Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Throwing from Counter Move in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Angel Perez
with Champion Martial arts in Miami, Florida, and today we’re going to teach you mixed martial
arts techniques. The next technique we will be demonstrating is called in judo daini o
tochi, also known as the tsu-play. It is done as a counter, or as soon as you can control
your opponent from the back. So again, as a countermove, or as soon as you see your
opponents back, you can use that to your advantage. We’re going to use it as a counter, first.
I’m going to attack him; he’s going to stop me; he’s going to do a daini o tochi, a tsu-play,
to the side and back. Again, he’s in full control of me after the throw. He’s got my
arm, he’s got my neck, obviously he can strike. (One more time for that.) Now he’s going to
do it as a technique, I’m not going to attack. He’s going to go for my back…and take me
straight back right into a control pin. He’s got my arm, he’s got an arm-bar, strikes,
and even, there it is another arm bar.

14 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Throwing from Counter Move in MMA

  1. actually no this is used in mma. its called a scarf hold position and is a dominant position. strikes are more effective in this position including knees and also submissions. there are many examples of this takedown and hold being used in mma…

  2. yep, totally agree with you on that one. tho as my first point said it is however used in mma by some fighters, just not to the same extent as side control etc. just didnt agree with the 'shit 4 actual mma' bit.

  3. when you have the head like that in side mount instead of hooking the armpit, you risk having your back taken. any legit gym teaches not to do that. strong suspect of being a mccdojo video.

  4. Dude why doesnt the older man do the throwing like doesnt it hurt him for his age im not being mean other anything im just saying hes an elder 🙂

  5. Thanks for these uploads they are really good- clear and easy to understand. I have to say though some of the comments that people made did make me laugh, it must either be kids’ trying to sound tough or “wannabes” Maybe you should offer to show a few of these idiots your moves in real life and then see if they still think they have a place in a real life fight situation? 😉

  6. finally someone with a brain! any idiot who says this stuff is weak or fake should get their grappling gloves on and try to last 30 seconds in the hexagon

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