Muay Thai Boxing Moves : The Muay Thai Style Low Kick

Hello this is Ric O’Kane on behalf of
in this clip we are going to be demonstrating the Muay Thai style low round kick. If you
want to learn more about Muay Thai you can visit up at Okay I’m
going to demonstrate the low kick what we are looking to do is get absolutely maximum
power to the lower part of the leg it is like a football punch. So what I’m looking to do
is stretch my stance really wide before I launch get the full swing of my hip in there
and kick with my lower shin. I could get more power by hopping in there a little bit. Cutting
down on your opponent muscle just above the knee is what I’m looking for.

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  1. i'm sorry but the thai do this on trees I don't think dutch would stand much chance lol and just above the knee is wrong mid to low thigh is were you hit this gives them a dead leg aiming for just above the knee is dangerous as for one you are not allowed to kick the knee or its at least frowned upon so if you miss judge it could go against you and two if you do and judge it wrong and they block it you guna mess your shin up thankyou 🙂

  2. haha der typ steht erstens falsch und tritt das erste mal wie nenn fußball .
    Der würd nenn kick in den innenschenkel bekommen udn ende !

  3. tecnica veramente fatta male; catena cinetica busto tronco e' spezzata, sembra una punizione di calcio. manca la tenuta d'addome ; in assenza di questa diventa necessario come fa' lui prendere rincorsa e faxare il calcio un mese prima. Tecnica zero.

  4. yaah..its just that youre not allowed to kick the opponent´s knee…
    if the judges think that you aim there with your lowkicks,you lose the fight.

  5. those are some nasty looking kicks. u shoulda mentioned that u turn your foot at a 45 deg angle and not to kick with the foot. most ppl that dont train dont know that. but still nice vid

  6. @dsong2006 it increases it but when u step like that the opponent could do low kick too whit out step and it would be much faster.

  7. @xZibeGx Sawadee Krub! thanks for the response and I agree that when you step in an opponent can respond faster with a teep or a cutting low kick. But from personal experience I feel that hopping decreases kicking power slightly. I was always told that power comes from the ground and is transfer up your body through you hips into either your hands, shins, elbows or knees.

  8. Bad balance, bad footwork, spacing is not great and terrible technique. Go to Thailand, learn the art of Muay Thai not some half way kick-boxing.

  9. @ElyonwyHatto not just Dekkers we have many different top muay thai fighters: Overeem, Sauer, Aerts,Bonjasky to name a few

  10. The kick abit ugly, but its very strong, AND effectuve. So please stop commenting about how much better you are. It seems like everyone here is a keyboard champion in muay thai.

  11. If you raise you knee above your target and then drop your shin down as you twist, it creates alot more force, making your whole body weight go throughout the kick and not just your let.

  12. only way his kicking his opponents muscle is if his opponent is a little person! i meant that with no disrespect!

  13. It look a little bit ugly but this is the simplest thing that the Thai boxer must know and the last he had won the International heavy weight boxer 🙂
    มวยไทยนี่สากลยอมรับและดังมากๆ ผมมีเพื่อนคนมาเลเซีย คนอินโดนีเซีย แล้วก็คนจีนเค้าถามถึงมากๆ ว่ามวยไทยนี่น่ากลัวและแข็งแกร่งที่สุด
    เสียดายว่าผมเล่นไม่เป็น ฮ่าๆๆ T T

  14. @MRsageprductions Almost every material art have their own clothing, why shouldnt Muay Thai have it then?

  15. @Z3mk0
    Its peace. i love fighting but keep it in the ring. if youre one of those many punks that want to beat people up on the streets, join a club and take it out on people prepared to step in the ring with you. if you "just want to know how to protect yourself" you are full of shit cuz you can talk your way out of almost anything. still not safe? get some speed and cardio and run away from fights.

    Fighting and combat in all honor and glory, but keep it away from my streets

  16. i'm a boxer myself and im very confident that Boxing best for street fight. The risk of falling is big when using the legs and it would be completely useless when fighting multiple opponents at once as you need the space to perform kicks at someone. The hands are more natural to use when defending yourself and the best way when wanting to end a fight quick and easy if you're good at it. some greco-roman or some kind of grappling tecnique would also be good to have at least basic skills in

  17. @danov001 keep fighting from the streets? glory,honor? don't put the cart before the cattle. never forget that you take what's yours and that is what fighting is all about it's a clash of will. you're gonna see it in the streets alright because it involves people who don't give a shit and have nothing to lose.

  18. this kick can hurt ur leg so much few years ago kickboxer kicked me on both side of my legs and i coudnt sit or stand up after b4 myself i was walking like i had been hit by a car lol.

  19. I like how everyone here thinks they're bad asses. He who knows how to fight, does not speak. He who speaks, does not know how to fight.

  20. you have to keep your hand defensive position throughout the whole kick if you dont want to get punched or kicked or elbowed in the face ;p

  21. @danov001 – definitely agree. self defense classes should be comprised of that stuff, and include awareness of potential danger and as a last resort hit'n'run techniques not with any real intent to damage, just to give yourself enough time to slip by them and boot it out of there. only the cowardly attack strangers on a street, what are the chances there'll be a few of them around or they have a weapon of some sort?

  22. @danov001 well i agree with you exept from the part when u can run away from fights.Some times u GOT to fight because if u dont things might get pretty fucked up

  23. ive trained in muay thai for 3 years now and trust me its not all fancy kicks to the head and stuff you see in tony jaa movies a low kick like that can do massive damage if done right it can stun you leg making you hobble and restricting your movement and the last thing you need is to not be able to move well when there is a muay thai pro in the ring with you

  24. i see a few things he could do to generate a tone more power. kicks more ring style so its not to bad. i dont do any step ins of any kind, it gives you away many times. also if he leaned in more and hit with the higher part of the shin its much more powerful. i generate tons of power with mid level kicks and can send that bag flying. my lower is can generate a good punch but needs work. the guys legs are definitely stronger then mine but its just his technique. good for ring tho over all.

  25. @Milkycwalk im less of defense and more aggression. kinda like the leithwei aggression. i would have to agree with him tho on it not working in a street fight. there is ring and street and both have advantages and disadvantages. like most mma fighters dont throw elbows with cover, they also tend to step in and kick rather then just throw it or doing a driving kick to make up distance. they also tend to circle like a boxer and square up rather then fight at angles. he is right tho.

  26. @jesperchristensson I have been doing this kick all wrong before i saw this video and i knew i was missing power and speed. After turning my ankle to set up the kick, i see the difference and continue to learn .. BTW i grow up boxing and wanted to expand my striking, my jiu jitsu is solid without spending 1 day in the gym. thank you INTERNET MMA VIDEOS! lol

  27. Not trying to badmouth you, its a good solid strong kick. I doesnt matter if the opponent see's it because your driving through them, I do a similar kick like this alot, just two thoughts to try, being slightly looser will help you whip it. Also if you twist your hips more your leg will follow and your power will increase. Ill try to post a video in the next few weeks and send you a link. Honestly nice kick though man. Your students are lucky.

  28. your kick tehnique isn't good
    kick is powerfull but if you could have a little bit of tehnique you should make it more powerfull

  29. @danov001 You´re forgetting one thing. What if you´re not alone and you wanna help someone else, who is in danger. Some people beat other people up just for fun. If it´s only me there ofc i´m gonna run.

  30. @danov001 Half true – In situation when u will be in club or just outside in park when some punks will abuse her what will you do . I dont see runnin away like an option – if u dont wanna be alone in a blink of an eye of course.

  31. am i the only 1 to notice that neither of his arms protect him when he kicks? i mean dont get me wrong the KICK is great its just the defense part that bugs me

  32. My trainer has always taught us not to "hop" but slide… and it works tremendously well … and you are less likely to get caught off balance by a counter

  33. @greveeen i like this comment, i wish everyone would post comments like this and back up their points like you have. Not just make a statement and then get all abusive when someone questions it

  34. this video is good for those who can't appreciate, just because it's expert village does not mean it's useless

  35. I always wonder why people who appently know how to to do this kick watch the video… Its a how to video for ppl who want to learn not experts…

  36. I understand what your trying to say, but you can't talk a gun outta your face… Peace is good and I'm all for it but you can't outrun a bullet… alotta people say just give em' what they want but if you meet someone who truly doesn't care then violence IS the answer… God gave us willpower to protect and the person you replied to is just trying to better themselves for a combat situation… If their intentions are bad they'll most likely lose their fight due to a wrongful state of mind…

  37. Yeah, the only people who know how to disarm someone properly would prolly be Spec ops and not some average joe like me lol.

  38. your supposed to rotate on the ball of your foot slightly and snap your leg out and imagine your trying to cut through the persons leg and your letting your guard down every time you kick the only hand which should come down is the hand on the same side of the leg your kicking with and that should go straight down past your thigh and back up as quick as possible and if you step into the kick like a football kick their most likely going to just teep you away if they have brains

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