MMA Fighter Gets Short Notice Boxing Match

Hey guys, how are you guys doing? I’m here at LAX, just landed here from Japan. I had to go back home to take care of some family issues. You know Idont know how much I weight right now. I’m probably pretty heavy with all that good sushi and ramen, and all those good tasty treats in Japan Lets see how I do Hopefully I can get the weight off You know I talked to the promoter, I talked to the other side. And he tried to give me a couples of pounds because the fight was at 152. They agreed we agreed to have it at 150. No the fight was at 150 But we agreed to have it at 152 and so that helps The custom line is pretty long Alright guys landed in Japan last week, jet lagged out of my dang mind. Back in the United States a week later and still jet lagged out of my dang mind Got a boxing match to get ready for this weekend It’s all good.We’re just here to have a good time. You know fight or die Alright lets see where we’re at? 168.8 Yes, I’m back out Academy. All right went home. Took a little nap. You know I need it from that long flight and then So today’s Sunday. We got Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday we weight-in. So I got today and another three days and a little bit of Thursday morning get down to the weight Let’s see what we can do?

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