Mental Toughness in CrossFit and Martial Arts

As a CrossFitter, you’re doing push-ups and burpees and wall balls and presses and push presses every week. And cumulatively, you’ve done—here’s an epiphany, a big fancy word for lightbulb moment— you’ve actually done more core-to-extremity in the kinetic chain of that push-up or that push press is that same movement as a palm strike. You’ve actually done more palm strikes than most martial artists ever have. And in CrossFit, what you have is every time you do a serious WOD you’re actually working on pain management and mental toughness, every fucking day! Where martial artists don’t do that. Combat sport athletes do that, right? Like you’re not faking sparring, you’re not faking grappling. What’s missing in a lot of the protocols is the “detect and defuse” part. Detect and avoid the situation, awareness, the defuse, the verbal defuse, and so forth.

11 thoughts on “Mental Toughness in CrossFit and Martial Arts

  1. It seem like he was getting to another point But the decision to make a quick soundbite that made it sound like he was disparaging Martial artists generally speaking.

    Out of context it kind of sounds like you're saying that CrossFit people could hang with martial artists in a fight. I would agree that across a person could hang out in pretty much any class and they would have skills that translate.

    The trouble with sound bites is that you get a myopic view of the bigger topic that someone was trying to post.

  2. that's total bull. as if martial artist didnt train their bodies. has that dude ever seen world championships of karate or other arts? i've done boxe, karate and crossfit. a push up may work the same muscles as a punch, but there's no impact on the fist and the wrist. never saw a crossfitter doing set-up while his buddy was hitting him in the abs either.

    sound bites like that are just inviting controversy and bad reputation for crossfitter

  3. Don't confuse the categories. Coach isn't saying a CrossFit athlete can stay in the ring/octagon with a trained martial artist (a category 1 encounter); it's about surviving the real assault/sudden ambush of the Category 4 encounter where there are no rules, no time to train and no niceties observed. Research who Tony Blauer is; see who and where he trains then temper your comments with that knowledge.

  4. Sorry CrossFit, you keep bringing the likes of this guy to promote the sport but they do more damage than good, first with their fowl language, second with their ignorance of how other sports work.
    By the way I'm a very good fan of CrossFit but I'm also 5th dan taekwondo.

  5. All these people are wannabe know-it-alls. Tony Blauer is an excellent self defense instructor. He should be heeded and learned from.

  6. What is this guy on? When I did karate, every training session we would line up and do at least 100 punches just for practice, before we did drills, pads, kata, combinations and sparring. No way would crossfit do close to anything close.

  7. Personal trainer think it's a game. It's easy it's just exercise. Your going to get these middle class people killed when a poor person from the hood gets in their face.

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