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John will become a don, today I will insult Motu Patlu to the extent that they will cry and I will laugh. Wow Boss! What a rhyme, Is there a thunderous idea popping up in your mind? Yes, a thunderous idea has popped up in my devilish mind. Today is mayor’s daughter’s birthday and there I will exchange Motu Patlu’s gift with my gift. As soon as mayor’s daughter will open the gift Mayor will get angry and throw Motu Patlu out of the city. But boss, what kind of gift are you going to exchange? Please show us. Boss, your thunderous idea always fails. Shut up! Oh! Why am I stammering? Shut up and just watch my plan. Happy Birthday kid, take this, a special gift for you. Thank you Motu Patlu uncle. Listen, this is Motu Patlu’s special gift, take this gift and keep it separately. I would like to open this gift in front of everyone after the function. I’m sure their gift will be very special for my daughter. Oh! I will show them now, will turn them from Hero to Zero. Aroma!! John will become a don, I have exchanged your gift. Now see how much you both would be insulted when your gift is unpacked. You will remember this insult all your life. What happened Motu? Patlu, John has exchanged the gift, I don’t know what he has kept inside? But he said that it would lead to our insult, now what to do? John, my brother, don’t do this to me, please return our gift back or else I will catch hold of you and hit you. You will catch me and hit me only if you find me. John, please don’t do this. No need to beg in front of him. He might be hiding somewhere in the party and must be keeping a watch on us. I’m sure he must have hidden the gift in his den, let’s go there and then exchange it. Number 2, is it your birthday today? No number 1, it might be yours. This means we both don’t have a birthday today, I’m sure it must be boss’s birthday. Happy birthday to you dear boss. Hey you rotten mango, you uninvited illness, how is it my birthday today? Today is mayor’s daughter’s birthday But boss, somebody has left a huge gift at our entrance. Oh wow, this is amazing, nobody gifts me on my birthdays. Then why somebody would gift me without any reason? Anyways, why should I count leaves when all I want to have is an apple? Come on, pick up the gift and keep it inside. This is the gift which John kept in a big box and gave it, let’s go. Number 1, the gift is running away. Where is it running? I didn’t ask it yet. Gift, where are you going? We will let you know after reaching. You fools, go and catch them. Hey! Why is this gift kept in the middle of the entrance? This is too heavy, It seems like someone has gifted a huge gift. I will have to call someone to pick it up. Who took away the gift? Search for it! Somebody ran away with the gift. Look there, the gift is climbing the ladder, catch it, it’s running away. Run Motu, if we are caught today then we would be insulted more. My mind doesn’t work on empty stomach, do something fast. Idea! We will change our appearance and go. Hey! Who are you both and where are you going? We have been called here to work in the party, my name is Pateeli baye. And what is your name? My name is Moti ben. Do the work later first come here and dance with us. Wow! These female servants dance so well. We will make them perform on the stage in front of all, It will be great fun. Hey! Their voice sounded like men. They aren’t ladies, there is something strange, catch them, follow them. Ghost!! Now it’s time to unpack the special gift given by Motu Patlu. Thank you Motu Patlu uncle, for giving me such a beautiful and expensive gift. You will always remain special to me and the entire Furfuri town. How did this happen? I myself changed the gift. Enough! I understood how the gift came back. Now let’s go to the jail and you will get a gift there. This is a parcel for John. Oh my god! I won’t give him the parcel, I won’t give him. Chingam sir, somebody has sent a gift for me in the jail for the first time, please don’t deny. Chingam sir, give him the gift. This is cheating, you returned my gift back to me.

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