MMA vs BJJ – What is the difference?

Hi, this is Hai Nguyen with Elite MMA. I am Jose Aguilar and we’re at the Elite MMA Gallery/Greenway location and what we are going to do… The video for everyone to know the differences, some general differences between mixed martial arts (MMA) VS Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ) So a couple of things you want to address is.. Jiu-jitsu is a component of mixed martial artists. So there are different components of mixed martial arts So we’re going to kind of give you a little rundown. What kind of Tailored more towards jiu-jitsu in this video that way everybody kind of see what jiu-jitsu is about as far as the ground techniques we’ll address a little bit of the stand and other aspects of everything so We’re gonna give you guys a little demonstration. So one of the things you’re going to see is Jose and me if we’re squared up. I’ll see the fights in the UFC which is the sport of MMA has a Much to say Hey or by promotional Organization UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championships. So at the UFC they promote mixed martial arts so they are one of the biggest promotions of mixed martial arts. So as you see most of the Fights of all the fights start standing so that the staining aspect of it. It can be many different disciplines. It could be karate, kickboxing, American Kickboxing Time Muay Thai kickboxing to your classic boxing. Ok So well Jose and me are squared off in a classic right-hander group versus right-handers stance Jose has a much different weapons hit throw. So this is called the standing part of MMA which is your kick boxing. Correct? So was that he has different combinations.. so go ahead Jose. Jab, kick jab cross hook body shot uppercut cross hook uppercut let kicks Elbows and knees. Yeah, elbows knees. So he’s implementing his entire body. But if he notice the space is a little bit longer in other words, he’s got Where is an open space in other words? He’s gotta take his hands or his legs and make contact with me from an open space to collapse on top Of no strikes so that that’s one aspect of it, which is your striking aspect which is the standup. Now as we start getting closer Jose starts throwing… boom.. he may come in and he gets into what ever lock there is. He gets close to which we call a wrestling range, but he’s inside He’s controlling the inside line here. He can do a couple of different So it’s a couple of different styles that can happen from here. You have your judo You have your wrestling. collegiate You’ll see Here here where they get inside of you’ve got so Jose gives into a classic Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tie where he’s controlling the underhook, he controls the inside line to stop the punches, right? here in here So a couple of things you can do he can do just a basic leg trip where he trips me Down here. So because he’s trying to get me down to the ground, right and then he’s gonna start attacking me from here. So Now from here he gets on top Gets to knee on belly, but now he’s changed the range From that striking range – he gets close to a close wrestling range now He’s on top of me into a jiu-jitsu range, which is what? From here and here now. He’s on top of me. Now. The space has collapsed now He’s a move a lot closer to me. And now he’s gonna be able to feel a lot of my energy instead of a long Point-to-point space so from here when Jose’s here? This is called the mount position. So now it’s we’re on the ground This is called Brazilian jiu-jitsu, this is the ground aspect so a lot of people implement Brazil jiu-jitsu, they implement sambo…the ground Okay, a lot of different ground techniques from here with generally what you see the UFC or what’s very popular nowadays Is you all see Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Within BJJ. With that list that range there are sub ranges within that range So a couple of things we’re going to do this is probably the worst one of the worst Positions for me to be as you can see Jose can hit me but it’s very difficult for me to hit him. Okay So one of the aspects here if I have a good foundation knowledge of jujitsu, I need to get out of this position So one of the things I need to do is make sure my hands are inside tight control in the head I bridge Jose posts, I grip, I hook his leg, and I bridge and roll him over and from this position pose. They may have his legs locked if this is all the guard position Okay, this is a closed guard. So my objective is if I am here It’s a 50/50 game here, right if I’m here too long. Jose can start submitting me All right, so can you do a head and arm choke from here? So the point is over grab heres holds me down and I tap right so what to do to the endgame in kickboxing a lot of times the end game is a knockout the guy gets knocked out lights out or TKO where he can’t continue verbally or he’s Unconscious, in jiu-jitsu The end goal is to submit the person either As you saw a choke, he can go into an armbar here or kimura He’s got a hold of my shoulder. So the objective here is for him to submit me with his legs and arms you can also another term that’s Utilized if I’m on top is called the ground and pound where I am here and I’m on top Of a pure version of MMA of jiu-jitsu I might be striking or self-defense I might be here and here and hitting him Right and then I’m gonna call it rather pound because what’s happening is I’m on he’s on the ground and I pounded him Here and here right without him being able to protect himself, right? So There are 4 aspects of principles of jiu-jitsu you have self-defense, you have MMA version, you have a self-defense that you have a sport version Okay, all those you need to be training that way your understands the principles and concepts Because each one of those have has different timing sensitivities to How you train. so if a classic jiu-jitsu school class, you’ll have a kimono or uniform and then you’ll have a rash guard Shorts for no-gi or MMA version or self-defense whatever you would be wearing out on the street. Okay, so so this is one position from we did my position before which was our mount escape, Jose being in mount I flipped him over now I am in Jose’s guard He’s playing guard. I’m in Jose’s So I might stand up from here because I need to pass the guard passing is when I Pass these legs and up on what we call side control or cross body. Okay, so when things that might be to do is I might pass. So one thing is I stand boom. and get up To control the leg get down and I pass his guard, from this position here Now I have control over Jose vs having his legs bear hugged around my waist, right? So from here now I can start attacking here Submissions, I can do a choke here. Ooh I can do Joint manipulations here with his arms. So there’s a lot of angles and different you for this position now next part from here is Called the knee on the belly so from here I come here and I jump up that plays that and so what’s your deal with your shin.. It’s here that we’re leg out just to create good structure into the balance here And what you can do here is you can start controlling the person from here and start Being a little bit more aggressive on your attacks. Then you have what you saw last I was gonna say At the mount, if Jose he turns around I control his hips in and I have his back Here and what’s really common is there is the rear naked choke where you go across here control the head and the carotid arteries and you see right From there, so how we would train a lot of times here and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu guys is We want you guys to learn the foundations There’s certain positions that you need to learn and from those positions there are a lot of different Things you can do from there So learning the different positions as far as jujitsu goes from where you saw the mount escaping the mount you had guard work. escaping the guard, taking someone’s backs and submitting them. That’s just some of the.. Positions and then you have the reverse of that. Which is you are mounted. How do you get out? You are playing guard. Have do you submit someone? Someone does have your back. How do you get out from that position? That position so there’s a lot of different things that you can do from From there. And that’s one of the things we like to teach at Elite MMA. That’s just to educate people on aspects of MMA. And then also Jiu-Jitsu to kickboxing. So every kind of martial art you can think of and stuff… trying to implement what’s useful.. And reject was useless. It’s really individually based… depends on the individual. So with that that’s just a little snippet of what the difference of MMA vs Jiu-Jitsu and so if you guys want to check us out check out and where the This location is the Elite MMA – Houston Galleria/Greenway location. Alright guys. Have a good time Take care – see ya later

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