Mr. Spencer | Meet The Instructor | Pandas Karate

Well my first moment of karate started a really long time ago back when I was probably eight years old and started out with mr. Daniel when he was teaching at another school he was actually my first class and remember the first thing I said to him was I’m new. And that’s how a lot of us start but for me was the beginning of a journey. I went to black belt first degree and then I stopped for a long time and then I found Mr. Daniel again and he was starting Pandas Karate and I was hesitant at first but after a long time I integrated with the family of Pandas Karate and the way it works here. I’m really glad I made the decision to join I even got my second degree just last year. I am really glad I decided to come back. Kids are a really good avenue I mean their the next generation you gotta pass on I mean karate is a really important skill is not only teaches you how to defend yourself and how to attack but it also teaches you a lot of self discipline and in any day and age especially this one you really need to understand self discipline and respect and I gardened a lot of that from karate. I remember as a kid I was real rambunctious, I didn’t like listening but through karate I was really able to understand and grasp what it meant to be respectful and not just because you not just because you respect them because they’re deserving of it Albert Einstein once said that doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. And for a long time I was like yeah you know things will move on if I do nothing because thats how the world works, but that’s not how the world works you have to constantly be looking for the next achivemnet to the next level and that’s what I found here and I really enjoyed it. I think anyone who’s seeking a challenge not only physically but mentally and remembering all the things you need to remember, karate is a good place for you.

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