Motu Patlu In Frog World – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

Motu, help us, please help. Patlu! I just saw a frog saying, “Motu, Help us.” He must be saying that in your dream, It’s just a dream and not reality, now go to sleep quietly and let me sleep. This isn’t a dream, It is reality, wake up. Motu!! Frog! Hey! He was in my dream and now he is really in front of me. I am in reality, my name is Froggy, please help us. Hey Patlu, this frog is really asking us for help. Motu Patlu, we are in a big problem, a snake has created terror in our area, please save us from him. Big brother, how can we help you? We can’t come into your water world. Don’t worry about that, I will give you all those powers. Now you both have powers like us, now you can eat, drink, stand, sit and jump like us. Come on, let’s go to the tea vendor first and have some hot samosa. Hey tea vendor bro, get few samosa for three of us. For three!? Motu brother, who is the third person? You and Patlu are two only so who is the third one? Look carefully, he is sitting on the bench here. A frog? Even he will have samosa? Yes he will, he is our friend Froggy. Very good Motu. You people eat delicious dishes. Whenever I will crave for samosa I will come here only. Friends, they are Motu Patlu and they are here to help us. And Motu Patlu, our King stays over here. Thanks a lot, Motu Patlu for coming here to help us, I have heard a lot about you both. And that’s why I asked my chief to call you for help. The snake has come! Run!! Hey this is not a snake but an anaconda, he not only eats frogs but also humans. Why didn’t you tell us that there is an anaconda here? We would have thought a lot before coming. You got us stuck here. Hey where are you going? It is very difficult to escape from this anaconda. So what should we do? Go and stand in front of him and give him an invitation to eat us? Dig yourself inside the mud like other frogs and he will not be able to find you. Everyone ran away, where will you go? One day you all have to come inside my mouth. Patlu, pack up your bags and let’s leave from here as soon as possible. Motu, now when we have already come here, let’s complete the work and then only leave. Don’t be scared, there is always victory beyond fear, we will trap the anaconda and catch him. Patlu, anaconda eats humans too then why do we need this frogs disguise? So that he doesn’t get a doubt. Forget about doubt, but your trap will work for sure? Yes it will, Indeed, you don’t worry. As soon as he will come to eat you I will throw this net on him and he will get trapped, then I will pull the net up. Ok! Be alert, It’s a matter of my life Patlu. Ah! Such a big frog! I will have a brunch today, wow! But I haven’t seen such a big frog before. I think there is something wrong. Patlu, anaconda go back into the water. Was he scared? Motu, the anaconda is on your head, run!! You saved him by alerting him but now who will save you? Leave my friend. Motu, you run away or else because of me even, you will die. We both will die or else we both will come out alive. Motu, think of some other idea, In this way we both will keep hitting each other. My mind doesn’t work on empty stomach, you only think of something. Idea! Unity is strength, call everyone together and attack. Everybody come here! None of the frogs will have guts to face me. Friends, Motu Patlu are here to help us, they are calling us, and helping them is our responsibility. Even if something happens to us. Wait friends, this won’t work, “Unity is strength” Sisal from several plants is used to make a ropes, which can control even an elephant. Come here we all will attack together. Such a huge anaconda! He will eat me up also. Leave me! I am of your kind, even though I am small I am still your brother, please leave me. OK! But on one cost, I should not see you here or anywhere around again. No, never, not only me but no one from my family will ever come here. Bye! I am leaving! Thank you Motu Patlu, you saved us all. Ok this is fine but next time when you ask someone for help, please inform them correctly. Whether it is a snake or an anaconda. Ok, we will inform correctly and we will come to have samosas too. Do come!

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