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Dr Jhatka, good morning, how are you? Hello, Motu Patlu. Hello sir. Ghasitaram, how are you? I am fine but how are you? Do you read news paper? Daily there is a news of robbery. I don’t get time to read news paper, morning duty, evening duty, I don’t have time to watch TV or read news. Hey Chingam sir, I will give you a tab on which you can read latest news. And it is a small thing, you can carry it anywhere. Set the time on it. It is ten past ten, time is set. Chingam sir, it is ten o’clock, it is not ten past ten minute. I always keep my watch fast, so that I don’t reach late anywhere.Let me check what news is there in this. Oh my god! Robbers in Mayor’s house? I will lose my job. I am leaving, thanks for the tab, Dr Jhatka thank you. Chingam sir, we will come with you, to help you catch the thief. Oh my god! What did they rob? When did it happen? Why didn’t you complain to police? If you people do not complain to police then how will police catch the thief? Then you all blame the police for not working. Chingam sir, what are you saying? There was no robbery here. Oh my god! How is this possible? I had read the news. Do it fast. If there is no police, then every house will be looted by the thief. You are very strong. Chingam sir, you are the strongest. Now excuse me. Thank you. Who was he? Thief! Catch him. Oh my god!! Police!! You are a police officer, whom are you calling? Robbers had come here, go inside they need help. Oh thank you, let’s go Patlu. Where are you going? He is the robber, come on hit him. Oh, sorry. John, stop! Hit him. We will teach them a lesson whoever tries to mess with us. Thank you Motu Patlu, if you both wouldn’t be here then the robber would have ran away. Thank god we reached on time and caught all the robbed things, but I didn’t understand one thing. When robbery didn’t happen then how did the news came on the Tab? Check once again, what is the news? Oh my god! Furfuri nagar’s bank is looted, lets go fast,hope the robbers don’t run away. Hands up!! Chingam sir, are you looting the bank? How things have changed, police has become the robber. Shut up, I have not come to rob, I have come to catch the robber, where is the robber? How much cash did he robbed from the locker? But sir, nobody has robbed here. Motu, you keep an eye on outside the bank, we will go and check the locker. No Patlu, you stay here, I will go and check the locker, this is police’s job. Excuse me, we are counting the money, you can come later, there will be a mistake in counting. Oh, sorry, I shall come later. Whom did you say sorry? Oh my god! That was John. He had come from underground, let us go out and catch him. Now please don’t guess that I have robbed something, look bank is far away and I am here. I have started a business of collecting and selling of old papers, tins and bottles. I am going to work sincerely like you. Oh, It is a very good thing you are doing, all the best. Try to become a good human being. Stop telling him all the best and don’t let him go, catch him, he has robbed the bank. No, he is not a robber, he is doing a business by selling all old things. Poor John, he has improved. He said I am a robber; look into this bag and check. Hey, stop in the name of the law, swear you in the name of the law, swear you on mother India. Tell me who is the cheater, who has cheated me? Only we three knew about the bank robbery. How did Chingam reached there before us? Even at Mayor’s house Chingam had reached first. Tell me, who has cheated me, among you two? Boss, we have eaten your salt. Wat is salt? Oh, I mean what is that? Boss he meant that we have eaten your food and so we can never cheat you. If you have not cheated me then I am the only one left who must have cheated. Since I have not eaten my salt. Stop! But I have also not cheated, go and find out how Chingam gets to know about our plans? Chingam sir, the idea of keeping ten minutes later is a good idea. That is the reason we get the fresh news ten minutes early. And so we reach the destination ten minutes early. Give it to me, I will set the right time. I do a business, where I take old items and give back something new, especially electronic items. If you give me that old Tab then I will give you in return a new laptop. My son is having bath, I will ask him and then give it. Surprise your son, everybody likes surprise gift. Ok fine, take this. Mummy I had kept my Tab here, where is it? I gave to the person who gives new things in exchange and I got this laptop. No! What have you done? How did that man look, was he a small man?He was with two more people? Yes, why? What happened? Now, I will get all the news ahead, where is Chingam and where is the checking going on? And then I will rob according to my wish. Boss, there is news, which says John the don will be beaten. This news is online, but Chingam cannot read this,so who is going to beat me? I am the don!! We have come to hit you, return that tab. No, I will not give this to you. Boss, I am going to get two punches. Boss, you will get the Tab but you will also get lot of beatings. Motu, give it here fast. Sorry. Now John will get hit by a rod. Where is the rod? Here is the rod. You hit me so hard!! You will fall from the sky and get stuck to a tree. The sky is here but where is the tree? This tab is broken, now how will I get the news of robbery? Chingam sir, the news of whatever has happened is fine. But the news of what is going to happen is troublesome, so forget the tab. Hurray!!! Tab is broken, now you will never get the news of my planning. Hurray!!

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