Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Advanced Kickboxing Strike Combination

Hi I’m Andrew Bridden here on behalf on expertvillage.com
here at the Arizona Center for Mixed Martial Arts here we have Kyle Reese cage fighter
and Robert Garcia head kick boxing instructor here at the Arizona Center for Mixed Martial
Arts. Right now they are demonstrating some advance striking combination. Kyle is throwing
a combo a 1,2,3 combo of a left hook, follow by a low kick to the leg, followed by a overhand
right. Basically what this is, is in order to keep his opponent off his feet and guessing
to were you are going to attack next you are going to change the level of attacks. Since
the first attack is going to be high with the left hook that gets the defender thinking
of the high attack and then he is going to follow with the kick to the body where he
is not expecting the attack the kick to the leg rather. So now the defender is thinking
wooo his defense are low, he is afraid of getting kicked on the leg which leaves him
open for a over hand right to the head. When put together it goes so fast the defender
can’t possibly see it coming it is called throw it fast now. Again he just constantly
keeping the defender guessing there is numerous combinations like this but, always in kick
boxing you want to go middle, high, low, change the levels.

89 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Muay Thai Kickboxing : Advanced Kickboxing Strike Combination

  1. um i think hes supposed to bring his overhand punch back to his head. not leave out there on the pad.. soon as i seen this i left this page. that is SLOPPY AS!

  2. because thats too fast to see coming ????? wtf lol only punch with right hand after right leg if ur panicing lmao or if u have backed off and coming back in

  3. OMFG… That is the worst display I have ever seen. I could pick this guy apart in Kickboxing/Muay Thai.

  4. Sort of right. I think the problem is his stance is very wide. My guess is he has a modified stance because of a wrestling background.

    The power of that kick comes from the lead foot. That first step is critical in your rotation and getting your hips behind that kick.

    He is not jumping in deep behind his hook, so there is no space for the kick to develop right. Just pause it at 0:53 you'll see he's not stepping in and driving at all.

  5. Fair enough the techniques not perfect but I think it was more about doing a demo on the combo. At least they're brave enough to post, most who give negative comments haven't posted anything and I'd like to see how many negative comments they got if they did. Thumbs up for putting it out there.

  6. no not fair enough the techniques should be at least close to good if they go and call themselves expert village. but this is just terrible this guy looks like a beginner whos bein trainin a few months and then tries to demonstrate how to do a combo on the net.

  7. im sure the low kick is being done wrong it soppose to be in an angle cutting threw after that i dont think a cross should come next but a front kick or nothing at all just back to guard just my opinion

  8. sugar ray , ali , marvin hagler , et al cant fight ? where you been holmes ? and what the fuck has colour got to do with this clip ?

  9. i hope this guy is not your best fighter.!Coz he needs another ten of him to fight me with that performence.!

  10. Obviously hes practicing, showing form. Building muscle memory, you can train speed later in other exercises.

  11. His hook is weak, his leg kick is weak, and his straight right isn't anything to write home about either.

  12. since its a demonstration,strength is not an issue here as the purpose is showing technique.
    although i have to agree his left hook looks a bit dodgy.he is using his arm to much into it instead of his body.
    is the combination good?yes it is in my oppinion but the demonstration of it leaves a bit to be desired.

  13. all these videos are still kickboxing! look how wide the stances of the guy in red are not stepping through punches leaving out his lead leg ! someone show me some high level MMA striking drills plz!

  14. you need a wider stance in MMA than you do in muay thai because of the threat of takedowns.

    Overall, the combo is an ok one though when the coach says your opponent will be scared of getting kicked in the leg again that's BS. Any fighter who drops his hands because of a low kick is a tit.

  15. yeah just gotta make sure ur far away enough to throw that kick b/c if its up close u can get knocked by an overhand right

  16. yes your obviously right theres a few other things hes just not that great and this is your learning time not his
    the "expert" in expert village is usually pretty laughable

  17. basically, the first 2 are fade attempts, its the last hit that counts but you have to make sure you hit that one and back out quick or your a bit difenceless, he should have his left arm underneath the right to protect his stomach area and retreat the right straight right after impact

  18. this is not a good combination. Its incredibly slow and the last punch isnt an overhead right its a right straight. These guys are amateru at best. The footing for this combination guarantees that it wont be very fast even if done properly.
    One star!

  19. Plz people do not try to learn from this video the only thing correct about it is that somehow (only god knows how) he managed to hit the pads

  20. Oh ya he was totally finishing off that combo with and over hand right cause I saw all that swinging in the punch, didn't look like a right cross at all no way

  21. @gotohell11 well then they should keep it to themselves. and if there that good then fuck they shouldnt even be watchin vids.

  22. i mean are you fucking kidding me, that low kick is so so bad, if you make a tutorial vid at least get somebody that can perform well the moves dumb ass

  23. @x1881x
    Not only is he not twisting his left foot, hes also not driving his knee trough and leading the knee. no power, no speed, no damage.

  24. That one is alright, kinda.Better combo…. Try overhand right, left hook to the liver , and then right leg kick. Had a lot of success with this one.

  25. "He 's doing this wrong, he's doing that wrong…."

    Why bother writing on here to only to criticize people – are you that much better?

  26. Im sorry but that left hook is terrible nd he keeps dropping his hands, it doesnt matter if he does it better in a real fight becus this is an instructional video so it shud show not only how to do the technique but how to do it effectively

  27. @TheGreenPlague Not to bash kick boxing, or MMA, but I don't understand why anybody would enter these sports when boxing is where all the money is at. Seems like everybody except the MMA fighter benefits financially.
    Pacquiao started kickboxing. The smartest move he made was to get into boxing.

  28. @TheGreenPlague – Working out to strengthen your body and teaching yourself discipline and self defense is fine, but it would be smarter to get paid while doing something you love doing anyway. Dollars are what pays the bills to keep a roof over your head. So why not add dollars into the equation. It's the smart thing to do.

  29. @TheGreenPlague – You're right.That's why (if you're a boxer) it's imperative to follow the fundamentals of the "sweet science" religiously (Hit and not get hit in return). Unfortunately, most boxers (especially Mexicans) and their fans watch too many Rocky Movies and actually think trading blow for blow like a mindless brute is how a boxer should box. WRONG! As good as Pacquiao is, even he takes too many punches he should avoid. Mayweather, on the other hand is the closest to boxing perfection.

  30. @TheGreenPlague – LOL! You don't believe in money????? OK, Now you're Grand Standing. Dude, come back down to earth. Unless you're homeless and broke, I think you're full of donkey doo. If you didn't believe in money you wouldn't talk about earning it. Why earn it if you don't believe in it. BE REAL, NOT POLITICALLY CORRECT!

  31. My biggest problem is I'm never able to land a punch or kick. And if Im able to land a kick, I land with my toes and hurt them every time.

  32. What do you mean by saying "I'm never able to land a punch or kick"? Does your punches and kicks always get blocked? I don't understand.

  33. its like im always to far out, and my sparing partner always hits me first. The only way i land a kick I hit with my toe, and it hurts me.

  34. i guarantee someone blasts you 4/5 times to the legs after they have been going high you will want to drop your hands i believe this is what he means. I think it's more the student making this look bad then the instructor. throws one bad right and he was nearly off balance haha

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