Metro jiu-jitsu Bloopers

METROJJ.COM BLOOPERS Not A Professional Actor ! SERIOUS or Lighthearted ?? Director wont let me break! im so thirsty I need chap stick! Let’s go back chapstick & water please 300 for hair & Make up artist 303 to Your children here you when you’re I’m sorry. Yeah after 20 takes she starts to negotiate 3 3 2 1 go your kick you Can’t fold your arms don’t fold your arms Hold your dad man. Yeah Well, I’m rapport we’re waiting on you now you can meet me over there You want to just how you want to just you want to just happen the frame? No Ages 5 and up his shake and bake go to basketball move bloopers thinking we need help!!!! Okay Click click the link or call us today to try a class for free say It’s click or call Click the link or call us or call us visit us at for 30 days free or call 734-225-6230

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