Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Shaolin Strength Palm Training 1

Now I’m going to show you another classes
of the Shaolin Internal Training. It’s called Training the Palm, okay. So this exercise
basically helps you build up the palm’s power. Helps you incorporate the energy in the hands
and the palms. Okay. So now let me start with the first movement. One is called taming the
Tiger, Tuin Shing Uu. Opening your legs shoulder width, you want to bring your hands in, out.
You want to do this for a total number of inhale, exhale for a total number of forty
nine times or whenever your hands start to get warm, okay. So this is what you do. Forty
nine times, your hands should get warm by the forty nine times or whenever your hands
get warm. So that’s the first movement. Okay, forty nine times. The next one is called Pushing
down Thousand Pound. So starting from this position, you’re going to stand up, in, push
down, inhale, push down and on the seventh one, you want to inhale, strike down. Okay.
And you repeat that so seven times of one inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, the seventh
time push down, you want to do a repetition of seven, okay. So seven times consider one,
you want to do that for a total of seven times. Okay. And this concludes the first two movements
of Training the Palm Exercise.

10 thoughts on “Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Shaolin Strength Palm Training 1

  1. Okay is there a meditation for keeping your composure (staying calm and alert) in the face of serious danger?

  2. Almost completely true. there are other forms besides wing chun. shaolin doesnt do push hands as that is strictly a daoist neigong idea.

    they do qin na though. but the part about the commie fake dancing is SPOT ON!!!

    Wushu is a joke. madame mao has a special place in hell… where she has to be beaten daily and is forced to watch her own movies every day. the same movie.

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