Mixed Martial Arts Tips  : How to Defend Against a Bear Hug in Aikido

Hello, my name is Roger Mamedov, and I’m an
instructor at Camp Undefeated in New York City. This is how you defend a bear hug in
Aikido, (so Taylor please). So the first common thing is, if for him, he actually wants to
go under my elbows and lift me up. So to prevent that, I’m going to bring my hands up, and
I’m going to drop my weight. So the reason I’m dropping my weight is to make sure he
can’t lift me, (so Taylor try and lift me) it’s going to be very difficult for him, even
if he’s bigger than me. So notice how I’m going to trap his hands, now for me, the cross
arms, I want to have the momentum of punching my ankle across, and I’m just going to flip
him over. So watch it a little bit faster. So first, base, trapped arms, now for me,
just turn your hips across, and flip. So watch it from a different angle; trap, drop the
base, rotate across. This is Roger Mamedov, and this has been, how to defend a bear hug
in Aikido.

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  1. same basics in TKD. Grab a finger (preferably a pinky) just to distract and drop your weight, just like in the vid. Pull the finger while you step behind (takes a little practice but is a quite easy and natural movement when done correctly) and then stand up. If they are a larger opponent, grab a leg and stand up.

  2. If someone were to bear hug a student of any 'decent' martial arts school, the bear hugger would be in trouble. If the assailant meant business, or knew what they were doing, they would never bear hug anyone.

    But then again, if you know enough to get out of a bear hug, you should know enough to not allow yourself to get into this situation in the first place. 😀

  3. yea good luck with that. anyone of decent strength can easily lift you off the ground no matter what stance you're in. once you're off the ground, or even partially off the ground, you can't use a hip throw

  4. if you flip an upponent over like that, u get crushed, dont do it it doesn't work with big guys, aikido is pretty but not effective against everybody, a kick in his balls is!

  5. True but you have to drop your center, lift your elbows up, bring your right or left arm under then over and hook his freaking neck. It will look like he is going for a choke hold but with your fingers hooked into his neck you can flip him back, get on top of him in a mounted position and CRUSH him. If he dosent let go of the side choke hold, just relax and put your fore arm on his neck and he will let go easily. There are allot of defenses for bear hug. If stronger then you this one wont work.

  6. yeah there is. move out the way and hit him in the windpipe then snatch the stool out his hands and beat the shit out of him with it.

    there's a move for everything. some of them aren't taught in videos because they're just common sense.

  7. In Aikido you'd actually step forward slamming your hips into the movement rather than standing there in kiba dach. You generate more power that way while maintaining your posture. So that you're in a fit state to deal with your attackers friends.

  8. Yeah I have this problem. I have one hand on their throat and another on their wrist or elbow…………somewhere. Anywho so I'm like "how the fuck do I hold a camera?" And I would ask my friends but they generally have the same problem. And then secuirty, fucking arseholes, have to jump in don't they? And I'm like "Would you mind filming this for me" and they're all "Get the fuck out."
    They're so rude.

  9. Actually I've been in the ring and I've been in more real fights than I care to admit. The two are nothing alike. The ring lacks the intensity and scope of a real fight. Real fighting is a thing of beauty, there's nothing holding you back, there's purity in it. you can let rip in a way that you just can't in a ring. Ring "fighting" just isn't the same, it's like you're pretending to fight someone.

  10. It's a common delusion that sex is the highest pleasure, the joy of survial is far and away better. Of course this means getting into a situation where you honestly believe you could be killed.
    Screwing a chick never changed anyone's view on life, staring death in the face often does.

  11. Yes it does, Defensive moves are Turning based (Tenka) and Offensive moves and striking (Atemi) to the neck, Groin etc taken from Aiki Jui Jitsu. And Entering techniques (Irimi) like the stuff you see in the Segal Movies where he clothlines people in the neck or spams them in the face with an open palm.

  12. Haha, well your sensi is a lying toad. Pick up any basic Aikido book and it will explain the difference between Irimi and Ienka to you (Entering and Turning). I learned many Atemi directly from Shihan T.K Chiba. But i'm sure your teacher would be right. Shihan Chiba is only an 8th Dan. Your 10th Dan sensi must know far more about Aikido than he does.. hahaha. Trust you… hahaha. I dont even know you… However I do know your mother.

  13. Other useful information gleamed from this video:

    If you're going to bear hug someone, make sure you get the heel hooks in so they can't throw you.

    Is there such a thing as a standing rear mount?

  14. Rofl no if Aikido was effective we would see Aikido fighters in MMA but there are no aikido fighters in MMA so obviously it doesnt work in a real situation

  15. Just because an Art does not appear in MMA does not mean it is not effective. IMO every art has its place, and every art has something that'll make it ineffective. I believe that every art was made for a reason, and to counter a situation that is occuring at the time of its creation.

  16. The video did just point out what would happen if they did not throw themselves. Breaking joints, tearing muscles, nerves, and tendons are not pretty.

  17. Miyamoto Musashi said – regarding the use of the (usually ornamental) short sword (he pioneered the use of two sword technique continued by Saotome Sensei) that the point of martial arts is not to die on the battlefield with armaments hung uselessly at your side. Atemi is such an armament at our side. Atemi can range from feigning an injury, to causing one with a strike, to even psychological misdirection.

  18. No im afraid he would not if that were true aikido would be used in MMA and I guarentee you to even beat a streetfighter you need atleast 4 years of aikido training.

  19. First of all it is spelt Aikido. Now if you have ever studied any martial art from an authorized instructor you would know the meaning of ukemi. It is there to help you learn the fundamentals of the art and not bring harm to yourself or others so Google it if you have to.

  20. you have no idea what the hell your talking about. Aikido is BANNED in UFC (that's your roid-based religion isn't) because ONE move can end a career.

  21. .You're one of those idiots that think that UFC is great. News flash, its not that hard to take steroids. Its seems you are confused as to what aikido is. Let me explain it for you in words you are able to understand: disarming an opponent using their force against them. This includes joint locks, throws. If you insult aikido you insult the core of UFC, which is Jujitsu, but a person of your education would know that? If you practice MMA I hope to God you hit better then you spell.

  22. OMG! I dont understand how these ridiculous discussion start at almost every video concerning aikido comparing it to other Martial arts. Its like comparing Golf to Horse Polo, just because you swing a club does not mean its the same thing.

  23. That's because you've never stepped on the mat with somebody who trains Yoshinkan Aikido. It is a harder, combat-oriented style of Aikido.. I love experts like yourself, never stepped on a single mat a day in his life, and he's an expert. I've learned some things that MMA just doesn't cover.. like how to end a fight QUICK, instead of having a long drawn out affair. BTW, we don't LARP at my school.. we throw real punches, takedowns, etc.

  24. 1) I get out of the way of the punches 2) Vital point striking is illegal 3) combat and MMA are different, you would know that if you actually trained 3) you aren't a martial artist.. I am. Got that? I can tell you pro-MMA fighters who feel the same way, and know the difference.

  25. Real martial arts are about killing an attacker if you have to. They are not about stepping into a ring to prove you're tough. A martial artist has no desire to prove his ability. A martial athlete does. A martial artist leaves his ego at the door. A martial athlete strokes it. Most don't understand the difference. Martial skills without discipline is just violence. There's nothing admirable about violence.

  26. Snooprobbo, the perfect answer to your question is go join aikido … once u can understand what it is about you be in a better position to criticize it. Else you can go on and on and on without convincing anyone.

  27. Boxing is a wonderful sport. I prefer combat training though.. I train and train and train, in hopes that I never have to use it. You box, box, box, and hope somebody weaker than you crosses your path. You've definitely got that cockiness about you.. grow up, sir.

  28. Snooprobbo, i wasn't convincing u that aikido is fantastic. did i even mention anyway that it's effective? i'm just sharing my opinion on how you can convince the others but i guess ur too "angry" to listen to anything. carry on with ur boxing i'm sure it's great but it's clearly not doing u any good

  29. This is Aikido?

    Did anyone hit the "more info" on this clip?

    The instructor has a black belt in Karate, purple belt in BJJ, and a brown belt in Judo. Damn impressive.

    But HOW is this aikido?

  30. Nice technique. His "grab me below the elbows" comment is to make it harder on himself, not easier. Note that he is showing that he is able to escape the more compromising below-the-elbows bear hug. I practice MMA, with some past aikido experience and see no reason for the negative comments here. This is a demo of one technique for one situation. Lighten up, people.

  31. Sure it's better to know how to do this than not, it works in most situations in a quiet confrontation with a normal guy, but it's not going to work that easy if the guy is heavier and/or stronger and knows how so that he thrust his hip forward against your body while pulling backwards, that is if he leans soon backwards while hugging. Other tecnique might then be needed I believe

  32. this is why no one uses aikido in mma. who ever bear hugs?!? i've never in my life (unless in a movie) seen someone bearhug someone in a serious fight, ever!

  33. @khazal12 A photographer stopped a would-be bank robber recently with a bear hug from behind. He held the guy for 5 minutes until the cops arrived. Granted, the robber was a rather doughy 45 year old man, and the photographer was a 6 2' and weighed 260 lbs.

  34. @krnmastajc88 I think the bear hug is always a bad idea. I think that if you catch me with your arms under mines, you'll be in trouble. I can catch your head if your tall or your leg if your small. I don't believe in bear hug. If I had to catch a guy, I would probably try to break his balance, make him fall down before holding him. But why I would do that?? Jos

  35. @krnmastajc88 Well whose teaches wing chun and jiu jitsu taught me to just focus on the v-neck on his hands. One hie grab you just lower you center like the video but grab his pinkand try to break it! He's going to immediately let you go once he does you can hold on to it and perform a wrist lock and strike or you can turn arond and strike him because now you have the element of surprise.But I wouldn't try the technique of htis video. I just focus on joints and ligaments.

  36. aikdo teaches bearhug from the front And the rear, both with arms pinned and arms free. this is just 1 example out of the 4.

  37. sholy hit this crap is useless in the real world… an attacker would immediately progress to a rear naked standing choke.. and you'd be the one on the ground… unconscious of course.

  38. @houston2nite Surely u never been on a seriouss dojo. Even a Judoca know how to do that, and the shorter you are, easier to do this movement… It's kinda seoi nage

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