Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Heel Hook Move in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Angel Perez
with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. And today, we’re going to teach you Mixed
Martial Arts techniques. For our next technique, my assistant John, again, will demonstrate
what is called ‘The Heel Hook’, this is also a grappling or jujitsu technique, totally
illegal in judo. There are no leg locks in judo whatsoever. He’s going to go from an
ankle lock, I’m going to rotate and try to get away from it, and he’s going to turn it
into a Heel Hook, again, he has the, he has the ankle lock hooked in, very painful, I’m
going to try to turn and get out of it, and he’s going to switch it into a Heel Hook,
making it impossible for me to even move. He pushes his knees together, and he turns
my ankle. It’s very hard, very painful. Again, ankle lock, turn to try to get out of it,
turns it into a ‘Heel hook’ and he turns my

20 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Heel Hook Move in MMA

  1. I've seen a guy win by heel hook but it really isn't a great move. I saw Kenny Florian demonstrate a much better move that attackes the calf muscle. Leaning back is better than twisting because your opponent will roll out of it if you twist.

  2. Yes is it because if the HH is executed properly, it can tear the knee, shin and achilles tendon with ease. That's some nasty damage.

  3. it's a dangerous move dude… hahaha i prefer to do straight foot locks if i can cos i am afraid i might overdo the hook and injure my opponent, esp those "macho" types that don't want to tap out until something snaps… and the thing with foot subs is that sometimes they dun hurt until the joint is just about to snap…

  4. if you want to learn how to grapple just train with the gracies Im not a big fan of theres but they are good when it come to the ground game

  5. kai yeah but he let him get him into that position and if you let some one do that position to you you'd tap..that my point get it…. and you dont know me so dont call me an idiot….

  6. ok i know that but my point is that you'd tap too like Fuck how dont you get that, why would you say "ok fiest off quit tapping like a baby, second stick to judo, seems you know more about that then mma, which isnt saying much"

  7. ok wow i dont live with my mom so stfu you dont knnow me, and thats not how people are where i live so yeah…. its called punching in the face..

  8. when he tries to roll out i just roll with him until were both on our stomachs and the ankle lock is even tighter.. this is still a pretty sweet move though

  9. Where does he get saying there are no leg locks in Judo whatsoever? My grandfather is a black belt in Judo and while he didn't have as many leglocks in his training as a Sambist or catch-wrestler maybe he still had a decent amount. Not to mention in some old manuals with a student of Jigoro Kano, there were Leg Locks. Milfune's "Essence of Judo" had a few in it. So did "Higher Judo" which has extensive Ne-Waza submission based training from way back in the early days before Judo was ever even an Olympic sport.

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