Mike Tyson’s historic fight against Buster Douglas deserves a deep rewind

– It’s February 11th, 1990, Korakuen Stadium in Tokyo, Japan. It’s the 10th title defense
for the undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion of
the world, Mike Tyson. His opponent is 42-to-one
underdog Buster Douglas, and virtually no one in this building outside of the men in Douglas’ corner believe he has any shot to win this bout. Most never even expected him
to get out of the first round, but in defiance of all odds
we’re here in the 10th, and neither fighter has a clear lead. It is a monumental accomplishment that Buster Douglas has lasted this long. But to understand why we need to rewind. (graceful music) Buster Douglas has fought
his heart out tonight. He has not only survived in the ring with Mike Tyson for 10 rounds, but he has dominated enough of them to have a legitimate
chance of being crowned the heavyweight champion if
this fight goes the distance. For an idea of just how unlikely
this current situation is, look no further than its
location, Tokyo, Japan. – To test the theory, the
ticket buyers on foreign shores will purchase what Americans seem increasingly
unwilling to shell out for, apparent mismatches for Mike Tyson. – This fight was so lopsided that American audiences
wouldn’t pay to watch it. Only one casino would
even take bets on it, raising the odds all the way to 42-to-one before they managed to
get wagers on Douglas. To put those odds in perspective when Cassius Clay, later
known as Muhammad Ali defeated Sonny Liston in
1964, it was a historic upset. The odds on that fight, seven to one. This fight is not meant to be competitive. It’s a tune up to get Mike
Tyson ready for the real fight, a matchup against the number one contender Evander Holyfield, who’s ringside tonight to watch his next opponent. Promoters are so sure a new champion won’t be crowned tonight that Holyfield already has
a $12 million guarantee to fight Tyson later in the year. The hope is that maybe, just maybe, the undefeated Holyfield would
have a chance to take down the giant he has come to watch tonight. Mike Tyson has been at the
top of the boxing world since 1986, when he became the
youngest heavyweight champion in the history of the sport. Bulldozing his way through
champion Trevor Berbick and ending the fight in the second round. Four years and nine title defenses later, he has been so dominant
that fans are left wondering if anyone can beat him. If you’re wondering how
Tyson has been lately, well, two of his last three fights have ended in a minute and a half. In 1988, Tyson faced off against Lineal Heavyweight
Champion Michael Spinks. Both fighters entered the ring undefeated and the boxing world believed that if Mike Tyson was ever to
lose, this would be the fight. Donald Trump spent a record $11 million to host it at his Atlantic
City Convention Hall, and it became the highest
grossing fight of all time. With the world watching, the
fight ended in 91 seconds. The question is, how is it possible that Douglas does any better? The answer is no one expects him to. – …Merchant, Larry what
are we about to see? Another 92nd annihilation? – [Larry] This fight is
over before it begins or soon thereafter. – [Narrator] Mike Tyson 31-and-O, has never even been knocked down, and his average number
of rounds per title fight is the lowest ever by a large margin. But Buster Douglas didn’t let any of that shake his confidence. – [Announcer] Douglas
insists that he’s going to shock the world in this fight. – [Commentator] He would
shock most of the world if he could make it
into the middle rounds. – [Narrator] Shocked
is exactly how everyone feels right now. Many tried to guess how many
minutes Douglas would last, let alone How many rounds, but here we are in the 10th
Douglas 29, four-in-one is ranked two, three and four by the major boxing organizations. The number one contender in all three is the man ringside with a
contract already in place to be Tyson’s next
fight, assuming he wins. So how did Douglas get this
title shot in the first place. James Buster Douglas is
the son of former boxer Bill Douglas, who trained
him to start his career. A string of three wins in 1986 gave him a shot at the vacated
IBF Heavyweight Championship. He lost to Tony Tucker in 10 rounds and then made the decision to part ways with his father as his trainer. The pressure of fighting in his shadow had finally taken its toll
and it was time to move on. It was a decision that rippled
through his family life, but one that ultimately paid dividends. Douglas went on a six fight win streak including one against
former heavyweight champion and Tyson victim, Trevor Berbick. His win streak led to the opportunity to be Tyson’s punching bag
on Route two Holyfield. Douglas is at the top of his game, but it has not been
without some huge hurdles in the lead up to this fight. When his mother Lula found
out how vicious of a man her son was going to enter the ring with she implored him to reconsider. He convinced her he could win, and she started to believe he would. But 23 days before the fight, Lula Douglas died of a
stroke at the age of 47. In the wake of this tragedy, along with the mother of his child suffering from a severe kidney problem, some thought Douglas might
pull out of the fight, but he continued to train and aimed to be in the
best shape of his life. To start the fight, it looks like he is. – [Commentator] I’m surprised
at Buster moving so well. – [Narrator] His movement
is quick and fluid despite being on antibiotics for the flu the week of the fight, he is
aggressive, and it’s working. – [Commentator] That was
a good round for Douglas and I gave it to him. Probably the best round
I’ve ever seen him fight. – [Narrator] Douglas’
game plan revolves around using his jab effectively. It’s no different in this fight, and it’s keeping Tyson at a distance. Tyson is used to operating with a shorter reach than his opponent, but Douglas is making good use of his 12 inch reach advantage and stringing together combos
that are surprising onlookers. At the end of two rounds, Douglas had landed 52
punches to Tyson’s 16. By the fifth round, things had
only gotten worse for Tyson who continued to struggle
absorbing blow after blow and returning none of the punishment. – [Commentator] Another right hand and now Tyson seems to be wobbled. Mike is not throwing back. Buster Douglas is completely
dominating this round. – Tyson’s left I began to close after an evening of making
friends with Douglas’ right hand time for his cut man
to get out the enswell, but that is not an enswell,
this is an enswell. That is a latex glove, blown
up and filled with ice. Tyson’s corner man, Aaron Snowell was so confident Tyson wouldn’t need it that he didn’t bring one. Tyson’s camp treated this fight the same way I used to
treat going to the beach. Why would I bring sunscreen
if I’m not gonna use it? some lessons are learned the hard way. So what is this corner man
MacGyver even doing here? Well, over the last couple of years Tyson has made some changes in his camp. Following his electrifying
win over Spinks, Tyson made the decision to move on from his manager Bill Clayton, and fire his longtime
trainer Kevin Rooney. It was a controversial
move that many believe was at the urging of promoter Don King, who has been accused by some
of misguiding Tyson’s career. Rooney had taken over as trainer following the death of
Tyson’s adopted father and original trainer Cus D’Amato Rooney helped Tyson home D’Amato’s
peekaboo style of boxing, which focused on movement. Many fights have been ended
by Tyson’s signature uppercut, but those uppercuts are made possible by the proceeding movements. – And anybody could
see I’m almost a master at invading the punches coming at me. If anybody saw all of my
fights I don’t get hit. It’s hard because I’m a
counter puncher myself, but I just do it with a lot of aggression. – [Narrator] Once Tyson
parted ways with Rooney many noted a drastic drop off in Tyson’s mobility in the ring, leading to an increase absorption of hits, and here in the 10th round,
a stunned one-eyed Mike Tyson has put that on display for everyone. But when you fight Mike Tyson, all he needs is one good shot to end it, and that shots looked to have
come in the eighth round. Through seven Douglas was
continuing to showcase his jab, connecting on 89 compared to Tyson’s 21 but with mere seconds
left in the eighth round, Tyson moved just enough
to turn Douglas’s jab into a glancing blow and
countered with an uppercut that sent Douglas to the mat. It was the shot everyone was waiting for. The boxing world had been realigned. Douglas put up a fight, but in the end, Iron Mike cannot be beaten. But as the count hit nine, much to the amazement of everyone
watching, Douglas was up. This fight wasn’t over. He was then saved by the Bell and lived to fight another round. The ninth round began
and Tyson had his eye on picking up where he left off, but Douglas was ready for it. He landed some early shots
to send the message to Tyson that the fight was still on,
and he didn’t stop there. With a little over a
minute left in the round, Douglas put a wobbling Tyson on the ropes. – [Commentator] Without the
ropes Mike would have gone down. – [Narrator] Both fighters
entered the 10th round looking to end it. Mike Tyson has never in his career taken this much punishment in a fight. A fight his team was so confident entering that they didn’t even
bring the basic tools to battle swelling. Buster Douglas the 42-to-one underdog in the only casino willing
to take bets on the bout has stepped out of the
shadow of his father and created a name for himself by just surviving this long against Tyson. He has had to fight respiratory illness in the same week he had to push his body to the ultimate limits. He has shouldered the
pain of losing his mother only a short time after convincing her he could hold his own in
this ring, in this fight against the greatest boxer on Earth. The world only gave him 90 seconds, and here he is in the 10th round. Welcome to a moment in history. – [Commentator] To try to get in the shot that will finish things– – [Announcer] Oh, the uppercut! – [Commentator] What
an uppercut by Douglas and down goes Tyson. – Five, six, seven, eight, nine. – [Announcer] It’s over.
– [Man] It’s over. – [Commentator] Mike Tyson
has been knocked out.

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  1. Hey fun fact! Korakuen Stadium was actually demolished in 1988. This fight took place in what is now known as the Tokyo Dome but many at the time of this fight, including the original HBO broadcast, referred to the venue as Korakuen Stadium. I, too, am scared of change.

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  9. So if you think about this fight on a fundamental level you can use the "Triangle" Theory of boxing. Tyson clearly was using a Slugger style and Douglas used an Outboxer style. Essentially Douglas concentrated on staying outside Tyson's reach and because Tyson could no longer slip like he used to with his old style he could only suck up the punches and HOPE for an opening. By the time he got one he was so gassed he couldn't put anything on it. Outboxer>Slugger. I know that theory has holes but in this case it holds up.

  10. Tyson was allergic to Vaseline, his corner slathered him with it, and his eye puffed up even more… He was under extreme discomfort due to inept people in his corner.

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  12. Had Tyson trained and not been messing around with Japanese hookers he might have had a chance. But then again, Iron Mike struggled with taller opponents that could work the jab/tie him up when he got inside. Larry Holmes worked that strategy to some success before getting dropped. Holyfield didn't jab much but tied Mike up inside and Lennox Lewis just peppered Tyson with the jab before putting Mike away. Tyson could have been the best heavyweight ever. He had one punch knockout power, great head movement and a chin made of stone, but he lacked a key ingredient: belief in himself. It didn't help that Don King, lord of all scum bags was in his employ.

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  14. Evander was only number 1 under the wbc razor ruddock was number 1 under the ibf guys like micheal dokes and razor ruddock we're next after douglas

  15. The issue of the 8th round when Douglas was knocked down had nothing to do with a slow count. What happened was the referee counted 8, then for some reason he looked back at the guy sitting next to the bell ringer, then counted 8 again. By that time Douglas was getting to his feet. If you count from the moment Douglas went down to him standing up, around 12 seconds elapse

  16. I thought it was a common belief that Tyson took a dive during that bout. That's what I heard for years. Am I wrong on that?

  17. Man, I wish Americans knew cricket because this year's World Cup final had one of the most epic, unreal, and nailbiting finishes ever across any sport and it truly deserves a rewinder episode in the future.

  18. Wow, I remember watching that fight live. I'd forgotten that it went that long and I'd forgotten that Douglas was knocked down. Makes it surprising that he didn't last beyond this moment.
    This was a good one (they've all been good), thanks!

  19. You guys are doing a great, great, great job… Can you do some of these videos with some iconic and unforgettable soccer matches through history? It is after all the most popular sport worldwide…

  20. So much missing here.. Tyson leaving his managers (Clayton being one) in conjunction with the loss of Cus and firing of Rooney under duress is ONE OF THE TWO BIGGEST FACTORS. 1) DON KING … the King of Cons swooped in when Cus died, mind f*cked the Champ and had everything from his camp to his "Peek A Boo" style pull a full 180. The post D'Amato/Don King Era was the beginning of the end for Iron Mike
    2) ROBIN GIVENS… his wife at the time, along with her mother, had driven Mike into a deep depression. I remember the Barbara Walters interview in which Givens accused Mike of beating her while he sat back doped up on lithium or valium without saying a word. It was embarrassing, and even at 12 years old I knew the Mike I loved was over (I had the chance to hang with Mike a few times in recent years and his burning hated of King, Givens and her mother still burns bright.. Although he doesn't make excuses. Like a man he shoulders it and says he wasn't prepared and wasn't sleeping)

    I spent six months a year with my old man in Vegas and we went to every fight. I kid you not, if i wasn't a decade to young to bet, I would have taken Douglas. The Tyson Givens interview and all the open turmoil and changes in conjunction with how lean and determined Buster was seemed to be glaring. Was heartbreating to watch, and followed by more heartbreak like rape accusations, jail, and financial meltdown.

    But it was great to see what Buster could do. Even if for only one fight, as he soon ballooned up and didn't have it in him to keep training the way he did for that one night. He really stepped up and should be commended

  21. This fight literally makes me tear up whenever I think about it. That man fought for his mama!!!!

  22. Note to all:

    If you still believe the "long count" baloney, visit this link.


    Also YouTube search for "Tyson Douglas identical 10 counts".

  23. What about Tyson's mental state? He wasn't ready for the fight mentally with the crap going on in his personal life.

  24. While it is true tyson shouldn't have been trouble in the first place it is also true that Douglas TO ME!!! Lost that actually…. and as it turns out he did NOT deserve to be champion just look at of focus and dedication after that he became a bum and that's where he stayed. so i don't give Douglas any credit for. being a one nighter being at the right place at the time.

  25. Interesting. I remember seeing the news report on this fight, but I always heard that the ref counted too slow for Buster Douglas and too fast for Mike Tyson. I guess even the news media couldn't believe that Tyson lost.

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  27. 0:29…what? Douglas was CLEARLY way ahead in this fight. Those scorecards that were posted after the fight were criminal…especially the one that had Tyson up a point. Douglas dominated this fight.

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  29. Buster Douglas should've been knocked out, he wouldn't of made the 10 count if the ref didn't screw up and stopped counting at 8 seconds.

  30. I was in the 7th grade when this happened one of my friends told me Mike Tyson got beat! I couldn't believe it then later on I saw it on a VHS tape I was like wow totally amazed!

  31. Did you mention the ref is guilty of a slow count in Douglas' favor? Check out the official ring side crew next to bell ringer. He clearly counts to 13. Mikey got robbed !!!

  32. come on guys, Buster had a GREAT fight, but the ref gave him the SLOWEST count compared to Tyson's count. Clearly we all love underdogs, but that ref obviously favored Busta.

  33. Wow, you didn't even bring up how excessively long the count that Douglas beat was. That count took well over ten seconds, with any good ref Tyson wins the fight.

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