Merchant Services: West Coast Martial Arts

Are you ready? “Sir.” Alright, let’s go. “Hi ya!” “Hi ya!” My name is Tony Thompson. I’m one of the founders of West Coast Martial Arts. ♪♪ We started this business right out of college in 1977. Over the last 30 years we’ve been expanding. Now we’re in eight different states, and we’re following our dream and our passion of teaching martial arts. As long as I’m teaching these kids, I’m happy. In our business, service is king. Bank of the West has always been there for me whenever I needed something. When I walk in there, it’s automatically, “Hi, How you doing? Tell me what can we help you with?” I’m like, “Okay this is pretty good.” When I use Bank of the West Merchant Services, it makes my life so much simpler. I would say eighty percent of our business is credit cards. Our basic foundation is collecting monthly dues. Once they sign up for that year, those payments are automatically drawn each month. It’s automatically taken care of. If we give them four or five different opportunities of how they can pay their bills, I’m happy they’re happy. You know, I really liked same business day funding. It used to be if you charge something it takes two or three days to get your funds, right? And for a small businessman, three to five days is very crucial. Through Bank of the West Merchant Services, I know if my business makes 500 bucks, I can go to my account the next morning and I see the $500 bucks, and I can pay that bill right then. There’s a martial arts code that goes around: you take care of people that’s close to you. You value them. Once you trust them, stick with them for a long time. That’s family. And for me, when you can feel that trust, I mean, that’s priceless. Now I’ve always had that with Bank of the West. Merchant Services provided by and subject to approval by Elavon. Elavon is not a Bank of the West affiliate. Bank of the West does not offer, control, or guarantee the services of Elavon and makes no represenation or warranties regarding the services.

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