Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Multiple Move Combo in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez,
with Champion Martial Arts, in Miami, Florida, and today we are going to teach you mixed
martial arts techniques. Our next move includes the judo throw, an actual blocking technique
for a punch, a muay thai elbow, and then we’re going to go to the ground, and end up in an
arm bar. There’s a lot to this move, so please pay attention. He’s going to swing a punch
at me, blocking, stepping in, I’m going to come in with my elbow to the face right away,
from here I am going to goto a judo move, around the neck, control the arm, and now
I’m going to step over, to an arm bar. So we’ve got a little bit of everything. We have
the judo throw, we have the karate block, we have the muay thai elbow, and we have the
arm bar, which is a judo or jujitsu technique, either one. Again, controlling the arm, step
over, arm bar.

94 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Multiple Move Combo in MMA

  1. the only thing with a muay thai clinch, and i train muay thai, is that its easy for them to pull a knife out of their pocket… but i suppose its one of those things really, personally i try to get them on the floor as quick as possible

  2. i think it s also good to get him on the floor and under control as far as you can, but this combo is really hard to try against a opponent with 10 or 20kg more weight an maybe some cms larger… so beluemma is right i think when he s sais that it depends on the guy you re fighting against..

  3. yeah right. you think you can do this combo in mma? dont you think he will follow up with a left punch after you block the right punch?

  4. It wasnt mean to be a good punch, they are demoing a combo not that one punch and on a jab lots of people step with the same foot as your punching with…

  5. This is a standard traditional Jujitsu technique.. Nothing really to do with MMA. blocks and throws of this type are generally used in self defence rather than mma due to wide looping punches not technical boxing/MT straights….

  6. actually traditional jujitsu is very rarely seen in mma except the throws and then is usally refaired to as judo. jujitsu's techniques are centered around self defence as opposed to bjj's submission grappeling. the submissions 101 vids have a good comparision of this…

  7. it is a tactical mistake and poor srategy to take the wide stance as this demo show. To wide, loose mobility…not good for MMA. U need to maintain a boxers stance, to move quickly. If the video is to illustrate techniques from differ arts, thats cool…if it's to teach what you should do, better go to a differ teacher bcuz this material will get you hurt

  8. All White and Yellow Jiu Jitsu Techniques, expect the elbow strike.
    I prefer doing a knee on stomach after the neck throw, it gives you a better position on applying the armbar.

  9. this is part of the traditional jujitsu sylabis, move for move. its on the yellow/orange belt list. nothing to do with modern mma.

  10. shit weak!!!!!!!!!!!!! what he side blinds you?? huh? mma master????????? where does expert villeage finds these joekers!!

  11. that blocking technique is too cheezy. no body is going to wait after the first attack for you to block and throw them like that. they'll just follow up with a cross

  12. Sorry… but this 1st, 2nd, 3rd approach is not going to work, because a real fight is much faster and the distance is different. The Guy who comes at him would be much closer in reallife, so no time to block and then counter.

    secondly, the "judo" throw is horribl. He is not breaking his partners balance, nor is he loading him upon the hips. Also, he isnt sweeping his legs (which is optional).

    The armbar is done wrong, tooo. he is not close enough.

    This guys is wack, i could teach it better.

  13. Everybody wants to cash in on mma.. What do you teach?.. self defense or Mma?; eyes throat, groin, nose, stick to that shit dude unless u are wanting a confrontation,( a real fight ) I have only just got on here and you look like a self defense practitioner ..no offence . Wing chun has the best concept for self defence,

  14. also no proper instruction on pinching your leg together and pulling it over the hip for extra extension to break the arm , do you find yourself getting knackard , Also what makes it a muay thai elbow?, As you can c your Karate block is traditional but com on man that shit dont work in a real situation you have 2 strike at the same time

  15. LMAO.. I LOVE HOW ALL THESE PEOPLE ARE GETTING ON THE MMA BANDWAGON. Let's see this technique done live!!!
    for real mma technniques go to BUDDHASPORT

  16. yeh it works you find any person off balance you can chuck them into an arm bar but in a streetfight he'll most likely bite you so instead of puttin ur leg over his neck put push ur foot on the side ov his face and walla you just broke the bears arm lol

  17. actually theres multiple ways to block a punch that one was just for a right hook u can block punches other way just you need to manage to get in that position also though there are other technices then just the arm bar

  18. not really. you have to remember that there slowing down so ppl can see it. if they were doing it real speed the guy one the left would bow the short dude acrosse the face before he knew what happened.

  19. That's what happens when you have a JUDO instructor trying to teach MMA. Beware the McDojo turning into the McMMA gym.

  20. actually I've used this block, there is a way to use it without your opponent seeing it too early (just takes a bit of practicing and you get it)

  21. I think that's a different video: "How to defend against anything anyone might do anywhere at anytime for any reason." If you find it, kindly post a link.

  22. our teachers just take from all fighting disciplines and teache us whatever is effective. this includes punching, elbowing, knees, kicks, throws, joint locks and choke holds.

  23. be like water be everything but be nothing meaning use many arts dont juz limit ur self to one thing use the best parts of everything an throw out wat doesnt work for u this is wat MIXED martial arts means

  24. This seems more like a discipline based karate self defense plac that's calling itself mma, because this whole thing was taught as a combination hoping your opponent dis the exact right shit to make it work, mma teaching is more like, here is the sweet stuff from all the martial arts learn them and know them by heart and use when necessary

  25. the Karate block is actually more dangerous then helpful. Leave to much open…
    And after you through the elbow i highly doubt he isnt guna cover up so you can sink the neck for the throw.

    Better combo is Triangle arm block, Counter with the elbow, then go down for a double or single leg take down and go from there…

  26. this is mma one variation out of a milion, obviously that combo is designed for some one who doesn't know how to fight in order to be as easy as shown. its not easy to find openings when your opponent is alerted that you know some techniques. You cant compare one drill to a whole fight, because you opponent could go to the ground and scramble out. will work if someone is not ready for your counter attack

  27. i want to be a pro mma fighter,but do u need to join an mma gym to get recognized or could u just take multiple martial arts n compete?i do the 2nd

  28. @mizzie213 no problem, srry if came off as a dick. just used to being defensive with most people on here. japjitsu is almost exclusivly self defense stuff. it makes use of 'the fence' to prevent sucker punches, pre-emptive strikes including sucker strikes, eye gouges and throat attacks. which is illegal in mma. it uses throws very similar to judo, but sets them up with the above mentioned rather than frm grappeling, and weapon defenses. because of this, its unsuitable & difficult 2 use in mma.

  29. no everything he says int he video is possible i mean its not likely youll be able to do it but like if royce gracie or really any highier belt in juitsu could do it i mean really its all about momentum and keeping the guy off balance i mean you dont pause like he does so its possible not likely butpossible

  30. there is no way you can get that, i mean it's possible if the guy is tired shitless. first off he blocked wrong….. was that like a karate block? then that wasn't a thai elbow.. and you can't do the throw after the elbow bc the arm you're elbowing with is the arm you need to do the throw, by the time you extend your arm from the elbow and grab him he'll most likley be out of your way.

  31. Decent Video-Learn how to enunciate the different types of martial arts. Don't forget to raise your hips up when applying the arm bar, and put the other leg over his chest to keep him from rolling out.

  32. that block left you too open without you covering with the other hand and tucking your chin. but it could work, the block and elbow i mean. the judo toss is not needed. after you through the elbow you can lock up in the muay thai clinch then do the wrestling move which is called a duck under. where you shuck the guys elbow step to the side while you have your right or left hand around the back of the head, then pull down and drop your weight. from there you have his back. and RNC haha

  33. @1elementskater1 Yeah well, i confused some dutch and english. in combinatie with some fast typing resulting in those mistakes. please forgive me master.

  34. cool story (Y) idc… every trainer i have had in my life pronounces it as "Moo-Thai" most of which are from thailand. but who the shit cares…

  35. proud?? if you consider that combo sophisticated, dude you need to triple you training, and try to get creative by making your OWN combos, cz seriously, that's nothing, even though it might be useful, but still it's really simple and AVOIDABLE, hopefully that will help you not getting KO'ed again 🙂

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