Meet a Scientologist: Paul, Karate Instructor

I’m Paul, and I teach karate and I’m a Scientologist. I’ve been teaching karate for 30 years. My father was the pioneer of karate
here in Australia. And I’ve been teaching since I was 14. It’s an art, it’s an art form. And for me personally, it’s actually
for someone to avoid a situation. I don’t actually want someone
to ever get into a situation. I have kids that I have been training with me, not just for a short amount of time
but for many, many years. I’ve got my own son there,
that teaches and works for me full time. I love seeing the children when they go out, or I like seeing anybody going out that door, with a smile on their face and knowing that they’ve
improved their life in some way. There’s nothing better than that — nothing better than that.

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