Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Learning Ground Work in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Angel Perez
with Champion Martial arts in Miami, Florida, and today we’re going to teach you mixed martial
arts techniques. Okay. In mixed martial arts, as you may well know, or maybe you don’t,
there are lots and lots of grappling techniques, especially on the ground. Submissions are
very important; ground control is very important, in mixed martial arts. We’re going to go through
a couple of that right now. I’m going to get into the guard; my opponent will get inside
of my guard, inside my knees. If he brings his hands up a little high, he’s in very,
very big danger right now. All I have to do is grabbing onto his arm, rotate my hips,
and bring my legs up to his shoulders — double arm-bar, right there. He’s tapping
out with his leg, as you see, because his arms are totally useless. There’s nothing
he can do there. So at all times, avoid bringing your hands up high around my shoulders. This
is the proper position — the proper defensive position. If he brings them up high, again,
I will control his arms, bring my legs up and arch.

32 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Learning Ground Work in MMA

  1. Hrmm this guy is pretty decent at ji jutsu and Busho, 🙂

    but i could take him with my guillotine choke baby. worked everytime. 23-0

  2. its the best way to fight but you have to admit when your on the ground it does look a little like man love, no offence

  3. thanks alot for these vids
    im gonna use themfor a mma tournament at my friends house tomorrow. i just watc the vids, and practice on my friend thats over at my house

  4. How are you teaching mma when you have never fought? Angel Perez is a crook… The double is a move, the person getting if done to the is a turd if it happens, but it is possible.

  5. You say all this bs but if you google your name you find no proof of any accomplishments, I'm a nobody and you will find more competition results if you google my name. From what I have seen you do know judo and I respect that. With that said, stick to judo. Your striking is not good and your submissions have many technical issues. I'm primarily a grappler, wrestling 10 years, bjj for 4 years. With that being said I could post "how to" vids on submissions. I do know the basic mechanics of some

  6. I did boxing and thai boxing but never tried MMA,I like MMA too but I didn't find any MMA school in Brussels.There is one BJJ.Is all techniques in MMA is BJJ??

  7. @tadorjee y acctly mma come from bjj u shud find a mma gym like mine the teaches bjj mma no gi graplying and muai tai (kick boxing)

  8. i do shaolin, and last night was fight night, so feeling hopeful i chose the beginne white sash girl to fight, nope bad idea, she had 5 years of this mma behind her and well lets just say i didnt give in on purpose, these ground submission things with ur legs do work and cane when u try and escape.

  9. @supersick43 the gayer it looks the more it can break you would you rather have someones face in ur crotch or have ur arms broken?

  10. one last question…howto improve leg flexibilty , stretching for kicking higher… especially for someone with stiff legs

  11. thanks alot mate.. just one final question… what should i learn in order to beat someone who is just a bully and doesnt know anything….suggest something.. BJJ or MMA??

  12. can you explain what is taught in MMA ?? and why not BJJ ? i heard that BJJ can be effective against big guys…? will MMA will do the trick in street fight?

  13. This might sound like a weird question but when doing an arm bar in ground techniques is the guys arm/elbow resting on your nuts? Looks that way..

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