May all medicines goes in your mouth, why is this bulb not catching the feelings? Hey Ghasitey, my newly invented bulb can light up without a wired connection. But I want to attach it with human feelings. If a man thinks that the bulb should light bright, If a man thinks of the bulb to give low light then it should go low. If a man thinks to switch off, then it should get switched off. But this bulb is not getting attached to the human feelings, tell me what should I do? How to do? Oh my lord! If you are tired then you should have bananas. Bananas give instant energy, you will get a quick idea. Big brother, what did this happen? This bulb is stuck on my head, remove it. Motu, my brother, my friend, I swear on my patients that this bulb won’t come out easily. Oh my lord! Why it won’t come out? I have an experience of twenty years to remove such bulbs. First of all the bulb is not coming out and you are hitting me with a stick. Ghasitey! My experiment has become successful. The bulb is attached with Motu’s emotions. See, the bulb lighted up when Motu started crying. Motu, my friend, my brother, congratulations, my experience has become successful. The more loudly you’re crying, brighter the bulb is lighting, come and hug me my bro. Dare you hug me, stay away. If friends are like this then who would need enemies? I am in problem but they are celebrating. Patlu, let’s go. Hey Motu, this light is too good. I have my son’s marriage after few days. Please stand in front of the horse while the ceremony is on, I will save on my lighting expenses. Look Patlu, everyone is making fun of me. Chingam Sir! Where are you? Oh my god! Motu, why are you putting this strong torch light in my eyes? Chingam Sir, this is not a torch but a bulb. This is all because of Dr. Jhatka, he always creates problems. Because of him this bulb is stuck on my head, arrest him and put him in the jail. I am troubled, the more loudly I cry brighter the bulb lights. So laugh and the bulb will turn off. Yes! This is a good idea, sometimes even the wrong man gives a correct statement. Motu, stop crying and start laughing. Oh my god! Patlu, you called me a wrong man, I won’t leave you. Sorry Chingam Sir, sorry, I purposely said a wrong statement to make Motu laugh. Look, the light has become dim, now you please think about how to bring Motu back to normal. Yes Chingam Sir, I am searching, I will find out a solution soon to detach the bulb. Meanwhile you keep Motu laughing. It’s been long since I haven’t stolen anything or looted a bank. If we continue this way, then what about our reputation? Our name will get spoiled in the market. It’s an old proverb that a wolf may lose its teeth but not its habit, we need to do something. We will loot the entire Furfuri town tonight, you people turn off the main transformer in the power house. The whole city will be in the dark and I will loot everything. Then John will become a don. My house is loot! Chingam Sir, my house has been robbed. Chingam Sir, my shop has been robbed. Chingam Sir, the bank has been robbed. Oh my god! Patlu, where are you? Make Motu cry and bring the light. The whole city is in the dark and robbery is taking place in great numbers, do something fast. Hey Motu, my brother, swear on my patients, cry so loudly that the whole city lightens up. Good joke big brother, I feel like laughing a lot. Oh my lord! We are asking you to cry and you’re laughing. What should I do if I feel like laughing? Why should I cry without any reason? Motu, please cry, the whole city is in dark and John is taking the advantage of this situation. So what should I do? Ask Chingam Sir to catch John, I can’t do anything. Idea! Let’s make him remember the old sad memories. Motu, do you know how badly you got hurt once when you fell down from the terrace? Such lovely days they were! Come on Patlu, let’s go out and plan something to catch John, This Motu is not going to help us. Hey, even I am coming with you guys, I am ready to help But I don’t feel like crying, once I will get emotions then only tears will fall. Is it not a washbasin tap, whenever you turn the tap on water comes out? Oh my lord! Where did Patlu go? Patlu has disappeared? How and where did he go? I don’t know, where did he go? It is dark and he must have fallen in a pit or in a gutter. Or he might have been hit by a car. But this is all because of Motu because he didn’t give light. Where did Patlu go? Patlu! My friend!! Number 1, didn’t you turn the light’s transformer off properly? From where is the light coming? How do I know boss? He light is still off, the liver is still down The name is Chingam, It is impossible to escape from Chingum’s trap. Patlu!! Hey Patlu!! where did ypu go? Somebody look for him! Patlu! My friend, my brother, where did you go? Nowhere, I just got lost in the dark. Thank god I found you, but big brother, how did this bulb break? Oh my bro, after Patlu got lost your emotions became so strong that the bulb got over charged and broke.

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