Meet Martial Attitude – KUNG FU Wing Chun

With each reward, I thought we can spend some quality time together! We can really meet up and we can shake hand sincerely. An other way it would be to train a bit together, how exciting is that? In this very moment I am in the place where I have spent much time, love and commitment all thing which are at the heart of Kimopolo project, in the end. I am here in my Sifu’s dojo, where I started to study to become a KUNG FU Wing Chun practitioner and where I keep on coming, up and down from London, as often as I possibly can. I would love you to meet him, Sifu, too! And so, as Sifu is not only a great Teacher but also a very good friend who got passionate about Kimopolo project and he granted the possibility to meet him. And so there is a reward for you to pledge so to meet Sifu in London for a 3 hours workshop on December 15th 2018… btw it will be my birthday too… so join in for the party! Besides, if you are in Italy, in northen Italy and you wish to meet Sifu here, that is also possible and you will have the alternative to partecipate a workshop here in Verona, instead. In his dojo precisely where I am right now. Support this campaign! Because it is super cool, it is made in Italy and in this case because Who You Did It With!

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