MOY YAT VING TSUN DESIGNATION AND KUNG FU LIFE –  English subtitles – Master Leo Imamura

The “Moy Yat Ving Tsun” Designation represented Grandmaster Moy Yat’s personal commitment to his descendants as the way of accessing the Ving Tsun System. After his passing, this designation came to characterize his lineage, once his descendants embraced such a commitment. The importance of the “Moy Yat Ving Tsun” Designation becomes evident at the moment when we want to develop Kung-Fu and a very peculiar process of transmission is needed. This process of transmission is called “Saam Faat”. When Grandmaster Moy Yat came to the West in September of 1973, he called this process “kung fu life”. So, from the moment that we have “kung fu life” as the way to access the Ving Tsun System, We will be preserving possibly one of the greatest treasures of Chinese culture. In other words, “Kung Fu”, is the organic learning of certain skills so that one can achieve excellency without necessarily having an intellectual understanding of it. It’s a skill that is embodied, and, consequently, we call it an organic skill. The importance of the “Moy Yat Ving Tsun” Designation for the preservation of the Ving Tsun System lies on a third element, which is what we call “Kung Fu”. Unlike what many people think, “Kung Fu” is not just a generic term for Chinese martial arts. It dates back to 300 B.C., and it comes from the Confucian tradition. So, the notion of “Kung Fu” is a skill one acquires in any area of human activity and is linked to human development. In other words, it is the cultivation of the person as a human being, that will result in the development of any skill in a field of human activity. When this happens, we have “Kung Fu”. “Kung Fu” cannot be taught, it can only be learned and, many times, when learned, the person does not come to realize it happened. There are many characteristics that are unique, in fact the sinologist François Jullien calls “Kung Fu” the “patient investment”, because people, many times, do not realize when they are learning. As Grandmaster Moy Yat used to say: as you need Kung Fu, it will appear, and then, you’ll realize that you’ve learned. As I have said, Kung Fu cannot be taught, it can only be learned and for that to happen it needs a system. As Grandmaster Moy Yat used to say: “Kung Fu without a system is not Kung Fu, and Kung Fu that depends on a system, is not a good Kung Fu”. In other words, when I have “Kung Fu”, I need to learn it though a system and the Ving Tsun System is a system for the development of Kung Fu. It is very important to mention that the system is only indicative. It is a reference and that is why it requires a proper way of accessing it and this way of access is “kung Fu life”. In other words, that which in Chinese is called “Saam Faat”.

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