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Here comes the Magician of Magicians, Dr. Snake Congratulations Raka, today you are going to become an extraordinary human, now no one will be able to match your Kungfu. No no please, let me be like this No Dr snake, no no!!!!! Ha ha ha ha when Dr Snake laughs the world cries ha ha ha ha hoho See Urvarshi, my Creature’s kungfu is much better than a Man’s kungfu. It has the brains and talent of a man as well as the strength and instincts of an animal; this is a very dangerous and deadly combination; no one can match this ha ha ha ha Hey God, who will save us from this giant creature? Friends, kamalpur’s Mr.Rakesh has made a world record of jumping over 50 cars, here Motu and Patlu, who are trying to break his record, give them a big hand. ready steady go! Motu patlu have crossed twenty, forty, fifty, and sixty..Oh.. what is this? They have shot out of the stadium. They have made a world record. Apply the brakes Motu, apply the brakes….. Welcome to Furfuri nagar…… Himalaya’s number 1 kung fu master Mr. Naresh.. you! when did you come here? Today only, Tim Tim has gone missing. What!!!! Some days back…. Grandfather, I want to go to meet Motu-Patlu, want to go, and want to go now only. Oh! So you also remember them a lot, I also am remembering them a lot, they are very good people, I have never found a student as good as Motu. Then say, when will we go? We will go very soon, I will make arrangements; in the meantime you eat your food. Come on now, let’s go and eat food Tim Tim, what do we say in English, fast fast cheating and going to sleep. Not cheating, eating. We say eating. Yes, yes that only Leave me leave me!! somebody save me Grandfather!!!! According to Mukri a monster with four hands took him away, I searched a lot for the monster but could not find it. Let the monster have four hands or fourteen hands, how did he dare to take away our Tim Tim I am unable to understand how is this possible. the giant entered our mountains and out of the entire village people he captured only Tim Tim. When I returned back the giant had already left with Tim Tim and Tim Tim’s painting was also missing. Will you people help me in searching Tim Tim? Surely we will help, for Tim Tim we will put our lives on stake. What do you say friends? Come on let’s go we should not waste even a moment Tim Tim where ever you are we are coming to to you. This time also in “Extraordinary Human Kungfu Championship” I will choose the best fighter and include him in my army ha ha ha Very good, very good MotuPatlu! Now we will surely get Tim Tim, i trust you what do you say? Believe! Himalaya naresh we will start right away to look for Tim Tim, we don’t have time to rest, we will go. Yes, yes, let’s go, I will also search for him with you people. Big brother! Have you seen Tim Tim? No brother Have you seen Tim Tim going with anyone? No, I haven’t seen him. Motu you can get away with an attack of a Tiger, but not from Tiger Chang impossible, you have also come here to take part in the Extraordinary Human Kungfu Championship but you will not be able to go back. We are not here to take part in any championship; Tim Tim is missing and we are here to search for him. Ha ha ha listen friends; Him naresh has called for an army of idiots to search for Tim Tim. This idiot had made a fool of you, do not forget that. I have not forgotten anything nor will I allow you to forget, today we will settle everything. You can get away with an attack of a Tiger, but not from Tiger Chang impossible. Tiger chang this is cheating, you are not a fighter but a coward. Mouse! Don’t talk back to a tiger. Fell from the sky and hooked onto a dog, hey stop, hey doggy my brother, my friend, swear you to my patients, stop! Oh lord!!!! Oh lord! what bad days are here, even a chick shows eyes to a police officer and leaves. Oh lord! you have put me up here now who will bring me down? bring me down, I do not have any experience of hanging this way. help!!! help!! Motu! Your heart is very big; you saved me even though you are my enemy. See Tiger chang, I have never thought of you as my enemy, you are like a son to Him naresh, he loves you a lot, it is a different thing that you hate him. He misses me? after all the happened? You are a brave person, afraid of saying sorry, you have one chance to get sorry, help us to find out Tim Tim. I will help you to find Tim Tim. Now I will meet Him naresh only after I find out about Tim Tim and say sorry to him. Just tell me how the people who took away Tim Tim look like. Look like a very tall person with four hands, sorry, sorry not person he was a giant. What Giant! Nut there are no giants here anywhere, But I have heard that giants are also taking part in the Kungfu championship; maybe they would be the one. Then we need to go there. As it is I was going there, I will go and search for Tim Tim there and you people look for him here. Ok all the best It is nice to hear that Tiger chang is feeling sorry for his mstake. But Him Naresh what is this Extraordinary Human Kungfu Championship? I do not have much information about it, I have heard from some people about this type of championship; some Kungfu master Dr. Snake is arranging this championship since the last two-three years; but I haven’t received any invitation so I never went there. Oh lord!, leave all that alone and let’s think how to find Tim Tim. Now only God can help us. Big brother, I am not a tree, your train is on the wrong platform, and right platform is there. Wait! It is not an ordinary pigeon; it has brought a message, catch it. If you want to find Tim Tim, take part in the Extraordinary Human Kungfu Championship, this championship is being held in Golden Valley. Golden valley! I know; the road to the valley is very dangerous and filled with snow, grandfather you cannot go there, your health is not good. Come what may I need to go and take part in the championship, I will do anything for my Tim Tim. No need for you to do anything when we are present But……. But what, don’t you have faith on us? Ok, as you people feel, I will wait here but you people keep updating me on the phone. Ok. We will leave in the morning. Friends,There is a small cut from ahead here. Oh lord, if this is a small cut than what is a big cut? You call a small cut to this big hill. Small cut means short cut, have you not studied English in school? Going from here soon, soon teaching, teaching Oh god! Not teaching it is reaching, reaching, reaching. Yes, yes so what, the difference is only of T and R, why are you shouting so much, do not follow the words, and follow the road. idea Tiger chang do you want lift? Wait! But there is no way ahead of here, there are only clouds ahead These baskets you see, you people have to sit in them and go ahead. But you have to face lot of dangers to reach there. Whoever reaches safely beating all the dangers will be able to take part in the championship. Oh lord! We do not have a proper place to sit here why are they coming here? They are coming to attack us. Why fear, when Chingam is here, I will see Stop, stop in the name of law, stop right there, I swear you on law, swear you on your motherland, stop! Oh god! Motu save us!!!! Oh lord! Dr. Jhataka is this someone’s house or a wildlife sanctuary? I have never seen such type of creatures in my life. Everyone retire to their rooms. Dr. Snake will meet everyone tomorrow morning for the championship. Hey patlu, how will we find Tim Tim in between all these creatures. Motu, If you would have been there these creatures would not have kidnapped me. where are you motu? save me, take me to grandfather i am scared here. i miss grandfather, i miss you so much, where are you Motu? Tomorrow you will come with us to the Extraordinary Human Kungfu Championship. No, i wont come Learn to follow rules, follow rules or else I will have to take drastic steps If you have eaten your food go to sleep. Motu……Patlu….. Oh god! This is a fair of creatures here. Dr. Snake has made so many half animal and half men creatures. Big brother will Tim Tim come here? Hey Motu my brother if Tim Tim is here he will surely come. As it is everyone is coming here so Tim Tim should also come here. Yes. Hey, what are you doing by calling out Tim Tim’s name again and again?Are you going to get us beaten? If anyone suspicious than neither will we be able to go nor will we be able to take away Tim Tim from here. We have to complete our mission secretly. Hey Tim Tim…….. Hey, why can’t you understand a thing in one go; this way you are putting his life in danger. Keep quite and stand still. Yes, motu and patlu are here. Now they will free me from here. Welcome to the mysterious, thrilling and magical land of Dr. Snake. Do not go on my serious face. I laugh very less because when I laugh the whole world cries. Ha ha ha.Let the championship begins. First fight is between gorilla man and Shaaka. The championship moves ahead. The next contest is between tiger chang and the peacock man. One warrior should not attack on another injured warrior, but what will you understand, you have already become an animal; come fight with me. What are you doing? this is all wrong, you are making humans fight against animals that also you have left two animals against one human; this is not the rule of a fight. If you have the guts give me 10 days time, I will turn all my friends into animals and than there will be a fair fight. Then I and everyone else shall see, along with your fighters and your strength! Rules!Hahahaha here rules, law, court everything is myself; there is nothing wrong here or nothing right here; what ever I don’t feel right, that is wrong. fight today and win or else lose. What are you doing, it’s a matter of only 10 days, let’s see whether he can really do this, if he turns his friends into animals then we will capture them and use their strength for our own benefit. Ha ha ha ha go I give you time till ashtami. Turn your friends into animals and meet me here. (crying)Being a friend you kept this a secret from me, you are a magician, you did not tell me till now, and you can turn us into animals why didn’t you tell me? from today our friendship is over. You good for nothing fellows, I don’t know any magic. Using the words 10 days and magic, I have taken time so that we can find Tim Tim and get away from here. In the fight don’t know what will happen; it is impossible to fight with those animals. We will take Tim Tim today night only and get away from here. But how, my brain does not work on an empty mind. Idea! Hey! Whose are these teeth? They are not mine Hmm! Not mine also, not yours also than whsose are these, should be someone’s. Why are they running? Something is wrong. Follow them. what should we do now? idea! Chimgam sir fire. Hey the name is Chimgam, stop there, i swear you of law stop right there Idea! Motu go and find Tim TIm. we will deal with them. Okay Patlu, Hey wait Motu Patlu (crying) Tim Tim.. Motu you have come, you have come, I was missing you a lot, take me away quickly, I am afraid, take me away quickly. Don’t be afraid Tim Tim, you are a brave boy, be strong, we have come here to take you. For the moment leave me the guards are following me. No! I will not leave you, I will go with you, I cannot stay here any longer. See Tim Tim! Behave sensibly, like this neither will you be able to leave and we will all be also caught, that Dr. Snake is very magical so we need to behave sensibly. Snake slips away and everyone keeps beating with the sticks means you leave from this place and we also don’t get caught. Promise? Hey, sure promise Why are you helping us? Come with me, I will tell you everything. I have only called you all here so that you can take Tim Tim away from here. It means you are the one who send us the message chit! Yes! And Tim Tim is our son, Dr Snake is his father and I am his mother. Some years back Dr. Snake whose real name is Him putra had returned back after completing his studies from abroad. He would always be busy in his science experiments. One day while experimenting there was a big blast in his laboratory and yeaah Snake!!! ssh this is me, Him putra Doesn’t matter, I thought all the powers of snake will come into my body but the Snake’s face has also come, doesn’t matter I have made a new discovery in the world, ha ha ha I am great, I am the greatest scientist of the world Why are you doing all this? I want to improve the kungfu much more, imagine, and imagine if animals will also do kungfu than they will do kungfu much better than the humans because they are more powerful. Their flexibility, their ability to fight, their strength, will to survive and their basic instinct are much better than the humans; I was working on such a project that I was using the animal DNA in the human DNA so that the humans will become more agile, strong with their characteristics. My experiment has reached one level up! I have also received an animal face! Now I will create different animals and birds and make them Kung Fu experts! Him naresh won’t allow you to stay even for a single day, you cannot play with nature. We will not stay here anymore. Take Tim Tim and let’s go from here. He is still small. He will be afraid on seeing you. yeah grandfather!!! save me!! It’s not good to take him now, I will go with you. Come let’s go before father comes here. And we left from there and came and settled here. Here Dr. Snake tried out these experiments on lot of people and made them into creatures. He calls only kungfu experts by the way of championship and then turns them into animals; he tells people he is a big magician. We knew it from first only that he is not any magician; this is all miracle of science. Yes! And when he comes out of smoke at those places there are tunnels, he comes and goes by tunnels. I also became a mermaid because of his experiment and I made these secret water tunnels for my travelling; but I am afraid whether he may turn Tim Tim also into an animal. Oh lord, what type of a father, wants to turn his own son into an animal! Yes! That is why I have called you people here but now the security will become very tight and no one will be able to go out from the valley. Then after 10 days we need to fight him Then you only fight, can’t you see Dr. Snake has an army of these creatures, to fight them we need to have the same strength as theirs? Not strength, training. You need to have training to fight these creatures and I will give you people that training. Who were they? Who? And what were they searching here? Sir, do not have any idea about it. Then find out, find out who they were? Why had they come here? How did they get away from the guards? They were in the disguise of animals Dr. Snake. How is this possible? Now you people turn by turn look at them and practice their moves, their behavior, their walking styles; you people should feel that you are not you and you are them. It means whatever animal you are trying to ape you should feel that you are the same animal and not a human being. Tiger chang! You just see, do not practice, your injury will aggravate more if you practice. Motu you practice Ok. Tiger chang you watch watch, what do you say in English yes take raining take raining. Oh god it’s not raining; it is training, training. It’s just a difference of only R and T, why are you shouting so much? i dont understand don’t forget your basic lesson, Him naresh teaches first to focus and have faith, that monkey jumps from one branch onto another because it has faith on itself that it will reach there, their focus is clear, there are lots of branches but which one branch to catch that focus of theirs is clear; you also focus and have faith, have faith in yourself. it’s a good thing. Motu focus, focus, focus, this is a question of Tim Tim’s life. Oh lord! You don’t know how to copy a Frog, I will show you, I have twenty years experience. Mom! I don’t want to leave you but I don’t want to stay here; you also come with us, come let us all run away. Son, I cannot leave your father And he wants to keep you also here but I do not want you to stay here and become an animal like these creatures; that is why I have called for Motu-patlu to take you away from here. Mom!!!! Tim Tim you go inside So it is you who has back stabbed me; you called for Motu-Patlu so that they can take away my own son from me. What else could I do? One day you will turn him into an animal just like you have done with me. Oh! So this is the reason, I thought you are with me but you are my biggest enemy. No! I am always with you, but I cannot make my son a part of this madness. He always stays afraid, fearing and cowed downl. Have you ever thought what impact this would bring on his gentle, innocent heart? I cannot see my son’s life being wasted in front of my own eyes. Hey, this is why you have called motu-patlu here; So do you think they will make my vision unsuccessful, my vision unsuccessful ha ha ha those idiots, fools; I will turn them into creatures and keep them here ha ha ha. We do not have much time, tomorrow is the 10th day and you have to fight tomorrow. Remember you have to fight and win if we want to take Tim Tim back; it is not possible to escape from here. Yes!!! motu you did it! yes!!! Motu!!!! Come here Hey Motu my brother, my friend, if you listen to this you will jump with joy. What is it, tell me quickly. I have made an antidote of Dr. Snake’s medicine which he uses to make these creatures. Now I can turn all the animals back into human beings once again; then all of them will help us against him. Oh god! This is really good news. You are great Dr. Jhatka, great, great, great; swear on law. Ok then Big brother, first we will get Tim Tim out from here; or else it will so happen that we get busy turning everyone back to normal and Dr. Snake whisks away Tim Tim somewhere else from here. Come Motu Patlu come, I was waiting fro you people only. What is the mystery, there is not a single guard anywhere, and this is the calm before the storm that means danger is lurking everywhere around us. Ha, ha, ha, ha, so you understood but a bit late. MotuPatlu, you people go I will take care of them. Time is right, escape from here Run-run, nobody can run ahead of time..ha ha ha Tim Tim, come, let’s go now Ohhh what have you done? He has pricked a needle into your neck and now you will go to sleep in some timeha ha ha ha, do you know when Dr. Snake laughs the world cries ha ha ha ha.. Hey Tim Tim! Why did you do this? Because I have injected such a medicine to him that he will do what ever I say, means I have like hypnotized him; I am a magician, a magician, I can do anything ha ha ha ha gaurds.. Motu! Welcome to my world, you are a good fighter; now let’s see what type of creature I can make you, one that is very powerful ho ho ha ha ha ha you will be the best of my lot Ha, ha, ha, ha, when Dr. Snake laughs the world cries. Since yesterday Motu is missing, what shall we do? Patlu! I hope you might have turned your friends into animals for the fight. Come, which one will fight first? Heyy! Why so quite? Does no one want to fight? Does no one have the strength? Oh yes! I cannot see any animals here with Patlu. What Patlu! Didn’t you make any animals? They are all like what they were before, it means you are no magician ha ha ha ha no one is a magician here except myself ha ha ha I am the only one, the one and only the best magician. You are also not a magician, you are fooling everybody. You are a scientist. You are blending the DNA of man into animals and making these creatures but we have found the antidote for that. Dr.Jhatka, show him. Hey, I have studied all the animals carefully, I have put my brains, I am a renowned scientist, my entire childhood I have been doing research, I am thankful to my friends Motu patlu… What was the need to give a speech here? Hey sorry friends, listen, please listen to me, very rarely one gets such a chance to show talent in front of so many people Now see our talent also Dr. Jhatka, we have twenty years experience of doing this work When Dr. Snake laughs the world cries now you people start crying because you people and your antidote are under me and look here at my new creation Motu the lion man ha ha ha ha ho ho Oh no! This can’t be what has happened to you, Motu my friend, my brother, what has happened to you? Make my friend normal again please, we will leave from here, we will never ever come here again, please make my friend normal again. Please Dr.Snake please. Ha ha ha ha had Dint I tell you? when Dr. Snake laughs, the world cries ha ha ha ha ha Oh lord, now what will happen, motu has become a lion and he is on Dr. Snake’s side now. I was not able to fight Motu previously also now how will I fight him; now he has become more powerful than before. Hey friends listen to me; Motu’s brain is under control of the Dr. Snake’s medicine; if we bring back old thoughts to Motu’s mind than in this shape also he can be ours. Doesn’t matter if my antidote has gone, there is no antidote bigger than friendship. Patlu if you make him think about the old days than his brain will be out of the control of the medicine and he will become the old Motu. Than in this creation also he will help us. Ok! I will fight him and during the fight I will try to bring back his memories. I will fight with Motu. Very good! Good. Patlu will fight Motu, fight between two friends, let’s see who wins and who loses, what ever be the result Friendship will lose ha ha ha ha ha Start the fight Motu, Motu you are Motu and I am your friend Patlu, Remember try to remember, you can remember noooo Patlu!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!!!! How is this possible, how can the effect of my drug wear off, how did Motu’s brain come to senses? Dr.Snake friendship never loses; friendship only wins; now you will see the acts of motu and patlu. Patlu! Take this gunnnnn Catch hold of the gun, catch the gun Patlu! Come on let’s start Yeti!!!!!!!!!!!!! How ever big the animal, every animal is weak in its joints; hit the weak points. These people have ended all my terror; I will not leave them now. Tiger chang, you go and help Tim Tim and urvashi, you take Tim Tim home directly, do not stop anywhere, Mukri you also go along with him. The name is Chingam, it is impossible to get out of Chimgam’s web, impossible, don’t forget that. And if you forget remember this beating up with coconuts, rest of all you will remember automaticlly. Help, mummy!!!! You people go we will stop them. Still my one last act is remaining. DrSnake don’t do all this, we are here to take you home. I will inject the DNA of all snakes into my body, than I will see how Motu-patlu can beat me. Motu, Today I will finish you. Where are motu and patlu? They will come soon believe me, they will bring your father also, and they will not lose so easily. This is cheating, this is cheating. Stop it! Now let’s go home Dr. Snake, we had come here to take Tim Tim but now we will take you also with us. No! Because of this face I ran away from there, I cannot go back, I know how to give this type of face to a human being but I cannot cure them of this. Oh damn! I know, when will I be of help? I have made antidote for everyone. Thank you Dr. jhatka, thank you MotuPatlu, you have saved me and my son from falling into this mud You have brought me on the right path, come let’s go home now. Him putra my son, my baby, where were you, so many days you were missing, Did you not miss your dad? See this father and Son have met, now who asks Motu and patlu? Motu Patlu how much ever I thank you people it is less, today you have given me back both of my sons, Tiger Chang and Him putra, you have given my life back to me. No need to say anything Urvashi; Tiger chang has told me everything; you have come back that is enough for me. You talk to your son alone and listen to the whole story, in the mentime I will show some tricks to Tim Tim. I will go for two minutes; and bring the food after preparing it in two hours. Hey and I will turn Tim Tim’s Mom to normal again. Dr.Jhatka! I always thought that I was a big scientist but you… I am giving training to him, he will learn very soon. Tim Tim’s father wanted to blend animal power with human being and develop a powerful kungfu in which he failed but motu has proved that for a powerful kungfu one does not require to change the nature’s balance. A person with the help of practice can improve the power limits to any heights in him. Ok Tim Tim focus and faith

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