Mexican Boxing Is Dangerous For Bystanders!

Hey, what’s up, everybody? My name is Jesse.. and you’re watching MMA,
Mexican Martial Arts. There are three main things that Mexicans
are known for, that we have in our blood.. Familia, boxing, and type 2 diabetes. Today we’re gonna focus on boxing. One time I had to box my Tio Beto.. he has
type 2 diabetes.. That was like the most Mexican thing I ever
did.. This is my primo, Flaco. If you would’ve told me a couple years ago
that this fool would be in my videos, I would’ve said chale, that fool’s worthless.. But now?.. He’s the only one that would do it.. Mexican Boxing consists of only one punch,
The Haymaker. You can find examples of this on YouTube or
after school, behind the liquor store. Typically, when you go toe to toe with someone,
you run the risk of getting caught with an uppercut, straight right, left hook, right
cross, jabs, and so on. But Mexican Boxing eliminates all of these
threats by taking advantage of The Haymaker. The moment we square up, the first thing I
want to do is look for a bystander. Basically, I want to get him between myself
and the attacker. This will hinder the efforts of the attacker
while my range of motion remains wide open. Not only am I safe against the attacker’s
punches but he’s tiring himself out as well. Resulting in a quick and efficient victory
for me. If you’re unable to find a bystander, then
you can use the Mayweather Strategy. Mayweather is known as one of the greatest
boxers of all time. The funny thing is Mayweather became so good
at boxing, by not boxing.. Flaco, tell ’em how much Mayweather likes
to run. Mayweather.. Mayweather ran more during his career than
Usain Bolt.. Mayweather should be a politician cause he
loves running.. Mayweather’s favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger
movie is The Running Man.. Mayweather’s favorite dance move is the
running man.. If Mayweather was an appliance he’d be a
fridge, cause he’s always running.. Mayweather ran with the bulls and somehow
he won by anonymous decision.. Mayweather’s favorite fighter is Forest
Gump.. Mayweather once ran on a treadmill for four
hours before he realized that it wasn’t plugged in.. Flaco’s got jokes. He’s like that Fluffy fool. Este, Julio Iglesias. Things To Consider If your opponent happens to be Mexican, then
Mexican Boxing prolly isn’t gonna work, cause he’s doing the same thing. In this case you need to check out one of
our other videos which teaches you how to dismantle fools of all colors and races. Thank you for supporting Mexican Martial Arts. ‘Preciate it, good lookin’ out. Late.

100 thoughts on “Mexican Boxing Is Dangerous For Bystanders!

  1. ¿Se acuerdan del "Pirata de Culiacán"?
    Regreso, en forma de sparring de boxeo y apodado "El flaco".

    Viejo, amo tus videos. Saludos desde Mexico.

  2. Oh man, you guys are so cool and funny. I love the both of you, especially Flaco! I would post this, but everyone gets " butt hurt," because they think you are making fun of them.😣 I am an old lady that studies Chinese Kenpo! Please keep the punches coming. I love you guys! God bless!

  3. You should see if Master Ken wants to guest star on your show. You're both amazing. And I'm buying the shirt.

  4. This is the th3j35t3r says fuck 🇲🇽 mma boxing how about 🇮🇹 boxing undeafted Rocky Marcieno never went down ray mancini legend or how about 🇵🇷 boxing hector camcho feleix tito trindad 🇨🇺 cuba from harbor mma on pacfic 15st san pedro california or fillpino boxing manny pachico only 1 boxer retired undeafted and it wasnt 🇲🇽 it was italy Rocky marciono

  5. But fuck boxing im about bjj ninjutsu too says look at jessies primo and sparring partner fat slob out of shape 🇧🇷+🇯🇵 is the th3j35t3r will choke out 🇲🇽 mma

  6. That was little funny but I was extremely happy seeing conor picture on the punching ,I want to see conor mcgregor killed.

  7. I thought this would have way more views. Be sflafe out there protect y'all selves. Like and subscribe to the flaco show

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