Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Going For the Legs in MMA

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Angel Perez
with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. Today we are going to teach you mixed martial
arts techniques. On our next clip here I’m going to explain to you what in judo is called
gachi, I’m going to go for his legs. This is a very popular jujitsu move. I would show
you how you defend this move. The double leg. I’m going to go for his legs, I’m going to
attach him, throw me over and continue his momentum. He is on top and in full control
of me. In real life speed. Again full control of me. One more time.

16 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts Techniques : Going For the Legs in MMA

  1. yeh another reason is that incident in 1994 where the guy goes for the legs.gets a lil to slow on the throw..and gets his shoulder destroyed
    so yeah..a great move if you know how to use it

  2. I believe these guys are mainly judo guys, but ya, that is a terrible "double-leg". I don't even want to call it that. No set up, no level change, no penetration step, drive, no angle.

  3. nice. this actually a more advance tech required timing and depends on opponent, for beginner. sprawl will work fine. 🙂

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