Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Checking Leg Kicks in Kickboxing

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf of expertvillage.com
I’m here the Arizona Center of Mixed Martial Arts I’m a fighter trained in Muay Thai so
is Sonny Diaz who would be assistanting me here. The technique we are going to show right
now is going to be how to check leg kicks. The thing with leg kicks is that they could
be extremely draining to your opponent. Is Sonny keep landing those leg kicks I will
get to the point you know he’ll keep landing them I will get to the point I could not even
stand anymore. Okay so we have to figure out a way to defend this in Muay Thai and the
way you do it is by checking the kicks. So I’m going to bring my knee up just like that
as he kicks and I’m also going as I’m bringing my knee up I’m want to absorb it on chin and
kind of the side on my shaft there. As he kicks I’m also bring this up, my elbow touching
my knee. Okay because if Sonny was to kick hi I’m use to him kicking low, my leg is starting
to hurt then he is going to know that and he is going to come with a high kick. So it
is very important that I cover up at the same time to avoid that okay. So there is different
ways to checking kicks if he throws his reverse leg I’m going to check here, if he throws
a kick there I’m going to check here and then it is going to opening up a offense of opportunities
for me. Where if he throws the kick I’m going to land and come back over with the right
to the body, right to the head, or come back with the leg kick of my own. So lots of different
options that open up off of the offense technique of checking leg kicks.

45 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Checking Leg Kicks in Kickboxing

  1. blocking w/ the outside of the leg is marginally less painful than getting hit in the thigh and is pretty much done if you can't get your leg up quick enough. in my experience the best way to check is to bring your shin back and make his shin hit your knee. that not only gives you the most protection but can bust his shin up good.

  2. Holy crap! Block a shin kick with your knee!!! I am willing to bet you have never done it. Else you would know how damaging that would be to your knee.

  3. you could, but if your shins aren't conditioned it will hurt, allot, and if u wanna defend against them, (here it comes) block with the shins, (u actualy can block with your ass, but that's not as effective as blocking with the shin, cause the shin block wil be faster

  4. I believe u turn your toes up and outward exposing the soft part of the inside shin.
    Rather than checking bone on bone.
    Not so much a knee rather a lift and roll of the hip.
    Lower part of the leg should be on a outward angle beyond 90 degree so not to have the lower part collapse on impact

  5. i hear a lot of people saying to let them hit the meaty part of your shin. This can work but it still has to be conditioned. You can get mean hematomas on the fleshy outside part of your shin which will hurt like a bitch for a few weeks. Either way condition your legs before getting into any serious sparring involving checking kicks

  6. agreed, i got hit in the side of the knee trying to do that, it's incredibly painful and inhibits your walking for a while after

  7. Everyone watchin this video, take in mind that checking can get u knocked down, if they hit the leg ur standin on as ur checking with the other one.

  8. Elbow touching my knee? I hope you were joking. I'd kick your elbow & probably go through your elbow.
    How about elbow covering knee as well? That would have been much better.

  9. bahaha u can see that guy in the white shirt kick coming a mile away with his little arm flailing thing he does before every kick

  10. @BoyeeMike thats not the proper way to check a kick and checking is not the best way to defend a leg kick compared to what i think is called a cross kick. Anyways if u were to kick some ones elbow that would really hurt thats why in that technique, although he did not do it right, u bring ur knee up to the (inside part of ur elbow.

  11. @BoyeeMike sorry its a counter kick where u kick when u c the kick he is throwing cuz u need to kick from the same side he is kicking from then with that kick u attack the inside of his other leg which also makes him go off balance

  12. This guy is wrong on a bunch of things.One when you shin block you angle your leg out not just straight up. The guy can still hit the side if you lift it straight up.Second you point your toes upward it engages your gaud so if the guy is trying to kick through you can have a strong stance and not to mention the supporting leg should be bent more.then if you shin block a body kick your elbow goes on the outside of the leg not hitting the top because they can kick through your elbow to the body

  13. If you roll with the kick you still turn your leg into the kick taking it to the front. WHY would you still take it on the side. That is the whole porpuse of blocking or rolling. If you are going to get hit take it on the harder part of the muscle which is the front not the side. I think it's awesome people are trying to past knowledge on about thai and they have the drive for it but please learn it correctly. That is how people get hurt, seriously hurt.

  14. thai boxing is super but done by these guys …
    these guys have very low level
    i am a teacher i went 8 times to thailand
    i am world champ but these tecniques are not for beginers,they are donne the rong way mannnnnnnnnnnn

  15. This "Muay Thai fighter" should use someone who can kick properly in his demonstration, instead this guy. And about checking the kick, it would be less of a hassle and have less effect on mobility to just take it on the thigh (flexed and angled outwards), or evade, rather than relaxing and exposing the weaker part of the lower leg and the ankle (like shown here) in hopes of "checking" the kick.

  16. @TheTrollOfTheTube No, you fucking idiot. It is not "less of a hassle" to take it on the fucking thigh. Are you fucking retarded?

  17. hey there, i am also a muay thai kickboxer. I'm not a highly pro fighter but my coach always tells me not to look down when the opponent kicks you…..

  18. He's doing it wrong, you have to bring your knee up and turn it to the site aswell, otherwise you'll get knocked on your feet if he hits too hard

  19. this technique is poor, like previous comments point out, the knee is way to high causing imperfect balance susceptible to being swept easily. Also when checking a kick you have to meet your shin with your opponents shin in essence turning your knee towards the leg kick so your tough shin bone takes the brunt of the force. This is much safer and less painful, oh and your opponent will think twice to kick again. LOL

  20. yeah expert village does have wrong info when it comes to fighting though,I seen one video saying you breath as hard as you can through your nose to control your breathing during a fight for like punching and shit like thatt,dont really see that being true though,what if you have a runny nose? lmfao your fucked

  21. @lootersown Probably judo or jiujitsu. A fundamental thing for safety in those arts is being able to land from falls, so every time I've ever seen people practice, they start with a bunch of breakfalls and rolls.

  22. @98ElectronicMachine If he kicks hard and you lean into the kick, you might not lose balance. You kind of have to match his force, to a degree. If he leaned in super hard here, where the guy is kicking light, he would probably stumble forward. Remember that this is just a training demo, not a full-speed/full-contact video, so the intensity is way down.

  23. can someone plase help me i want to start taking a for mof martial arts one that shows you how to streghthen my bones how to punch harder and how to take hits

  24. They may be doing exercises to break the ice of over-training. Rolls, break-falling, are part of most M.A.s, & practical, & somewhat fun, like other drills (hot potato, etc.). "Could" be, though…

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