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This doggy is not letting us sleep, he is continuously barking. I will go and teach him a lesson. Hey, don’t go, if he bites you then you will come crying to me. What did you say, do you think I will come crying to you? Haha!! Have you ever seen me crying, just watch, what I am going to do with that dog. Shut up, if you bark once again, I will teach you a lesson, such a lesson that you will forever forget to bark. People say don’t wake Motu from his sleep or else you will forget to sleep. Wow! You have done a good job, the doggy has stopped barking. Motu, why are you crying? Doggy is quiet, what is the problem? I had gone to shut that doggy’s mouth, then. Hey doggy, you will always be a doggy, you live with human beings but you don’t have any qualities like them. You yourself don’t sleep in the night and doesn’t allow us to sleep. Look at this, how badly the doggy has bit me. I had warned you, but you never listen, come let me put some medicine on it. Thank you Patlu. Motu, my dear, from today that doggy will listen to you, he will do whatever you tell him. Tie this red belt on the dog’s neck and the green belt on your neck. Big brother, what will happen, if I wear this belt? He will understand you very well and will talk to you like a human. Till you don’t remove your green belt from your neck, he will not be able to remove his red belt. If at all he tries to do it then he will get an electric shock. Thank you big brother, I can every night command him to sleep and he will go to sleep. One more thing, when he wears this red belt, he will not be able to go away from you for more than 100meters. If he goes, he will keep getting shock until he his back into the hundred meters range. I gave a biscuit to the dog and when he was engrossed in eat the biscuit. I tied the belt around his neck and other on I wore it. Now he will obey me. Motu, you were told to wear green belt, why did you wear red one? Dog was suppose to wear the red one. Green was not matching with my outfit, look, red is matching with my outfit and I am looking smart. Somebody else is also looking smart, look behind. Hi, my name is Doggy and this is my house. Its time to sleep, will you please go out. If somebody comes then please bark and bite them. Bark loudly, do you think we are doggy? Do the way it is told, if you don’t listen to my orders, I will bite your butt and you will never be able to sit again. Sorry, don’t bit us, we are going. Why are you barking at me like a dog? Are you making fun of me, or scaring me? Hello. Bark at Boxer and bit him or else I will come and bite you. He is asking us to bark and bite or else he will come and bite us on our butt. What are you people doing? Fridge is empty, what will I eat? There is a dust bin close to the tea vendor’s shop, go there, pick some bones and bring it. My few friends are going to come here, now go. I will not go, what will you do? I will bite you!! Don’t bite please. Motu, look out for the bones in the dust bin, search fast. I am waiting for you at home, if you try to run then remember my arms are very long. And my teeths are very big, haha!! Motu, you can’t go more than hundred meters away from the dog, and if you do, you will get shock. But I can go, you search for the bones, I will ask help from Dr.Jhatka and come back. Oh my god!! Motu, my friend, I didn’t know your condition is so bad, come with me. I will feed you, you eat till your stomach is full. Chingam sir, I am not hungry right now, some other time. Motu, don’t do like this, I am feeling very bad, if you don’t listen to me I will feel bad. If I don’t do this then I will get severe pain, you don’t know, how badly I am trapped. Within one minute if you don’t reach here, then we all will bite you. I will be there, I will be there now. Oh my god!! Motu my friend, come to my house. Don’t eat bones from the dustbin. Dr Jhatka has given me this dog. His name is Chi, this is a robot dog. We are tired of one dog and you have brought a robot dog, take it away. Why did you throw me? Say sorry, say quickly, or else I will bite you. That was my voice, whichever way I say, the doggy will repeat the same thing, now, just wait and watch. You go inside so that the doggy should not have any doubt. Hi, I am Doggy, please come and join our party. Hi, I am Chi, nice to meet you. Motu, go quickly and get something to eat for Chi. No thanks, I am on diet. Friends, she is my friend Chi. Music on, lets dance. Stop, I am tired. Stop, I am tired. All the dancer are good, I would like to see who is a good fighter. The bravest will be my friend. I am the bravest among all. I am brave!! I am brave, my real name is brave. Don’t fight don’t, it is not good thing to do. Uff!! Motu will not let my plan work. Motu, as soon as you get an opportunity, you remove the green collar from his neck. He should let me remove. Uncle!! Aunty!! I am getting angry, enough stop it. Motu, you have taken the green collar, now remove your red belt and put it around Doggy’s neck. Friends, I think party is over, it is better we run away from here. Motu bye bye, if I get a chance, I will bite you.

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  1. im a 14 year old American kid cackling at this show targeted towards lil Indian kids and itโ€™s 4 am what am I doing with my life

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