prepared and good you are in one martial art. Also its important to know what another martial art is about. Fighting isn't only the use of your muscles but also of your brain and your spiritual aspect such as self control. If a muay thai fighter thinks he is going to beat a boxer on the street just because he uses legs and arms is totally wrong. A boxer is trained to avoid hits on the head and has more precise punches he has more chance to win a short street fight.

  3. First, I think the art is great. But most of your points are also in many martial arts. Again, MMA is Mixed Martial Arts. They've taken theories and mechanics from different arts andn implement them into MMA. They consist in many forms that work. Joint-locking… tapped. Dexterity and balance… wrestling and judo.

    Also, ego isn't part of any art. It's a fallacy developed by human weakness. No art is greater than the other. It's based on the mind that wields it.

  4. Muay Thai is almost like MMA. but actually when it comes to Kung Fu trained in China…. then Kung Fu is the MOST deadliest training ever made…. believe it or not it is!

  5. MMA is mostly muay thai, so that is stupid what you just said, most if not all mma train or do muay thai with bjj…. tradisional muay thai is also alot better than stander muay thai u get in mma.

  6. Lol Muay Thai is part of MMA so yeah, it's like saying "let's fight! I can use both arms but you gotta hold both your hands behind your back."

  7. you can't punch me when i grab a hold of your neck and knee your ribs to pieces. Don't talk big. MUAY THAI is the best.

  8. yeah your hand break when u punch but my knee doesn't break. I can knee you and kick your head on the ground. In Muay Thai, we learn to clinch, knee, elbow, punch, take you down and kick u in the head.

  9. If i was seriously trying to kill somebody breaking my hand wouldn't be an issue not to mention I could just punch them without breaking my hand and stomp them in the head just the same

  10. your hand break you can't use ur hand anymore. How can you stomp someone on the floor unless they voluntarily drop dead? LOL! Big talk small balls. come to muay thai gym.

  11. you're an idiot. Are you 5? Bone in your knuckles are different than bones in your skull. You obviously never fought bare knuckles before let alone spar with gloves. I'll end the conversation here kid.

  12. cry like a bitch. shows how insecure and a fake u are. "im a boxer. ive been in 11 street fights". I graduated top of the Navy Seals.

  13. soo i can speak from experience that is not true the bone is 3 inches thick in the skull. I shattered my hand trying to knock an opponent out and i dident because instead of aiming for the jaw or behind the ear i was hitting the forehead like a dumbass. He dropped but by no means was knocked out. I won the bout but by decision and not knockout.

  14. so you were wearing gloves which take your knife like knuckles out of the picture and you might need to check your hands because if you were wearing gloves and wraps and you shattered your hands well you got weak hands

  15. In a real fight i ve never seen someone won by an other thing than a punch… but of course muay thai can be extremely dangerous, too bad most of them can use their punch well.

  16. I think muay thai is more deadly generally speaking but I think boxing is easier to learn for most people and you can get pretty good at it fairly quick but if a trained boxer fought a trained muay thai I think the boxer would lose. It just depends on the fighter when it comes down to it.

  17. In every way? NOBODY has the footwork of a boxer nor can anybody hit as precisely, as quickly and as powerful as boxer while maintaining your guard. You guys (everybody, not just muaythai) talk down on boxing so much it's ridiculous, "I'll just keep him at a distance, boxers don't know how to close in." Stupid comments, we can and will close in. All a boxer needs is one clean shot to your chin and you're out, rest assured if a boxer is trained correctly he will set you up and get that one shot.

  18. Both are effective martial arts, but I like more boxing! 🙂 Boxe is precise, fast and powerful. A good boxer will be a trouble to any fighter! Against a thai, a boxer needs be careful against low kicks and frontal kicks. The muay thai clinches are dangerous too. But if the boxer knows how to control distances, he will take down the thai. 🙂 Thats my view as boxer.

  19. both i say. i think if a great boxer can learn how to defend against kicks and takedowns, that is a dangerous individual. the precise footwork, head movement, combinations and timing of a boxer is what makes him in my opinion. thai boxing is highly skilled sport with strategy, but for the most part its giving and taking damage til its over

  20. this man don't know anything about boxing. he says boxers don't user there legs you can see he is semi retarded. boxers use there legs plenty, it just depends the fighting style of the boxer. iam a out-boxer which means i rely more on footwork then punching the shit out of your opponent.

  21. No offence but Krav Maga is more efficient when it comes to holding a guard and fast and powerful strikes, you can aim for the chin all you like but when the boxer has his eye taken out within the first exchange of blows he is useless from that point on. I'm not trying to say boxing is useless or anything of the sort I'm just saying it is not superior to any martial art.

  22. I watched someone take a backward kick to the face and drop in the middle of a shopping centre after trying to start some skinny guy…

  23. I do both Thai and boxing. I compete in Muay Thai, boxing gets a bit boring for me. Boxing is very effective! However I think Muay Thai is stronger, Americanized Thai uses a lot of boxing techniques and combos, but also kicks knees and elbows. I spar with very good boxers, they are oblivious of the clinch and kicks. Good guard and a quick step and their in my clinch and I'm free to bombard them with knees and elbows till they drop. That's my experience atleast

  24. alot of boxers dont defend their legs. if it came down to a fight between a pro muay thai fighter and pro boxer muay thai wins. unless the boxer was trained to defend against the kicks knees and elbows. then it would be more of a challenge for the muay thai fighter.

  25. I personally like Boxing AND Muay Thai. 
    They're both SUPER useful in a real life threatening situation.
    Well, Muay Thai is more useful, but Boxing is still awesome! 

  26. Thee is no way one could say Muay Thai is better than boxing! Boxers are fitter,stronger,quicker and more powerful in there punchers. All those Muay Thai kicks and elbows aren't going to help you when you face a boxer as the boxer will be way quicker to block and dodge them. But here's the real question. What do you think would happen if you put someone who does Muay Thai in the ring with mike tyson,someone who is the same weight etc or muhamed ali . The first rule you need to start when becoming a fighter is learning how to use your hands. If you get a boxer who starts training Muay Thai then yes it's a different thing but if that person onl trains Muay Thai then they won't last long with a boxer

  27. I'm a boxer who converted to Muay Thai, and I feel like I have an advantage when I fight, cos no1 knows how to box and set traps and use footwork in muay thai. IMO

  28. if u want to become a mma fighter, do boxing, cuz all boxers r dominating n mma. also u dnt see much leg kicks in higher weight divisions cuz now every1 got good wrestling and dey will take u down.

  29. from my stand point boxing is a part of muay thai. muay thai is just a more efficient side of boxing and more versatile. leg kicks when used properly are devastating in the ring and in combat. muay thai just like boxing is and in and out thing when you want it to be. elbows and knees are much harder than the fist and in a street fight you don't want to risk breaking your hand on someone so forearms and elbows are brutal to any opponent. boxing is the base of every martial arts but to fully understand fighting you must at least venture off and study other styles to become a complete fighter

  30. Josh hofman take a leg kick from a muay thai fighter to a boxer your boxer will colapse and there slower check out baukwa

  31. I train in Boxing and Muay Thai and feel that Boxing sets the foundation for Muay Thai and Muay Thai is an extension of Boxing. Any Boxer who wants to , could easily adapt to Muay Thai. The training in both styles is very similar and realistic compared to other stand up fighting Arts like Karate or Kung Fu. Either way , they are both beautiful stand up styles. To be honest, if a really good boxer where to fight a real Muay Thai fighter from Thailand with no rules, I believe the Muay Thai fighter would immediately use the push kick to keep the distance and then the low kick to the side of the knee to break the leg in half, I've seen it. The flying low kick to the side of the knee was one of my instructors , Saekson Janjira's signature moves and was very effective. Even if the Muay Thai fighter didn't posses the hands of a great western boxer like Floyd or Manny, taking out the legs would definitely level the playing field. Additionally, Muay Thai fighters also use the head in close combat to break the nose or jaw in a knock out , I've seen that to in Thailand. There's more to Muay Thai than what's normally seen in the competitive version , Muay Boran is older and even deadlier. 

  32. God what is wrong with people, its not boxing vs muay thai its boxing vs muay thai with boxing, muay thai without western gloves, a western ring and western boxing is nothing but street fighting, the only reason muay thai is such a successfull style is because of the introduction of western training techniques, ask yourself this, what is muay thai when its completely separated from boxing and its training regime? not much. thai fighters also have a very bad habit of blocking punches with there face due to a ridiculous square stance in which your bacically saying "hit me "hit me" over and over again, this stance originates from ancient thai martial arts and offers pathetic defense against boxing unless the fighter wises up and adopts a boxing stance, if training in muay thai was more like physics class and less like birthday party then things would be better.

  33. Developing boxing as a base and then adding muay Thai is the best way to go in my opinion, especially for mma (safer to box than kick against a good grappler)… get your hands, head movement, footwork etc. down with boxing and then add on/ train muay Thai later when you have already developed your in-fight instincts … the reason dutch are best strikers is because they combine western boxing combos and footwork with muay Thai kicks+knees

  34. a good bjj fighter can defeat any man on this planet…but i love boxing n mauythai.. learn these 3 martial arts then train mma..if we want weapon offensive n defensive MA then learn
    kravmarga n kali…n yeah learning wingchun also have a good advantage in close combat situations..

  35. IDK about everyone else but every time I've seen Muay Thai fights they just sit there and absorb damage. It doesn't seem like their foot work or head movement is at all effective, like boxing.

  36. I train in Muay Thai, so obviously I will be biased, saying that I do love boxing too but here's my opinion:

    Long Distance: Muay Thai figher will kick the legs, ribs and head of the boxer to hurt and slow down the boxer, they will also push kick him to keep him out of range.

    Medium Distance: Boxer does have advantage being in punching range but is still vulnerable to kicks and flying knees as well as punches

    Clinch Distance: Muay Thai clearly has advantage as elbows and knees become the weapons, knees to the sternum to make you lose your breath, and elbows to cut the opponents head.

    Side note: Muay Thai uses spinning strikes that I have noticed can confuse or stun the opponent as they spin. but if timed properly can be evaded and countered by a good boxer.

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