Enough! This is enough now. Oh my god!! We haven’t even had anything yet, then how can it be enough? I swear on my patients, Motu finished eating and we didn’t even see him eat. I am not talking about eating and drinking. Then what are you talking about? I am fed up of the pollution in Furfuri town. Where ever you look there is smoke coming from car exhausts which has made it difficult to breath. And then there is the noise all around because everyone is blowing their car horns. Stop this horns! They have burst my ear drums, horning even on an empty road. Look at this Chingam sir, why don’t you catch such vehicles? It has become difficult to breath. Oh my god!! You mean to say that there is air pollution and noise pollution, but that is everywhere. It is not everywhere; I’m sure there are a lot of places that do not have such problems, look at that. That place is so calm and beautiful. I am going to go and live there now. Come on Patlu, we’ll go and live there peacefully. No noise, no smoke, no pollution. No Motu, every place has its own problems. If there is no noise and smoke there must be some other problem there. We should try and solve the problems of the place we are already in. No! There are no problems in a peaceful and beautiful place like the Himalayas. I will go and stay there. I will find true happiness there. If you want to then you can come with me or else I am off. Wow!! What a lovely place!! This is wonderful. The place is beautiful and very peaceful but now night is drawing closer and there is no place to sleep. No hotel, no house, where will I spend the night? Where is this sound coming from? I hope it’s not a ghost. No, there can’t be ghosts here. There is no hotel for humans to live here, where will the ghosts come from? Patlu!!! Help!! Thank you for helping me. It was my duty, but what are you doing, alone in these snowy mountains? I am feeling very cold, I’m feeling horrible because of the cold. I’ll tell you why I came here. My name is Pat and this is my friend; let us go to my tent, you can tell us everything on the way there. Haha!! So you left your Furfuri town because there were problems there? My brother, dear friend, problems are everywhere. Instead of running away from them we should solve them. Here, eat some food; you must be very hungry. Go back to your town tomorrow. You are right. If I was in Furfuri town I would have eaten and gone to sleep comfortably by now. There I have a friend who shakes me and wakes me up every morning. Where will I find a friend like that over here? Great, realization has dawned quickly on to you my friend. Long live!! This is exactly the kind of place I was looking for. Hello! Patlu, I’m in a beautiful Jungle, I’m really enjoying myself. I have found true happiness here. But you had gone to the Himalayas. There were big problems there; here there are only the cooing birds and dancing peacocks. Wow! It is such a beautiful sight. What? Really? When you shut your eyes and listen to the sound of the birds in the jungle it is lovely. See that was a cuckoo cooing. How can I see? I can only hear on the phone, right? Haha!! I forgot, it would have been great if you were here with me. Help!! Hey, someone help!! Trouble seems to be following me, or is it me following trouble? What is happening? What happened? Don’t ask, I’ll tell you everything together if I survive. Have some shame! You are all smacking your lips finding a man alone. I swear you to the jungle, to the water, to the trees, to the leaves, go away! Go from here, show some mercy!! Hello Patlu, those were such wonderful days, I spent with you. This is my final goodbye to you. Thank you big brother, I don’t know what would have happened if had you not come there. They have taken my jeep. Come, we have to get it back. There is no need to thank us, just go back to your home; There is a lot of danger in such dense forests. Big brother, why is my house locked? Where is Patlu? Hey Motu, my brother, Patlu has gone, after you left, he too left from here. He said, what would he do living here without you? He too has gone in search of happiness. Where there is no dust or smoke, no noise pollution, air pollution, nothing. I swear on the law. Patlu, my brother, where are you? Happiness is only where there are friends, where there are people you can call your own. I have suffered and come back, you also come back, please. Problems are everywhere, we should try and solve them not run away from them. Patlu, my friend, come back. Sorry, I made a mistake. You promise never to go away again? I promise, I’ll never go away again, I swear on samosas. Then turn around and look.

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