Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Spinning Rear Kick in Kickboxing

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf of expertvillage.com
I’m at the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts I’m a fighter here as Tony Diaz we would
be demonstrating a couple of techniques today. This one is going to be the spinning rib kick.
This technique is not a traditional Muay Thai technique but we use it regardless because
it could be very effective in fighting and sparring. The way that this kick is used is
I’m going to turn like that, keeping my eyes on my opponent to the last minute and as the
kick comes out I’m going to wipe my head over to the other shoulder and come back to the
kick. So it is very important that you see your target before you kick. If I don’t see
my target before I kick the kick is not going accurate, it is not going to hit the attend
target. Like this. I will miss because I didn’t see my target before I kicked. This could
also be used off of a switch stance was when this is my power leg but, if I want to throw
off the other leg I’m going to have to switch my stance before I do so. So I would switch
here and then start to kick this like I did before. Again this is not a traditional Muay
Thai kick. We don’t teach it as such but, it is effect to be used in sparring: the spinning
rib kick.

25 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Spinning Rear Kick in Kickboxing

  1. Its a deceptive move, it has very little telescope. If its done right you would have very little time to react.

  2. Anything done multiple times and overused will be capitalized on, dont' pretend you said something ground breaking. This kick is a good kick and does a lot of damage due to the muscles used to deliver it, some of the biggest muscles of the body. Look at Sakuraba and Yilmaz who use this kick well. There are kicks that leave you more open than others but I'll still use on occasion. Two kicks I still use are back kick, and spinning heal kick (check Ramon Dekkers and Yilmaz again).

  3. One last thing that needs to be said. Being unorthodox has its advantages. Using tools your opponent dont think you will use, wins matches at times too. Showing your back is used in other moves as well. Spinning back fist comes into mind. Also, following through on a missed roundhouse shows your back. So if anyone is fighting with "useless people" it seems to be you and your TKD friends. Good luck on your training and learn to think outside the box, otherwise you won't make it far.

  4. yeh the kick is worthless even though anderson silva constantly uses it when he defends his mix martial arts championship

  5. You seem to know nothing about the spinning back kick or of fighting. The spinning back kick may be quite hard to execute at first glance, but with proper practice it turns out to be a good weapon.

    And, if you turn your back quick enough that your opponent can't even catch up, then its not worthless. Or are you saying that Cung Le is not a good fighter, and that Sanshou and many other martial arts are worthless?

  6. What you said is quite true, the spinning back kick does (or can) leave you open to receiving a takedown or making one go off balance. I am amazed that you haven't seen a good spinning back kick in high level competitions.

    I guess fighting is just as the law of nature. You have to be fast than your opponent to win.

  7. you're right dude perfect example……david loiseau vs charles mccarthy.awesome spinning backkick which ended the fight!!!

  8. @fredbloggs02 there all form of martial arts.
    thats what everything falls under.

    and that kick is from tak won do

  9. I have seen a lot of training videos, and I can easily say, that expertvillage uploads the shittiest, low level videos. The fighters usually don!t defend themselves while showing the moves, their defense is down. Seriously, you should learn it, before trying to teach it.

  10. i love this kick but its wronggggggg,

    you have to have both your knees next to eaother untill the last second than hit your heel against his chest or belly, this man is swinging his leg this is less effective

  11. @Curatalo506 MUAY THAI! can be applied anywhere dip shit. In the streets of Bancock
    or on an Octogon. Instead of criticising you should be saying thanks for the people who have the time to actually make these videos.

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