Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf of expertvillage.com
I’m here the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts I’m a fighter trained in Muay Thai so
is Sonny Diaz who would be assistanting me here. The technique we are going to show right
now is going to be how to check leg kicks. The thing with leg kicks is that they could
be extremely draining to your opponent. Is Sonny keep landing those leg kicks I will
get to the point you know he’ll keep landing them I will get to the point I could not even
stand anymore. Okay so we have to figure out a way to defend this in Muay Thai and the
way you do it is by checking the kicks. So I’m going to bring my knee up just like that
as he kicks and I’m also going as I’m bringing my knee up I’m want to absorb it on chin and
kind of the side on my shaft there. As he kicks I’m also bring this up, my elbow touching
my knee. Okay because if Sonny was to kick hi I’m use to him kicking low, my leg is starting
to hurt then he is going to know that and he is going to come with a high kick. So it
is very important that I cover up at the same time to avoid that okay. So there is different
ways to checking kicks if he throws his reverse leg I’m going to check here, if he throws
a kick there I’m going to check here and then it is going to opening up a offense of opportunities
for me. Where if he throws the kick I’m going to land and come back over with the right
to the body, right to the head, or come back with the leg kick of my own. So lots of different
options that open up off of the offense technique of checking leg kicks.

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