Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Yi Jin Jing Exercises 1-3

Now let me introduce you to another set of
internal exercise called Yi Jin Jing. Yi Jin Jing if you translate it word by word, if
you translate it from Chinese into English, Yi means to change, Jin means the muscles
and the tendons and Jing as the method. So if you incorporate all three word it means
book of change or the classic exercise that changes your muscles and tendons. Okay. So
basically it gets rid of all those bad substance from your body, helps you execute all those
bad stuff from your body outside. Okay. In the past, it is believe that if somebody learns
Yi Jin Jing and the Xi Shui Jing, if you learn the Yi Jin Jing, you could be the best in
the Martial Arts. But to practice, we Shaolin Monks know that, that’s not true. But many
people in the past, they believe that if you know this classes you could become the best
Martial Artist and nobody could defeat you. So what they do after knowing that? They try
to steal the books in from Shaolin to try to learn it by themselves. And of course many
of them attempt, failed. And some of them was killed doing that, while trying to steal
the book. Okay. So now I’m going to show you the Yi Jin Jing. Preparation. Standing shoulder
width. And when practicing, you want your back to be the north and you want your face
to face south, cause Chinese believe that the back is the mountain, so you’re back are
always be towards the mountain and your head, the south is the ocean so you should always
be looking at the ocean when you incorporate, when you’re inhaling good energy from, okay.
So now I’m going to show you Yi Jin Jing. There are twelve steps to it, I’m going to
show you first three. First one is Preparation. Standing shoulder width. Okay. You want to
inhale and exhale for a total of eight times. The next one Wei Tuo Shin Xiu Presenting the
Pestles. Drawing both hands up, inhale, and of course when you’re doing this you want
to do the natural breathing, three for nine times. Inhale and exhale consist of once.
So you want to do this three for nine times by holding this position. Now I’m going to
introduce you to the next move its called Hua Xian Tou Ang Pang Xiang Mo Tou, Stretching
the Arms out for as a Family. You want to go like this, inhale, exhale for a total of
nine times. Okay. And this concludes the first three segment of the Yi Jin Jing.

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