“Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts” with UFC Champ Chris Weidman

– Hi, I’m UFC fighter Chris Weidman, and welcome to Mixed
Martial Arts and Crafts. (upbeat, playful music) ♫ Fighting and art ♫ What a blast and a half ♫ It’s Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts ♫ – Let’s art. Today we learn how to make a pop up card while subduing a vicious opponent. You’ll need construction paper, tape, scissors, glitter paper, X-acto knife, opponent that wants to take your head off. (growl) (bell tinging) And colored pencils. Let’s get started. (chiming) Step one, vertical fold. Take your construction paper and make a nice fold down the middle. Hmm, I like that. Now at this point, you’re gonna wanna side step your opponent for a nice hip toss. (thumping) (loud thud) You got it. See how the corners line up so nicely, now that’s looking sharp. (ting) (chaa) (chiming) Step two, superman punch. (referee whistle) Oopsy daisy, we have to make sure the
scissors are out of the way. Safety first. (lighthearted music) (loud thud) (painful groan) Crunch. Now it’s time to make the card. (chiming) Step three, cut and fold pop up tabs. Now you wanna cut and
fold your pop up tabs. Oh that’s nice. (chiming) Step four, it’s time to
cut some neat shapes. Octagons have eight sides. It’s the octopus of shapes. (chiming) Step five, assemble the card with tape. Almost ready to put it all together. What fun we’re having. (chiming) Step six, don’t get blood on the card. (loud thud) (clatter) Yaoie zaowie, that was a close one. (chiming) Step seven, decorate to
your heart’s content. Yep, that’s the good stuff. (chiming) (upbeat music) Voila, feel free to use
any finishing touches. Personally I like to use the great glue to give it some zass. Or if you’re feeling spicy, I like to use the rear naked choke. (grunting) He’ll be out for a few minutes but you’ll have these innovative
invitations for a lifetime. ♫ Mixed Martial Arts – See you next time. ♫ And Crafts ♫

46 thoughts on ““Mixed Martial Arts & Crafts” with UFC Champ Chris Weidman

  1. Superman punch to an opponent on the ground doesn`t make a whole lot of sense, but funny nonetheless 😀

  2. Obviously from all the new skills Weilman's learning his next fight's outcome will be vary different from his last 😀
    … Arts & Crafts aside 😀

  3. its like Martha Stewart with a penis. Glad you're opening up 2 new career ideas after you get back your belt from Fluke Cuckhold

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