Mixed Martial Arts Tips  : How to Apply the Cross Armlock in Judo: Juji Gatame

Hello, my name is Roger Mamedov, and I’m an
instructor at Camp Undefeated, in New York City. This is how you apply a cross arm lock
in Judo. So in Judo, the common position to start with is in standing position, but we’re
going to look as he’s right on the floor, (so, lie down Taylor, please). So after any
kind of major throw in Judo, I’m always holding onto the sleeve of the arm, my right knee
is going to come right inside, and notice how the foot is planted right in the middle,
I’m still holding on, and I want to pull his arm all the way forward. Now my opposite foot
is going to come right across, notice how I’m still holding onto the arm, now I’m going
to sit right by his hand, and I’m laying tight. The key to this move, is to make sure my knees
are in tight, and his thumb is up. Once his thumb is down, he’s going to be able to escape.
So my hands in tight, knees together, now bring the hand down, and pull the hip up,
and he taps when he feels that. So watch it a little bit quicker. So as he’s down, I’m
pulling the hand, foot in tight, now bring the foot over, in, tight, and finish. This
is Roger Mamedov, and this has been, how to apply a cross arm lock in Judo.

23 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Tips : How to Apply the Cross Armlock in Judo: Juji Gatame

  1. If you are strong enough, or sweaty/slippery you may be able to rotate your arm enough to prevent him from straightening it against the elbow. Best way to avoid this though is dont get yourself in that situation. the instructor here showed good technique especially emphasizing sitting in tight to your opponent, that makes it hard for them to move. The one thing I would change (just personal preference) is pulling the guys arm slightly to the side against my thigh and not towards my own nuts!!

  2. infact a good escape for that armlock is to make a gap and bring your elbow down to the floor, hit his nuts on the way down if u want but if ure elbows on the floor he cant bend it

  3. when you are in a good armlock you can´t do anything….. not your bone breaks. your ellbow breaks.
    Why do you show an armlock??? you have to show ho to get in this position…. noone can make it after seeing this video

  4. I got these guys today at school who pushed me down the stairs. They are 15 years old and are 6ft tall to 6.5ft tall. I am just 5.1"ft. What can I do? Only thing I got in mind is graple

  5. No he doesn't teach it wrong. He teaches the old version of Juji Gatame by the books. But now days you put your right leg over the chest, cus that way its harder for the Uke to escape

  6. so how would you do it diffrent when you first start doin it coz he puts his inside the guys shoulder… so how would you approach it diffrent?

  7. Thanks Sensei Roger… and thanks for showing how respectful of each other Judoka are! (I always forget about the thumb up, so it's like I'm suddenly arm wrestling with someone!)

  8. theres no need to put ur leg over his chest as long as u pinch ur legs together "he aint going no wheres" cos the other one is stopping his head from coming up

    and the persons arm is gonna break before ur balls start to feel it (if u do it right)

  9. @iplayelectricguitar actually its not the nuts its the side of your thigh right next to it but if you move it, it can be on your nuts lol

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