Monkey King: Hero Is Back – Launch Trailer | PS4

He named himself the Great Sage,
equal to the gods, and unleashed a great holy war However, despite Darshan being almost irresistible, In the eyes of the mighty Buddha… …he was no more than a mere monkey. Hey you! Are you really him, the real Dashan? What if I am? Darshan, could you teach me how to fight? You know what? While you were
sleeping, monsters have flourished. And…they abduct little children. Where are the children? I want to be able to beat up the bad guys too. Dashan, look! That better? Swings not right. Concentrate on what you’re doing. Such a poor, lost little monkey. Why don’t you show me…how strong you are. Dashan!!!!!! [“THE LEGEND”

100 thoughts on “Monkey King: Hero Is Back – Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. The game is extremely fun and is reminiscent of the ps2 classic beat em up/adventure with a splash of rpg like elements, a bit repetitive and the kids voice acting can get annoying at times. Overall if you enjoy the monkey king or games like what I said above you'll enjoy it.

  2. The gameplay looks like it's coming from kung fu panda PS2 but in hd 🤔btw is this game suppose to be an open world or umm… Some kinda beat em up kind of game? 🤔

  3. To the people who makes links to goku, keep in mind goku was a bit based off the monkey from the story Journey to the West

  4. Wait…the Monkey King isn't called Sun Wukong? Why?! That's LITERALLY his name in the chinese lore! And doing a little research…this seems to be a movie tie in for a movie that came out in 2015 of the same name exclusively in china. Uhh….ok? I think someone somewhere has lost the plot on this one.

  5. I really recommend you guys watch the movie this is based off of too. It's got the same name Monkey King Hero Is Back and my advice is that you watch it in Chinese with subs. It's a fantastic film

  6. The gameplay looks whatever, but the structure of this trailer is spot on for a standalone anime movie, down to the use of an insert song at the end.

  7. I was hoping for the real “Journey to The West” game , a Monk, a Monkey , a Pig, and Shajing fight through every monsters as bosses all the way to the west with Spider-Man’s third-person fighting combats as well as we can switch characters.. hope someone sees this comment and make it happen one day…. Thank You

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