On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez,
with Champion Martial Arts, in Miami, Florida, and today we are going to teach you mixed
martial arts techniques. And out next technique is totally illegal in judo, however it is
a very, very good jujitsu move, it is called the guillotine, this is a defense for whenever
someone goes for the double leg throw on you. He goes for the double leg throw so I bring
my arm right around his neck, it doesn’t matter whether I fall or not so long as I have his
neck under my arm, I’m in good position. I’m going to bring this one, and grab my hands
together, from here I dive back and wrap my legs around his waist, then squeeze back,
he taps out right away, again this is a very painful and dangerous technique, it’s not
something you play with, save this for the dojo, do not do it at home, do not do it out
on the street; one more time.

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