Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Sprawl in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: So I demonstrated on taking a
shot under his punches off of my punches. Now I’m going to do the same thing, I’ll do
it off my punches, I’m going to take a shot first and then he’s going to do what’s called
a sprawl, it’s defensive posture that he’s going to do by kicking his legs back and outing
his weight right onto my head, okay. So we’ll do it slow, I’m doing a one, two, I take my
shot, he’s going to sprawl out, yes. Okay, notice his arms, he can have his arms under
my arms, called the [SOUNDS LIKE] cow catch, okay? So he has better control of me, okay?
Once again, I’m going to do it one, two, take my shot, he’s going to sprawl out, with his
arms under my arms, underhooks what it’s called. He’s got underhooks under my arms, okay. The
reason being for the sprawl is look at his legs, I cannot reach his legs, all his weight
is on me now, this makes it very uncomfortable for the bottom guy. Okay, I really have no
options but to either circle him, get out from under him or back up again, stand back
up and start all over again, okay? So again, my objective is to take him down, defensive
objective is not to be taken down. Okay, so he’s the stand up guy, I’m the wrestler, I’m
trying to take him down, shh, shh, shh, he’s going to sprawl on me, bam! He’s punching,
I’m trying to take him down, there is his sprawl, okay? His legs are back, all his weight
was on top of my head, shoulder area to make me feel very uncomfortable, giving me only
a couple options which is either to circle around him, get out from underneath him, or
back up and stand back up and start all over again.

20 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Sprawl in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. @neutrino78x-Actually Bruce Lee didn't like to use headkicks. One of the main principals of JKD is no high kicks.

  2. @RebelWrestler45-And in JKD there are sprawls, yes Bruce Lee knew what a sprawl was and in certain situations knew how to get off his back and even taught a lot of submission and grappling control techniques; especially in the clinch. An average MMA wrestler jock would probably get knocked out by Bruce Lee. His skill level in general is far above any average person. There is someone who was holding a focus mitt for Bruce Lee's straight lead and had their arm broken as a result.

  3. @ddog0804 i think first u should watch 'never back down' and watch how they prevent takedowns, its a movie. secondly, i think if they try goin for ur legs, u should try grabbing them near the waist and put them down, nd finish of the fihgt. sory if this aint much help 🙂

  4. I think the sprawl shown here is inneffective. The sprawler should be driving his hips out and having his legs farther back (if you butt is in the air, the person shooting can just drive through). The underhook will help with that, but it is better to drive your hips forward aswell.


  5. this is a queston I have, if your sprawling and you get an advantage and your on top of him can you choke him out

  6. @dazmaster22 if his weight is still pushing towards you, and hes still around thigh height, you can try to go for a guillotine and swing your legs forward into guard

  7. When someone takes you down most of the time their head is down, so forget eye gouges. A knee would just make you off balance and let them grab your leg for a single. I'f the knee strike worked, they'd use it in MMA.

  8. I've been doing martial arts for 10 years and the was one of the most well said and intelligent things i've ever heard about martial arts. Epic respect.

  9. as a matter of fact, the minute they get into fight stance, snap-kick to the groin..from there its a million things you could do.

  10. Feet doesn't need to be planted because the person on bottom can work you back to your feet, you want your feet up so you slide and waste your opponents energy

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