Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Target Areas in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: Hi. So I’m going to show you on
an actual person the distance and is the actual techniques and target areas where I’m trying
to hit ’em. I’d like to introduce Mychal Clark is a former–I mean, a current professional
mixed martial arts fighter. So here’s the–here’s our basic stance, first of all, I want to
make sure that I have the right distance. Of I can touch his gloves, I’m actually in
the correct distance to punch him, to kick him or actually even take down which we’ll
go into later. So the first thing I’m going to show is the punches, this is the jab. So
I’m directing the jab into two places, either the body or to the chin, okay? Second one
is the right cross. Right cross to the chin, right cross to the body, okay? Third one is
a left hook, left hook to the chin, left hook to the body, okay? And the fourth one I’m
going to show is an uppercut which is can be the right-left uppercut, same with the
hooks to the body, that can be either arm, okay? This is to be the right hook, this is
the left hook, this is a left uppercut, this is a right uppercut, okay? Now as far as my
elbows, my elbows are going to come over the top to his chin, boom. This one I have to
be when I execute my elbows, I have to be a little bit closer, my left elbow will be
here, this side of the jaw. Shh, right, left, okay? Now going to the knees, the lower body,
okay, my switch knee, like I said, my little hop, I’m going to put it right into his stomach.
That’s where I’m throwing my knee, I’m going to try and–this is my target, the solar plexus.
Shh, shh, okay, my right leg is same spot, okay? My roundhouse kicks, I’m going to throw
’em to the legs first and work my way up. Inside leg kick, outside leg kick, body shot,
boom, right leg roundhouse kick to the body another side, and of course my head kick,
shh, shh, high to the head. Okay, my push kick that I showed was right here, if he walks
at me a little bit, I push and keep him away, either leg, shh.

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  1. -halfpound92- The right round house looked good- in muay thai the right hand swings down and back because it's part of generating the force,it also works as a counter balance, then the left hand comes up due to the positioning of the body. watch any fight and you'll see this. The left RH was definitly sloppy though.

  2. tottaly agree. Also quick note on that video a "Push Kick" He kicked with his top foot – i swear you connect with your heel.

  3. yeah some party are realy good,
    but NEVER do that push kick like he does
    your toes will crush an you won´t be able to walk anymore!

  4. o my god you must be like the supidest guy i´ve ever talked too xD
    i posted my comment on monday, thats 2 days ago
    yours came on tuesday, that 1 day ago.

  5. how do you deffend agenst a guy bigger than me please tell me im being bullyed today i got realy badly beat up by him

  6. Kick him in the nuts then give him a bully beatdown! That always works! But then the next day you will have to go in hiding! LOL

  7. see thats why people like you get there asses beat in a fight by a little guy. every man is dangerous. you don't know him. so shut your mouth.

  8. and that see thats why people like you get your asses beat on a regular basis, because you couldnt understand a simple, good humored joke.

  9. Wtf maan ? u have watch to many movies.

    If size dident matter, why would they have weight classes ?
    To be honest, if u weight 70 kg and u go in to a fight against a guy on 110 kg. U problaby lose even though u training martial art for years. Size does matter.

  10. ok in a sense size does and does not matter. yes they do have sepearate weight classes for like prof boxers and stuff to be only fair. but in a real street fight. its all in how fast u move and where u hit a nikka. i weigh 140 lbs trust my hands are quick and i am throwin head shots straight to the temples. i just gotta make sure if im fighting a 200 lbs dude that he dont hit my ass. but i knocked a big dude out before…. but if he was to get a hold of me man my ass would have got beat down.

  11. Furthermore, smaller guys usually have more aggressive styles and unexpected movements. Those people who just watch sports on TV and think of these as real fights will never know such things though.

  12. .i made a new account and i decided to show people wat mma is all about. i am a boxer and a juijitsu white belt, im going to give people a chance to see me grow as a mixed martial artist. ill be bloging and posting my training sessions and tournements, come subscribe and watch me grow as a person, watch me grow as a mixed martial artist with Renzo Gracie and Gleasons boxing gym."

  13. this guy sucks there is too many free spots when u punch in those poistions and areas for example that punch to the jaw can be easily flicked down then a hook to the free side into the ribs

  14. no its as many or as little disiplines as the fighter wants combined to take the best parts of one martial art and combine them with another and another and another ect….

  15. Round house kick my favorite and most powerful kick! 😀 Nice demonstration. I thought i was gonna see you demo in real speed too.

  16. Push kick isn't use much in mma cause of grapplers are always going for the legs and that technique makes for a easy take down.

  17. you aren't suppose to hold your hands up as you normally would when you throw a kick…
    when you throw a left lowkick, swing your left arm back to get maximum rotation but keep your left shoulder up to protect your chin and your right hand to protect your left side of the face cuz you turn your head with the kick and if you do so correctly, your right side is facing away from your opponent so no need to protect that, just the left side

  18. Biggest mistake in a street fight is to kick high, ESPECIALLY this guy being so short, he lost balance. If I caught his leg I'd hold it and take a step back and he'd tear up his hamstrings and groin and all I did is stepped back. Being short using close range weapons like elbows with this tall guy is suicide. This is what we call a 'banana ":)

  19. The little guy is a banana. High kicks are cool and flashy if you pull it off with timing but a risk if u risk assess it, it might not be worth it ":)

  20. It's ok if you pull it off quick enough but I find in street & military self defence that it isn't really employed, you give too much of your balance away and you commit a longer weightier part of your extension and takes longer in reach but every fighter is different so what works for one isn't necessarily gonna work for another.

  21. I'd rather assume my opponent has an ability to fight well so I will keep it to basics, gain and maintain the initiative, mess 'em up decisively than lose my footing, that's all I'm saying ":)

  22. Generally they are risker but also 'stronger'. You have to be (or end up) very close to make contact. As for stronger it depends on the type of punch/ puncher's size & frame. The elbow is a stronger joint (if used correctly, obviously it has limitations based on which way its bending) compared to a fist which has lots of little, easily broken bones.

  23. you think its that easy …remember that they dont just stand their waiting for the punches. you gotta be quick wit it and you gotta watch out for the opponents strikes as well

  24. lool. i hate kicking. especially that high in full on fights
    forget fights. i dont like kicking that high just to kick.
    but in a full on fight what if they grab ur leg and decide to kick your inner leg extremly hard. && if your a man, then your jewels = :O then you have some mid air split… my imagination hurts me sometimes lool

  25. haha depending on who your fighting or whatever i think you would probably still try and use the skill and throw some other stuff in there as Rokshii said some ppl will aim for the jewel's and like me if someone is way bigger and i know im gunna get my ass whooped or not even bigger like any person that i know i would probably lose agaisnt im aimin for crap that hurts

  26. that 'leg push' at the end is really easy to counter. my brother did it to me (play fighting) and i grabbed the heal and thew him onto the couch 😀

  27. @KSEKOLAKIThe So that he can throw in a fast kick, or roll back onto that foot, and slide into a quick back-step to avoid an attack.

  28. @spaceyy06 14 i think thats when im starting. there shouldn't be an age to start martials arts specially as you can already do boxing at like12 or something.

  29. hey guys could some one tell me what mixed martial arts includes, is it all the different fightin techniques like puches, kickes, throws, submissions and that kind of thing?

  30. @armyman5391 thats correct sir.Many people dont know abt martial art thats why they dont know how to show repect to an martial artist.they watch ufc nd think they know everything abt martial art

  31. i have no bloody clue or skills… hell i dont even watch this on tele but i,m going into the cage with someone at work on wed any tips .. i just didnt want to say no lol

  32. he provides a good basic demo of kicks and punches'when you are used to throwing power kicks with momentum it is much harder to slow them down for demo purposes. I started muay thai years ago incorporating ground fighting just for self defence and excersise

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