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In my family I am the elder one, so I
have my half brother and a sister. My younger brother my younger sisters are they
still in my family so I have to go and do something for my family to get a job.
I always challenge when the people just laughing, I’ll show you one day that is
my challenge after getting a five-time world champion they all quiet and they
respect me I’m very look like very different I’m
look like the Chinese or Thailand or Japanese they’re they’re very surprised
no they never expect an Indian. I’m in boxing it’s a discipline when we are not angry I
think it’s not a boxer it is not a real boxer so when we get in the ring it if you are angrier I think you can you can win gold. In Manipur, the top players mostly
are from background is a very very poor.
I’m also same thing I’m also come from the poor family so we have to do more hard
work together so to get a money to get a better life.
I miss my kids and they miss me, very difficult but I have to do for my
country and I have to fulfill my dreams!! I have to make a second Mary Kom, a very
calm Mary Kom! I just want to contribute in my state my
country I just want to contribute to the
youngsters so I have to make a youngster Olympic Champion! I always remember the story of David and Goliath, David is a small boy Goliath like the big man
how can David kill the Goliath? So, i always remember I’m also small and
manipur state is a very small So if I pray if I do very hard work then i would win!
without boxing I imagine that I can’t live without BOXING, because I love
boxing! I love Boxing!!! I love boxing very much!!!

22 thoughts on “Most Inspiring Speech By Mary Kom | Five-Time World Boxing Champion | Great Indian Minds

  1. You knoa where you came from, you don't have to mention it…. share it as much as you can so that the video gets more and more views.

  2. She is a very strong person and our national treasure. We Indians are very proud of our sister.
    Hope she stays strong and keep inspiring millions all over the world.

  3. Great job at making the video.Mary is a not just a role model for success but fight through the hardships aswell…May God bless her always!

  4. You are an inspiration – not just in the ring, but outside it as well. I hope my kids – particularly my daughter – grow up to be like the person you are.

    All the very best ma'am.

  5. She is an inspiration for not just females. I am a huge fans. I do not intet to insult but I want to say I watched this video at 1.5x.

  6. U r a true champion
    The most under rated under advirtised World Champ ever
    An inspiration to aฤบl the girls and boys of India
    Love u Mary ma'am ๐Ÿ‘Š box on

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