14 thoughts on “Meet Mia Kang, The Supermodel Who’s Also A Knockout Martial Artist | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. Seriously? This fat beast cries abound starving to become a size 2 (which people who are in her normal weight range, 150 lbs or more, probably do not do regularly) yet comes out looking like a 200 lb dude claiming a size 9 is "healthy" and "normal"? Now this clown is all over msm, with acclaim that she is an SI model and Pro MMA fighter (Really? Not sure if she's even fought Muay Thai at a professional level nonetheless MMA) that overcame her eating disorder. Don't trust mainstream media, don't follow illogical news reports/,propaganda like this one.

  2. Chic looks a size 12. Does not have a supermodel face, broad cheek bones, fatty cheeks. Very mongol looking. welp

  3. Glad she is healthy now. Not the most stimulating interview, she isn't very good at answering questions.

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