Michigan Blackbelt Academy Rockford to Caledonia

I’m Dwayne Flees chief instructor at Flees ATA martial arts and Karate for kids. I am a 4th degree black belt in study martial arts for a little over 20 years and when a student starts here at our Academy the first thing they find out is that we are black belt academy and our goal for every student is to actually earn their second degree black belt not just first degree but continued on set big goals and commitments to second-degree black belt and beyond. This way they can learn how to set challenging goals for them self that they can apply to all parts of their life. In our adult program usually starts about age 13 and up well this is a wide wide age range we could have 12 year olds there are a little bit bigger kids all the way up to I don’t know our oldest student that I ever had was 86 years old he was a great guy Harry but we all work together the older seasoned adults really have a fun time with the teenagers and the teens get to see and learn from the adults and their experiences in life and how our life skills can apply even in the workforce when you’re an adult so they get to see that I’m not just making this stuff up or we’re just not telling them stuff in class but in the real world the life skills apply to your career choice

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