Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Straight Leg Ankle Lock in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez,
with Champion Martial Arts, in Miami, Florida, and today we are going to teach you mixed
martial arts techniques. Next, my assistant John, will be demonstrating a straight leg
ankle lock, this also is illegal in judo, however it is a very, very good jujitsu move,
remember we are talking mix martial arts, so there’s a little bit about everything.
I’m in the guard, and I’m parried up here, he can’t get past so he going to go for one
of my knees, controls it, I bring my knee up here for defensive move, he’s going to
grab my ankle, stick it right underneath his armpit, and straighten my leg, he’s going
to step over, and he’s going to crank his knees together, and pull back on my ankle.
Very, very painful. He’s go my leg under his armpit, his arm underneath the bottom of my
calf, all the way on the bottom, that is for best results, step over and then he’s going
to crank, he’s already cranking and I’m already in pain. So we’re going to stop it at that
right now.

24 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Straight Leg Ankle Lock in MMA

  1. this does hurt i remember when arlovski did it on tim sylvia it didnt look bad but have someone do it to u and it fukin hurts

  2. Have you ever been in an ankle lock? I practice Jiu Jitsu and I learned this a long time ago. I remember my coach was performing it on me and as soon as he started to crank my ankle it felt like it was exploding.

  3. or you can just try rolling out of it that's what i do or just get up fast enough then all he has is you're legs but i got the rest of my body to take care of him

  4. you just try rolling out of it or you can stand and all they have is your legs and you got rest of you're of your body to take of him

  5. HAHAH its so funny to see him at 0:49 when the assistant cranks his foot and he taps so hard and fast. poor guy 😛

  6. @jeremysoon2b19 might be because usually in bjj leg and ankle locks are forbidden in white belt division (which you should be after 2 months training, unless you're an uber genius)

  7. @laokon White belt division or not, I'm pretty sure the way this is shown is 100% illegal in higher belt divisions as well, due to his ankle crossing over the hip. The guy executing this technique needs to be on his own right side so there is no pressure on his opponent's knee, and he can never put his own foot on the inside of the hip of the leg being attacked.

    I think he is aware of this though, as he tries to emphasize that this is for "MMA" (and accidentally slips in BJJ – maybe nerves).

  8. @JimmyReno1 Sorry i can't my first comment on it, so i don't know what i wrote exactly. But if you cross from inside it a knee twist, that i'm 100% sure, from the outside it should be allowed since you're not twisting the hip or the knee at all. Basically you say the only way would be by just pressing your knees together to block the oponents leg?

  9. @laokon You had just wrote that they are illegal in white belt divisions (which is true). The rule is the exact opposite of what you say though. You are only allowed to cross from inside out, not outside in. This is sometimes called "reaping the knee", and is illegal in most rule sets, not just the very restrictive IBJJF rules).

    Still… good to see someone said something intelligent on here.

  10. @JimmyReno1 [Quote] Still… good to see someone said something intelligent on here [/Quote] Thanks ^^
    ok, As said i didn't remeber my first comment, i thought i mentioned also Kudo, my actual disciplin where both are allowed. No recall however about the bbj white belt one :O even if it sounds familiar :p.
    So only inside-out. I'll keep that in mind, even if it seems less effective to me.
    Kind regards

  11. @laokon Oh ya – totally agreed. It is less effective for sure. That's why it is always easy for me to remember – the legal/proper way is ironically less effective!

  12. @JimmyReno1 sad to notice such things 🙁
    i prefere outside in, since i some time let my oponent slip out to get a kneebar
    just my 2 cent :p
    Was nice talking sensed with someone over youtube 🙂
    Kind regards and keep it up 🙂


  13. well instead of dropping back for a leg lock all the time, i would be focusing on guard passing and working the top, falling back for leg locks can become a bad habit, kind of a last ditch effort for me.

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