Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Clinch in Mixed Martial Arts

ED WEDDING: Here I have Musa Tolliver, who’s
also professional, current professional mixed martial arts fighter. We’re going to show
a basic entry of the punches. Musa’s going to punch Mychal, the jab-cross, basic one-two.
Mychal’s going to parry and come into a tight clinch, okay? Here we go. Right there, jab,
cross. Notice Mychal parry-parry. Now he’s going to go into what’s called a running-man
knees, boom, bringing the legs back; every time he knees, he’s winding up. Nice and slow
guys. So, one, he parries, two, he parries again, he goes behind the head with the right
arm and the left and now he’s going to execute, one and two knees. Okay, so now what he did–what
these guys did is about a little bit closer. Okay, now they’re a little bit to the knee
range where you could actually execute a couple different types of punches, uppercuts, body
shots or you could actually go for a takedown from here. So now we’re–the guy is actually
more vulnerable, each one of them to a takedown because they’re actually a little bit closer
from this range, but I just wanted to show the offensive techniques from this range.
Okay, once again, one, two, knee, knee, good, now stay right there. Now what’s going to
happen here is Mychal has the knees offensively but Musa offensively has punches. So Musa’s
could be showing body shots and uppercuts in-between the arms, overhand right, good,
left hook, okay. So this is his offense from inside the clinch, so he’s not so to say–sort
to speak, neutralized all the way as far as offensively striking techniques. He actually
has a couple of techniques that he could execute also from the tight clinch they call it. Okay,
so one more time, jab, cross, slow, jab, cross, parry, parry, Mychal with his knees, one and
two then Musa’s going to throw his punches to the body and uppercuts, whatever he wants
to do, you can see the opening, he can feel the openings, just like that.

5 thoughts on “Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Clinch in Mixed Martial Arts

  1. lol can sumone plz find me a link for how to do a clinch cuz in the gym i do the basic combo perfect apart from the end wid the clinch and knees. This is not helping i tried this and my instructor made me do ALOT of extra abbs exercises so plz dont screw me again with these cheap vidz.

  2. you can avoid them being able to hit back above the body if you lock your forearms and elbows into their chest and close the gap between ur chest and their head.. personally i thought that was very very basic in a muay thai clinch :/ also doing that makes it ALOT harder for them to escape

  3. @rooster26730 5 months mma 😉 plus 3 years karate, 2 years bjj and a little bit of muay thai (prob 2 months lol).. but yeah i train next to and occasionally with professional fighters.. few even lucky enough to make it into the ufc.. i know a very weak clinch when i see one.. surely you agree this isnt a good clinch..

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