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Hey, big brother, when this car can fly why you do drive it on the road? Now we’re stuck in the middle of this jungle. We are lucky, we weren’t flying, we would have fallen straight to the ground otherwise. The water has leaked from the radiator, we need to get some water. Come Patlu, let’s us go and look for water. Oh my lord! There can be lions and cheetahs in the jungle. Don’t become somebody’s food while fetching water. Don’t worry, we will be right back. What a beautiful jungle. What a location. Motu, this board reads ‘Beware of Tuk Tuk’. Maybe Tuk Tuk is a small dog. Let’s go in, I’m not scared of any dog. Ooglu booglu boo. What is this creature? This is a Giant, Run!! Hey, ooglu booglu boo brother, please let us go, we had only come inside in search of some water. Oh, no! Why are you playing with us like footballs? Big brother we are sorry if we made any mistake, please forgive us! Please. Motu, don’t lose courage and just stand by me. Patlu are you alright? We can’t fight with this huge Giant, please. Who says we have to fight, let’s scream together. Help!! Dad! When there is a board outside that says ‘Beware of Tuk Tuk’, then why did you come inside? Mr. Giant’s Papa, how would we know that you’re Tuk Tuk would be so big. Sir, who are you? And who is this? This is my son, he was very weak as a kid. So I fed him some medicines to make him strong. And he grew this big. Tuk’s Tuk’s father, please save us, you stop him so we are leaving. You can’t leave till Tuk Tuk is satisfied with his game. So, would he leave us after the game? After he is done playing, he will decide whether he wants to eat you for lunch or dinner. He doesn’t have breakfast, he’s on a diet. Help! I guess the giant is going to make us do PT exercises. No! Help! Ringa ringa roses, ringa ringa roses. Motu, do something! I can’t think on an empty stomach, you only think. What’s to think, run! I am going to call inspector Chingam. Oogolu, booglu, boo. Chingam sir, please come to the jungle to save us. Why is this cave moving? And why is it so wet? Why did it suddenly become dark? Oh Lord, Thanks alot. Thank you for saving us from becoming his lunch, thank you god. You can convey your thank while running also. Help! Tuk’s Tuk’s father. Sixer! Somebody help! Motu!! Please, stop Tuk Tuk Brother, please. My bones have all broken. I can’t think of anything on an empty stomach, Patlu, please do something. And yes, don’t ask me to run, I can’t do that anymore. Idea! Idea! Tuk Tuk, now I feel sleepy, let’s take a nap. Wow! Patlu, your idea worked. I always eat before I sleep. But, whom should I eat first? Hey, you gave him the idea to sleep or idea for lunch and dinner, we are done now. It was better when he was playing, now he is hungry. Oh Lord above, please help us! Hey the name is Chingam and it’s impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. Chingam sir help! Oh my lord! Run! Motu, here take some samosas! Dad, he hit me. What happened? Dad, he hit me. You hit my son? How dare you? Enough of his drama, he played with us like a footballs, we didn’t say a word. He played cricket, we didn’t say anything. He spun us around like a top, we didn’t say a word, but now he wants to eat us. Now we won’t be quiet!! Now say, what you want to play? Tell us? Why are you quiet? Why have you covered your ears? Say something!! Scream some more, he is getting smaller because of your loud voice, scream! Tell? Will you eat us? No! Dad! Dad. Thank you, you made my son normal again. Bye Tuk Tuk, we’ll come back to play with you someday. Will you play cricket, football and a whole lot of other games? Yes, we will play a lot of games, bye!

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