(Eastern music) – Blue is better! – No, it’s not, green is better! – Blue. – Green. – Blue! – Green! – I said blue! (slapping) – How dare you? Let’s settle this like fish. – You’re on. (bubbly electronic music) (gong crashes) (splashing) (electronic effects) (electronic music) (punching) (punching) (swooshing)
(gurgled shout) (two punches) (swooshing)
(gurgled shout) (punching) (three punches) (punching) (punching) (five punches) (electronic music) (punching) (slapping) (slapping) (punching) (splashing) (gurgled shout) (slapping) (four punches) (three punches) (two punches) (hitting) (bubbling) (gong crashes) – Thanks for watching. – Bye! – Geronimo! (two splashes) (upbeat guitar music)

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