Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Leg Kick Move in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez,
with Champion Martial Arts, in Miami, Florida, and today we are going to teach you mixed
martial arts techniques. For our next mixed martial arts move, we’re going to stick to
muay thai, we’re going to do what’s know as the leg kick, I am not a high believer of
high kicks, my kicks particularly are to the torso and to the legs, very effective, very
effective. You’re in your regular fighting stance, there’s always, or should always be
one foot in front the reason for this is for balance, I have no balance if my feet are
like this or to the back, very easy to lose my balance and just fall, you want one leg
in front, one leg in back. I am going to pivot my left foot, this is the foot I will be standing
on, and I will be kicking right behind his right knee area there, a couple of those kicks,
may very well tear up his tendon, his ACO, it’s very effective, we’re here, he doesn’t
see it coming, he thinks I’m coming for a punch, and I kick, right behind the leg, again
thinks, I’m coming for a punch, I pivot, right back here, with this part of your body, right
here, this is the hardest part of your leg, other than your knee.

62 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Leg Kick Move in MMA

  1. This is NOT Muay Thai – and it is the shittiest looking leg kick I have ever seen. And what the hell is MOO Thai?

  2. hahahah! i was thinking of the same thing. I can see his brain and there's nothing about martial arts there. hhaha.

  3. Can someone tell me why the fuck these guys are teaching martial arts?????????? seems like they just watched other instructional videos and immitated them to make their own.

  4. Wow…. The silent dude is not in a good fighting stance. Not protecting his chin, not protecting his ribs. What the hell is this?

  5. OMG this is a Low kick and now Leg kick or what u mean with this OMG what is a Leg kick its dont give it by kick and thai boxing this -.-'

  6. wat r u tlking about its called a thigh kick he performed it perfectly look at the rising fighthers such as forest griffin and look how he kicks it looks exactly they same…and he doesnt step with it

  7. the shin is harder than the foot. if you hit with the shin, it doesnt matter, where you hit his leg. But with the foot you have to be extremetly precise.

  8. in tai they hit with there shin so much that the there shins dont become a bone anymore it feels like a bludgen hitting u so i wouldnt say the shin is the hardest if u dont practice with it

  9. I disagree, as long as you step and turn your hip all the way then there is no need to use your foot for a lengthy shot. This kick tutorial sucks btw…

  10. i watched it again…and got interested on mma again..lol..and i think its normal..haha..oh and fuck yeah its a cool movie….

  11. the guy hade his stance horrible, shoulders werent in either but w.e, im not trying to criticize or anything, if you wanna get a strong, effective kick, kick with your shin right above the knee, in the lower thight, that'll give your opponent a sharp pain with burn

  12. Well, almost. It's probably the sport that gets closest to the "real" thing, if by "real" you mean an actual unarmed fight for survival. But there's still some rules to in it to protect the fighters.

  13. Pegar con la espinilla es mucho más contundente y reduce el riesgo de alguna lesión. Sin embargo, pegar con la espinilla también significa "meterte" más y ariesgarte a un golpe severo.

    Pero si puedes pegar con la espinilla y tener la retracción adecuada, adelante.

  14. No disrespect but you might want to train with real Muy Thai Coaches. Teach your students to step off the center line. If you kick with right you need to whip your right hand down. Keep the left arm hand glued to your face.

  15. @kharazislay lol im the exact opposite im just bout average but i learned how to fight and ive been fighting for ever haha plus my best friend is jacked of if my mma cant beat someone hes strength and boxing can

  16. The number 1 counter for the Leg Kick is a straight right. If you dont step off the line you re stepping right into it. The other thing is this kick Has 3 attack areas. u Taught 1. First: is about 2 inches above the knee where your 3 sections of the quad muscles meet. Second: is about halfway down the side of the leg. Its where your hamstring meets the outside of your quad. Focus on using the shin and NOT the instep.

  17. The smallest bones on your body:
    1) Behind the hand
    2)The instep (the top of your foot).

    If your bones are not conditioned and throw this technique full out a couple of things can happen.

    1) If your oponenet checks the kick & ur instep hits the knee, serious brusing,swelling, possible break.

    2-) If you dont step off line &use the instep your kick is more of a rd house. If your opponents knee is bent kicks tend to slide up the thigh into the hip easily countered with a catch.

  18. There is no such thing as works every time in Martial Arts. Techniqus have to be applicable & so things change according to the fight/ gameplan

    One huge lesson in Thai Boxing is for max power, you step through the target also have your body behind the kick. So if your kick is going high you want your body high. If you are kicking low through your body should go low and through.

  19. totally get it what your saying. My gripe is further explanation. If i was a onlooker this video would hurt my training as oppoesed to help. I would suggest the following

    3 options for throwing a LIGHT leg kick.

    1- Getting opponent to check thus settup a head kick.

    2- Baiting my opponent to throw a straight right to my head. This opens up the option for a shot ( double takedown ).

    3- Last option is a fast low kick would be used to set up my own angle change and combo

  20. Actually, he said he's not a high believer in high kicks, and his particular kicks are to the torso and legs. So, i'm sure he agrees with you, as do i.

  21. i train mma and this guy is right this is exactly how ur supposed to kick especially if your a beginner have someone kick u like that and see if it doesnt hurt like hell

  22. How hard does he want to kick his training partner's knee?! If he kicked the back of my leg like that in a demo I'd chin him.

  23. @miamitrigueno these guys are not MMA guys at all; just another McDojo trying to cash in on the popularity of MMA.

  24. @behemoth969 Depends, back of the knee can sweep them alot better but probably wont cause much lasting damage like a kick to the thigh. that shit lasts the whole fight.

  25. not to disrespect americans but overall there kick/thaiboxing sucks… they rock at wrestling for sure but there thai boxing sux, come to holland and learn how to give some real leg kicks…

  26. Lol, I feel sorry for people that pay to learn from him, poor pivot, no turning of the hips, the upper body is straight up and stationary just asking to be hit in the face. Man where did you learn to fight? Sad, sad times when he gets paid to teach people.

  27. That will not work on everyone. I may let a guy kick me once. After that I will look for it and change my stance to south paw and back so he can't get a rythm. Also you can keep your opponent busy by throwing punches or elbows. You leave yourself very open for a take down going for kicks.

  28. Absolutely. There's also a feint kick you can do and instead land a superman/hop straight right. There's a good video DamageControl did.

  29. My homemade techniques are much better than this…my combo "Dragon Barrage" can put any of these morons in the hospital

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