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[SPEAKING URDU] -Fresh out of the blue,
[INAUDIBLE] from Pakistan, Bashir
“Somchai” Ahmad. -Bashir Ahmad from Pakistan will
have many, many viewers watching on Star Sports in that
part of the world when you’re looking at the man that
they call the pioneer of mixed martial arts in your country. BASHIR AHMAD: The first step. To me, going to [INAUDIBLE] and
competing, it’s the most prestigious event in Asia. It’s the biggest
event in Asia. That kind of sealed the deal
everything else we’d been doing here in Pakistan. It’s like the one chapter, or
maybe one book in the trilogy had finished and now the next
phase is about to begin. That’s how I see it. Ever since I came back, I’ve
been talking with a decent number of sponsors, and people
who are really interested in being involved in the sport. And what I tell them is like now
you have a lot of inertia. You’ve got this subculture, this
community that’s bubbling and it’s got all this energy. Now all we need is just a little
bit of resources to light that match and really
just have things take off. [SPEAKING URDU] -The three judges see it for
your winner, via a unanimous decision, fighting out
of the blue corner, Bashir “Somchai” Ahmad! BASIM USMANI: So Bashir, where
are we headed right now? BASHIR AHMAD: We are going
to the apartment where it all started. BASIM USMANI: Where
it all started? BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah, where
it all started. I lived in this apartment
for about nine months. It was the first MMA
gym in Pakistan and it was also my home. I mean, it was pretty
bare bones. It was just a heavy bag there. And the mats, we made
these homemade mats. We brought in some stuff
from Karachi from an industrial market. We make shoes with these
mats and stuff. Yeah, we just laid them down and
we did jujitsu on them and we also slept on
them at night. I want this to be
a phenomenon. I’d like to guide it in a
certain direction, but other than that, I want people to do
everything on their own. It’s hard initially. Like I said, I just want it to
be a phenomenon that just kind of springs out of nowhere. So here’s the place. And downstairs are the real
estate people who we’re pretty good friends with. [SPEAKING URDU] BASHIR AHMAD: About a year and
a half ago in July, we were restoring a cage on a rooftop
in a neighborhood. It was the only place that we
could find that would fit the cage and we could
afford, really. [SPEAKING URDU] BASHIR AHMAD: Now, this is where
mixed martial arts in Pakistan started. We named this place “The
Office.” We have a name for each of our gyms, and this
one is The Office. Right now, Lahore is the center
of MMA in Pakistan. And it’s cool because I’m
here I get to see everything’s that going on. But it’s not helping speed
up the process for the entire country. Because some of the toughest
guys we have are out in the mountains and the deserts living
their tribal lives. These are some hard,
hard people. Guys who are watching my fight
around the world, like yeah, that’s the Pakistani spirit. I’m covered in blood. And these guys have more
spirit than I do. These guys are killers, man. Once we can bring these guys
out, or guys in Karachi who are in the slums there,
hard, hard dudes. People have been watching
people get shot in their neighborhoods on
a daily basis. And can challenge maybe that
angst, that energy that they have, and turn that negativity
into something positive. We’re going to get some really,
really good fighters out of here. Pakistan can be proud
of Bashir Ahmad. His first fight in 1-FC,
and he’s done a whole nation proud. BASIM USMANI: Lots of people
have been hearing about MMA in Pakistan a lot in the States and
elsewhere, it’s come up on a global scale. But the Vehshi league is a
little bit different in terms of what the VCL is about, if
you could talk about that. What makes it different? What makes it similar? ZUBAIR ASGHAR: Well,
[INAUDIBLE] is the organization in which
we are promoting mixed martial arts. VCL is merely a venue where
we promote competition. So it’s a venue where people
can come together and test their mettle. We’re not just promoting the
sport, we just bring fighters together so they can test
each other out. So we make different rules,
different situations where they can test each other. We don’t want to be just the
same generic set of only mixed martial arts, that’s it. The word Vehshi roughly
translates into wild, or animalistic if you like. But our philosophy isn’t
just to become let loose like an animal. Our philosophy is that in every
single person there is a wild animal, there’s a savagery,
there is an instinct to let a beast out. We have a beast inside of us. But what’s important with our
concept, our philosophy, is that you control that animal. You keep it contained. You let it out when you order
it, but you control it when you order it as well. So our tagline is supposed
to be empowered savagery. [INAUDIBLE] will now begin. In this corner, weighing 60
kilos, coming out a model [INAUDIBLE], Omar Fasra. In this corner, coming out of
Synergy weighing 62 kilos, diamond in the rough,
[INAUDIBLE]. Our next match. In this corner, weighing 74
kilos, turning out at team [INAUDIBLE], we welcome
the Jatt. [SPEAKING URDU] ZUBAIR ASGHAR: The winner,
by one point. -By one point. Ahmad Ahri. [SPEAKING URDU] BASIM USMANI: Yes, that was
a pretty crazy fight. Yeah, did you enjoy that? Yeah, I enjoyed that
quite a bit. Especially the last one. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah. BASIM USMANI: That dude from
Bindi versus The Jatt. BASHIR AHMAD: Jatt, yeah. Jatt Sahb. He’s an old guy on the scene. He’s been doing Wu-Shu for a
while, so he’s got a decent amount of experience and he’s
in very good shape. BASIM USMANI: He’s
a gold medalist? BASHIR AHMAD: I don’t know. He likes to talk a lot. He’s one of those guys who
likes to talk a lot. He’s a gold medalist. Probably bodyguard to Benazir
and Musharrif and been doing martial arts since partition,
you know? Stuff that doesn’t really
add up type of thing. Yeah, he’s a nice guy, he just
likes to talk a lot. BASIM USMANI: Where
are we headed now? BASHIR AHMAD: We are headed to
what is known as a dungle. A dungle is like in traditional
kushti or kilwani, it’s just like a competition. This is one of the
smaller ones. This is like the junior guys
who are up and coming where they’ll be competing. Oftentimes we’ll have an old
city, you’ll fill up a stadium with 6,000-7,000 people
on a weekend just to come watch wrestling. This is the hot bed of wrestling
in the country and we’ve worked with wrestlers
before. In fact, when I first arrived
here, I made a beeline to the ekartas and established
relationships with them. And one thing that I hope to
come out of MMA spreading in Pakistan is also a resurgence
of the wrestling culture. That’s something I’m really
sad to see in its decline. So this is my wrestling
coach, Nadeem Nam. He’s a good part of
the MMA scene here for a number of years. And he’s one of the very
few coaches that I have complete trust in. BASIM USMANI: How long have
you been coaching? NADEEM NAM: I think from the
beginning, I was coaching since last two years. And during the fight, I coach
him for two or three months. Then the wrestling behind us, I
set traditional [INAUDIBLE] mud all the way from Pakistan. It gets some mud wrestling,
we can say mud wrestling. It’s only in Indian Punjab
and Pakistan Punjab so our tradition. You can say it’s the second
most favorite sport in Pakistan after cricket. In the traditional wrestling,
it’s to just pin once and the fight is over. BASIM USMANI: And a
pin is when both shoulders are on the ground? NADEEM NAM: Both shoulders. Sometimes the shoulders
are not on the ground. But you are in the danger
position, the fight is over. [SPEAKING URDU] BASIM USMANI: Man,
fuck, what a day. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah,
what a long day. BASIM USMANI: So what’s going
on now at the gym? BASHIR AHMAD: We’ve got
a smoker going on. We have submission, grappling,
boxing, kick boxing, MMA, and it’s just all for new guys
to get some experience. BASIM USMANI: All right,
let’s check it out. BASHIR AHMAD: All right,
let’s check it out. I feel a lot of momentum. I feel a lot excitement with
people who are really happy that we got represented
out there. The most common thing that I
hear is that people were really, really happy to
see the flag raised. That is by far the most common
comment that I’ve heard. And that actually really
touches me. Because if they’re like, oh,
we’re so happy that you won, that’s just about me. But when they said that we’re
most happy when the flag was raised, that means that I really
touched, well not me, but that situation touched a
lot of people’s hearts and hopefully inspired a lot of
people and gave people pride. Because when I went in there,
that’s what I was telling a lot of the journalists. I want to make 180 million
people happy– that’s the main thing. Because over here, you’ve been
here, the guys who’ve been filming all this, they see
power’s going out, traffic is crazy, country’s not
in good shape. So anything I can do to put a
smile on peoples’ face and make them feel proud of their
country, that’s the best thing ever. -Take him down! BASHIR AHMAD: Your whole
existence here is an existence of frustration. Oh, there’s no more water
in the tanky. OK, you go down to turn
on the motor which brings the water up. The motor’s not working
because the frigging plug’s fried. Got to do a whole little thing,
have this trail of wires from all these extension
cords going from the roof down to the motor and then
the power goes out. We’ve trained by candlelight
in here before. We’ve trained by mobile
phone light. Everyone’s like, OK, power’s
gone out, everybody turn your mobiles on, and put them all
over the place and we just keep going on training. BASHIR AHMAD: We are in Lahore,
Pakistan, and we’re about to witness Pak
Fight Club 3. Right now today I’m kind
of busy getting all this stuff together. We’ve got a small MMA community
that’s growing. And we’ve got a die-hard
group that we help organize the events. So this is the cage of the first
MMA Cage and Box Fight. And we have eight fights
tonight, four of which are going to be in a bantam weight
tournament for the first Pak Fight Club bantam
weight champion. And it’s looking good. Things are getting better
year by year. Organization is getting
better. The amount of people that
we have to help us is getting better. Resources are getting
better, and so is exposure and awareness. So we’ll see how tonight
turns out. To get a background on whats
going to happen tonight. So you are fighting– ULOOMI SHAHEED: [INAUDIBLE] Shah. BASHIR AHMAD: [INAUDIBLE] Shah. And what happened last time? ULOOMI SHAHEED: [INAUDIBLE] he got a bit cocky and started
running after him [? with my ?] hands down. Spins, and– BASHIR AHMAD: And he
gets knocked out. Yeah, I was there. I was reffing. It did, it looked like he
got shot with a gun. I was like, no way. Is he going to get back up? ULOOMI SHAHEED: And I was
to stop the fight. So what’s going to
happen tonight? ULOOMI SHAHEED: No
predictions. You cannot say anything, because
I’m prepared, he’s prepared, and we’ll see
whatever happens. [SPEAKING URDU] BASHIR AHMAD: I began my
professional MMA career here in Pak Fight Club. My first professional fight
was in Pak Fight Club. And Pak Fight Club is a way
for many of these new guys coming up to work their way up
the international ladder and possibly fight and want
to see themselves. In fact, our bantam weight
tournament tonight, the winner of the tournament, which will
be determined at Pak Fight Club 5, will get, along
with a championship belt, a 1-FC contract. So that should give us an
added incentive to the fighter’s tonight in the bantam
weight tournament. Right now Fasan is
wasting his time. Magar knows this, he’s
going to relax. He’s going to get his head out
and this is probably in a rear naked show. That’s what I’m foreseeing. -I mean, not saying anything
bad about Fasan, but we’ve seen this happen a lot,
especially with [INAUDIBLE]. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah, exactly. And as I was talking about in
the earlier fights, this is a position we see too much of. This guy’s holding onto
his head and there’s somebody on his back. We really should be thinking
about something else. -It’s over. [INAUDIBLE] predicted. BASHIR AHMAD: It’s not going
to take too long. -Yeah. Magar has– oh, he’s actually
doing it with one hand. Yeah, exactly. OK, quick night for Magar
and his opponent. That’s his signature
winning move. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah. All right, so are you
excited [INAUDIBLE]? -Yeah, I’m looking forward
to this fight. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah, I’m pretty
excited for this one. -Always seems focused. I mean, we can’t see
[INAUDIBLE] I bet both guys are focused. -Ready? Fight! BASHIR AHMAD: Let’s go! -Always coming out on top. BASHIR AHMAD: [INAUDIBLE]
is confident. -He’s gotten kind of cocky. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah,
king of cocky. I mean, sometimes it works,
sometimes it doesn’t. -Yeah. It could mess up his opponent. And you can see the
crowd going wild. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah. -Whoa. Oh, good take down
defense on that. BASHIR AHMAD: I was going to say
is that you’re going down, but no, he didn’t go down. Just got to move the outside–
look, he’s outside. There you go! Just like that. Just like that. OK, now he’s going after him. Now we’re going to see– last time I was actually pretty
impressed with Oveis’ ground game. And surprised that Umi
wasn’t being more dominant on the ground. On his last fight in DCL, too,
he kind of was in a bit of a bad spot and came from behind. -He may pull off a doozy. Total domination by
Umi right now. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah, so
far, definitely. Definitely. Ali, no controversy. -I know. I know. I just want him to
defend himself. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah. No, but I’m saying don’t stop
it until you see somebody going out. -Yeah, I know. BASHIR AHMAD: OK? Thrusting forward. Oh! Yeah, yeah. Oh! Nice superman punch. And I think Ois is hurt. Ois is hurt, man. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah,
definitely. Oh! -I think this fight, yeah– BASHIR AHMAD: This fight
is over, yeah. -All right, that sells it. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah. Is that the round
or the fight? -Uh, it’s the fight. BASHIR AHMAD: No, no,
it’s the round. -Oh, it’s the round. BASHIR AHMAD: It’s the round. -Round three. -All right, this is the
third and final round. -Are you ready? Are you ready? Fight! BASHIR AHMAD: [INAUDIBLE] is the
one who’s going to pull it out of nowhere, you know? -Oh, he didn’t hurt
him [INAUDIBLE]. BASHIR AHMAD: He’s hurt. Yeah, he’s definitely hurt. This looks like it might
be close to being over. -He’s not intelligently
defending himself. He’s just like going, oh, OK. BASHIR AHMAD: Yeah! -Cheers for this guy
[INAUDIBLE]. All of you know [INAUDIBLE]. And those of you who don’t know,
this guy is the sole reason for all this right
here [INAUDIBLE]. Bashir Ahmad is like another
brother to me. He’s like [INAUDIBLE] for me. So thank you very
much, Bashir. BASHIR AHMAD: No, thank you. -I love you, [INAUDIBLE]. BASHIR AHMAD: I love you, too. OK, so you got to see
what’s going on with MMA here in Pakistan. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Spread the word. We need the MMA community’s
support. We need the Pakistani
community support. And enjoy the show. Bye bye.

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