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Patlu, you never told me that your Grandpa was a wrestler. Yes Yes, we never came up with this topic or else I would have told you. The book says that you will have to eat Wrestler’s halwa to become a Wrestler, And the recipe is given for the dish. Patlu, come on, we will make wrestler’s halwa, sell it, and earn millions. First we need to cook the halwa and experiment it on someone. Why on someone? Let’s experiment It on you only. You anyways need strength. See how weak you look. Patlu, get ready to become a healthy and strong wrestler. Come on, have this wrestler’s halwa. So much? I hope later on I don’t face any problem. I’ve read it properly. It’s written, make the halwa and have it. The halwa is too tasty. It was fun having it. Noooooo….!! Its written that have only one spoon of halwa. So what? More halwa means stronger wrestler. After eating more halwa, you may become aggressive. Motu, what does this mean? Oh! Now I got it. Aggressive means getting angrier; I may become an angry wrestler. Motu, you gave me such a lot of halwa. I hope nothing wrong happens to me. Nothing will happen. Now go to sleep. Hey! Get up. All you do is just eat and sleep, get up. Who are you brother? I am Patlu wrestler. Don’t you remember you gave me wrestler halwa yesterday? Wow Patlu. You have become a solid wrestler. Come on, now you can do a lot of great work. Enough of work I’ve done. From today I will rest, and you will work Go and clean the house, wash clothes, cook food. And yes, all the work should be done on time. What are you saying Patlu? So long you have been doing all this work. I guess you didn’t listen to me. Start right now or else I will give you a slap beneath your ear. This Patlu has really become an angry wrestler. Patlu, you can’t order me like this. Hold these clothes and wash them right now. I won’t wash them. If you won’t, then take this. Oye! Who are you? I am quite familiar with your face but the body isn’t matching I am Patlu, the wrestler. Ha ha ha ha Patlu, the wrestler? From when did you become a wrestler? Patlu wrestler. What do you mean from when? I just became one. You have been doing wrong since long. Now don’t challenge me , or else I will throw you on the ground and beat you up. No one becomes a wrestler just by gaining muscles. I will give you such a punch then you’re wrestler’s fever will get away. So I can’t become a wrestler. Now look. Motu, what are you doing here? Patlu sent me here and told me to wash clothes or else he will beat me. He has sent me up too. Call Chingam sir fast. Hello Chingum Sir Patlu wrestler…… Hey tea vendor, get a cup of tea right now, few samosas, kachori, sweets fast First tell me who you are? From top you look like Patlu but who are you from bottom? I am Patlu only from top, bottom, left and right. Now give me samosas fast. Patlu you are eating so much. Do you even have money with you? Now you are going to ask money from an old friend and customer. First give me money or else I won’t give you more samosas. Patlu, you are under arrest. I arrest you for creating violence in Furfuri nagar. Patlu, don’t try and escape. Police has surrounded you from all the sides. It is impossible to escape from Chingam’s trap. I say its impossible. yeahh You are surrounding me? Now take this. Motu, what’s wrong with Patlu? We need to do something fast. What to do Chingam Sir? My mind doesn’t work on empty stomach. Let Dr. Jhatka and Ghasitaram come up then we will think of something. Mother help me… Oh my god… Welcome big brother. Hey Motu my brother my friend! What’s wrong with Patlu today? Patlu had wrestler’s halwa…. Brother, do something fast. Grandpa must have surely written how to go back to normal from a violent wrestler. Hey Motu my brother, my friend, you need to steal that diary from Patlu. Come on, let’s go down together. If wrestling is done with a violent wrestler then he can go back to normal hey I got the idea. Oh lord But who will do wrestling with Patlu? Boxer brother, you are the strongest of us all. You wrestle with Patlu. Why me? He is your friend. How will I hit my own friend? I am the one who gave him that halwa. Hey Motu, my friend, my brother, don’t cry, There is only one idea to bring Patlu back to normal. But big brother, how will I face him? He will hit me a lot. We will carry the first aid box with us. You don’t worry. Hey Motu! You have beaten many strong people by eating my samosas. You are the one who can do this job. Big brother, be ready with the medicines. Patlu, enough now… Did you wash clothes? Clothes? Not yet.’ Patlu, listen to me. Did you cook food? Food? No. Patlu, now it’s enough, I am doing all this to bring you back to normal. Patlu, come back to normal…. I’m sorry my friend I am hitting you but what should I have no option but this to bring you back to normal. Please get well now. Please…. Motu, stop it now. I’ve come back to normal. How much more will you hit me? Motu…!! You’ve done it. You all faced a lot of problem because of me. I am sorry. No Patlu. All this is that diary’s fault. You are right. Once there is no flute there is no music. Patlu, tell me who will play the flute?

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