Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Takedown in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: So I’m going to show my entry
once again off of my punches. This is my one, two as I showed before. I’m going to one,
two, I’m going to lower my level, change my level, notice I’m down like I’m squatting,
okay? Now I’m going to take a penetration step with my lead leg, right here, between
his legs. I’m going to pop him in the solar plexus or the belly button with my shoulder,
if I can, that way I know I’m deep enough. If I’m this like this where my back’s bent
over, this is not good, he can sprawl on me and I’m in big trouble. But if I’m here right
under him, this is good, okay? So, my lead leg, I lowered my level, my lead leg is in-between
his legs. I bring my trail leg up, okay, I’m going to step out with my lead leg, okay?
And I’m using my head on the other side, under his left armpit, I’m going to push him and
take him down, and then I end up with in what’s called side control. Okay, so after I took
him down here, I’m going to take my left arm out, and now I’m in what’s a position called
cross-body or side control. Now from here I can actually go for a submission on his
arm or on his neck, or I put a knee in the belly they call right here and I do striking
his face, this is where the ground-and-pound comes in.

51 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Takedown in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. thx,
    i didnt know you were suppose to ram your shoulder into his hip,
    i just kinda shot at his legs lol…..

  2. you should really take a much more aggressive step with your rear leg to push the take down and close distance.

  3. @MCYungFlip I totally agree homie,and when i say fuck street fighters i mean fuck the ones that think that "all that kung-fu ufc shit dont work".FUCK STREET FIGHTERS!

  4. y do ppl call it 'cage fighting', its fuckin mixed martial arts, I hate when ppl say cage fighting, wtt about pride fc is it 'cage fighting' fuckin idiots

  5. That does not work against trad chinese arts like Chen Taiji or Isingi.
    However your vids are very professionally presented and the content very worth watching.
    Keep it up

  6. @blokskebeton its called a double leg takedown and was used in wrestling long before rugby was ever even invented ignorant fuck

  7. @Hitler1634 Is pride even still running? No its not you dumbfuck. cage fighting is a perfectly proper term, I dont even remeber the last time ive seen MMA on TV in a ring instead of a cage

  8. @ducttapemasterful do you know how to do a proper sprawl? Obviously not, try take a BJJ class before you say shit like that to people who have been training since before you were even born

  9. @Kaj97051 wow, u made ur self look stupid in ur comment, nothing bad I can say about u yank that will top that

  10. @Hitler1634 Dream is the only organization still useing a ring, your comment was so uneducated I thought I wouldnt even need to mention it, didnt think you would even know what dream is, and btw, am i the idiot or is the kid who cant even spell right correctly?? And when is the last time you saw dream on TV in North America?

  11. @hazard2000 oi lil boy, u r so stupid I cant believe it, I know y cus ur a YANK thats explains so much, its obvious that u r a fuckin illiterate and u dont know shit about MMA or martial arts or anything, and ur not worth it u fuckin yank, nation of fat and stupid

  12. @Hitler1634 your the stupid one, im no yank, I was born in england and trained Judo and taekwondo from 9-13 years of age, than I moved to canada so my dad could help build the Canada Arm that is used in space, about a month after I moved to montreal I started kickboxing and japanese ju-jitsu, I trained both for two years and im currently on my 4th year of kickboxing, im almost 18, probably older than you dumbass. and since less than 1% of MMA fans dont do martial arts, I highly doubt you do.

  13. Oh dear god, this guy needs to go back to high school wrestling; that was the worst blast double I've ever seen; and when you cut the corner, going to the side opposite of your own head is just asking to get sprawled on

  14. oohhh haahahahha when he do thats to me it is eazy for me to do thats some one like thats ……. you can put elbow in his back ahahahahah am AZN BOY HAAHAHHAAHAH?????????????//

  15. @jeetkunedo117 if you get 2 jabs straight to the face then get taken down right after, you dont have the time to respond to the takedown…

  16. @noesomhelst yeah well for me, after training in the different styles and gyms i have, im expecting the set up like that. so i wouldnt make the mistake of putting my hands down. but i do agree with you thats why that tactic works so well for people who dont expect it. But from my experiences there is always a way out, a counter, or a defense for something. it all depends on situation. But yeah dont get me wrong im not bashing on this move or saying it wont work .

  17. @jeetkunedo117 yeah, sure.. i agree with you to.. everything i possible.. a trained fighter could see it comming and get a defense up, but a normal guy would most likely get taken down. do the same trick several times, and you are bound to fail!

  18. For the people that are saying elbow to the back of the head or neck… this is for Mixed Martial Arts not street fights this is for MMA fights that have some very strict rules. If you want to use in a real fight that tech. is still good but all you would have to really do is add to it to protect yourself better an not get hit in the back of the head.

  19. I am watching 11 seconds and he is already doing something wrong, NEVER LOWER YOUR LEVEL LIKE THAT… pause at :11 seconds and look how easy it would be for kimbo right there to knee him in the jaw if you want to get away from his punches either lean back or back peddle

  20. @D3m0nReborn Oh!, really? because I took a seminar with Cain Velazquez in Mexico City, and he said exactly the same about lowering our level. But, you say it's wrong. What's the right way master?

  21. @aJaday420 Well here's my stand. I took TKD for years and enjoyed it very much, however it is not very effective simply because it's outdated. Our generation is infinitely more intelligent than those 3 and 4 gens back, with intelligence comes brain processing, speed, and coordination. Don't believe me? Watch Bruce Lee films and Jet Li films, or a parkour video. Don't believe me still and consider that every couple decades IQ tests are re averaged so your average person scores 100.

  22. @aJaday420 I like TKD a little still, but the days of block THEN punch are over. You may say that some Masters teach to block and strike at the same time, but it's because those are the new adapting teachers. As a martial art however it isn't made as easily to adapt to the simultaneous need as much as say Muay Thai. It is adapting, but from my experience in multiple arts and many competitions, not fast enough.

  23. @mrkiky Well I'm not going to try and show you, because it wouldn't take long. Maybe you could learn a little bit about how intelligent you and your generation really are by researching on the topic yourself. Otherwise, it's fine if you don't believe me.

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