Meditative Exercises of Shaolin Martial Arts : Seated Buddhist Meditation

Now, I’m going to show you a sitting meditation.
Sitting meditation is calming down the mind and the body. This is a good idea to practice
in some place, in place that is calm, with less distraction. The Shaolin monks when we
were practicing marital arts, we would like to go inside a forest or inside a mountain
because there’s no distraction there, and the air is clean. So you want somewhere where
the air is clean. You don’t want to be meditating in front of a trash can, ’cause that’s going
to bring the bad air inside your body, that’s going to lose your distraction. So now, I’m
going to show you a sitting meditation. Ok, there’s many ways you can perform sitting
meditation, ok, you could fold your legs like this, or you could what we call a lotus, which
is holding up both legs like that, ok? So I’m going, for the purpose of performing nice,
for making it it easier for people to learn, I’m just going to cross my legs. For males,
like that, for females, the complete opposite. Ok, so, I show you sitting meditation. Ok,
you can put your hands, close your eyes, inhale, exhale through your noses. And most people
could do it for 15 to 20 or 30 minutes. Shaolin monks we sleep this way, we sleep while we
are meditating. Ok, and of course you can also put our hands like this. Ok, so this
builds up the calmness and peacefulness so you’re not distracted. The main focus of this
exercise is to get rid of all of the distraction from the outer world, so you sitting one,
and becoming calm and peacefulness within yourself and your surroundings.

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  1. It took me ages to find a video on meditation that would just say the reason for doing it. This man really goes right to the point for sure. weeeeee!

  2. lol, kinda stiff for a shaolin monk, he can't do the lotus properly, you can see clearly that he is struggling with it.

  3. i trained shaolin kung fu for 8 years and i studied 1 year in shaolin and i can tell straight away this guy is not a monk. shaolin monks dont sleep while they meditate!

  4. nobody 'SLEEPS' while they are meditating fact…when you meditate you are focusing your mind. hands up who's mind is focused and clear when they are sleeping??? didnt think so. who here has met the abbot of the shaolin temple and trained and lived with the top monks? and who has demonstrated shaolin chaun to the chairman of the olympics in front of international press???…by the way your learning "meditation" on the internet and you say i dont know jack shit…LOL. good luck with that.

  5. whats your dads name? and is he still in shaolin/dengfeng now? im going back there next week, i might know him or heard of him.

  6. the standard in shaolin is so high and this guy isnt up there. he cant even do the lotus position properly. while you are meditating you go deep inside yourself "inner space" and yes you do go into a trace like state but you never fall asleep. thats way dharmo made the monks do yoga which later became chi gong and which later evolved into kung fu. the reason dharmo taught the monks yoga was because they kept falling asleep while they were meditating.

  7. i am not the worlds expert or a shaolin monk. but i was just trying to show that im not just some guy at a computer all day. i have studied buddist meditation and qi-gong the same amount of time i have studied kung fu.

    i was just trying to tell everyone that this guy isnt what he says he is. just because he is chinese doesnt mean he is a true monk. i was just pointing out that you dont "sleep" while you meditate. and all i got in responce was people hurling abuse at me.


  8. one time I did this before bed and after I was done and went to sleep I could not sleep the entire night and only got like 2 or 3 hours sleep if that. the next day I was not even tired and i stayed up late no problem.

  9. he ment they sleep in the position too, when they meditate they dont fall alseep no, in fact the reason the monks started wuyi practice was to build up thier bodys so that they wouldnt fall asleep during meditation, well and cuz robbers kept beating them up

  10. Fully trained Shaolin warrior monks actually don't even need to be seated or still to perform "no-mind," which is the entire point of meditation. Stopping the internal dialogue of the mind and it's constant stream of mental images and verbalizations is the entire point. Breathing and posture is just something to give the body to relax into, but it's not necessary at all when learned. So, really, it doesn't even matter what you're doing, or if you are even sitting.

  11. this was just a medioker (sp) instruction for white american ppl who have to pay 1000s of dollars for cheap instruction like that. lol.

  12. normally it's done 3 or 4 times a day, recomendable after u get up, and then start u'r daily routing , it fills u up with energy and focus u on what u have to do, it works that way for me! normally i would be drinking energy drinks all the time, now i don't need them

  13. "We SLEEP while we meditate." What kind of meditation is that? Meditation by definition is the cultivation of pure awareness – not unconciousness!! Lol! It is certainly not zen which Shaolin is supposed to be. In any decent zendo or meditation centre, they have someone walking around to ensure that no one falls asleep. As someone pointed out, his speech and mannerisms indicate a turbulent mind. He is obviously selling something.

  14. To colocal87. Your response shows a profound misunderstanding of what meditation is. Sleep and meditation are different mental states!! One is concious, the other is unconcious so the brainwave patterns are different as well. Meditation is physically demanding as well – it is not "resting the body." Try sitting in the CORRECT meditative position through the night and see if you feel 'fully rested". I doubt if you are physically capable of meditating in the correct position for an hour –

  15. @mixedgrain Look, monks don't stay in bed and say they are meditating as they will be overcome by sleep… And as we are speaking about meditation, I don't think we need to distinguish between any "schools" of meditation or spirituality… I say this as the practice of meditation is meant to reach the highest state in every religion(watever d technique is)… And for meditation, one doesn't need to have any fixed posture… As d mind is doing d work, u dont need 2 hv any specified posture(contd)

  16. @mixedgrain (contd)d postre dos lttle… I hv meditatd mny tyms lyin down an hv progressd… An my statemnt is tru wen u really undrstnd wat sleepin is… Sleepin is a state of complete rst, wer u dont hv any cnsciousnss of ur exstnc(d duration b/w u gettin asleep an gettin up will seem lessr dan 1s) Meditation is also a state of complete rst, bt u hv cnsciousnss of ur prsnce(u can feel tym goin by)… (contd)

  17. @mixedgrain (contd) Howevr, in more advncd stats of meditation, u mite frgt ur exstnce in d world, bt der will always b u fr it is u who is focusng ur attention… If u tink abt it in d meditative state, u cm out… dis is a pnt 2 b notd, u can cm out of meditation wenevr u wnt, but not frm sleep…

  18. @Nidish9644 You said, "monks don't stay in bed and say they are meditating as they will be overcome by sleep." That and your other statements above show that you clearly distinguish between sleep and meditation. (No one has achieved Satori by sleeping otherwise we'd all be enlightened!) That is what I said was wrong with this monk's statement that he sleeps while meditating so I am not sure why you chose to conflate both by redefining the terms in your original comment.

  19. @Nidish9644 You said,"I don't think we need to distinguish between any "schools" of meditation…" I beg to differ. This monk claims to be Shaolin which is a Zen tradition. Zen has practices different from Hindu yogic schools or even other Buddhist schools for very good reasons. If this person has a do-it-yourself approach to meditation or if he has a guru who claims to have integrated techniques from different schools, fine. But don't redefine Zen to suit your particular vision/interpretation.

  20. @mixedgrain I am not redefining zen or something, I just am asking you to acknowledge dat dey r meditating… And yes, u can achieve enlightenment by meditating lying down… And I got my previous statement from The venerable Prof Walpola Sri Rahula Maha Thera… And i know that Meditation is very different from sleep, but both are similar states, of which I have explained in my revious posts(3) as answer to ur comment… well, I don't say dat people in Shaolin sleep while dey meditate though..

  21. @Nidish9644 Fair enough.The purpose of my original comment was to raise a red flag that just because a person is dressed as a monk does not necessarily mean a certain level of spiritual attainment. Unfortunately, Shaolin in mainland China has become a huge money-making organisation with "franchises" around the world. I'm sure this monk has spent long hours perfecting his martial skills but his persona and comments indicate that the same level of care was not devoted to spiritual cultivation.

  22. @mixedgrain I accept, and i don't even think he hass practiced Kung Fu well… Just look at his Lotus posture…

  23. You want to find a 'quiet place where you can meditate, without distractions'?? At first, maybe. As the mind becomes more aware though, you would progress in your meditation to the point where you no longer need 'a quiet place'.

  24. Shaolin Kung Fu isnt about beautiful stances,splits and flips.You all should know that,before you say that his Lotus pose is bad etc.

  25. wrong sitting posture. Knees should be lower than hips. But it does not matter. Listening to this guy one can hear that he does not really meditate.

  26. I've tried seep meditation and my body does not remain in that position, when I wake up my chest is laying on my legs and my forehead on the floor lol, I wonder how they manage to stay like that all night.

  27. @ironpalmslapped And why does it matter whether or not the whole western world understands it or not? What matters is how deep *you* the questioner investigate, research, study, and question it.

  28. hmmm very interesting…just one question….does the lotus position destroy your knees? it looks painful.

  29. Got to my first dan in shaolin kung ku , trained with the british kung fu team in london for a year then went on to be a referee and judge for the b c c m a , when we got to black belt , we learnt the breathing tec s like this monk , it really helps with every day life , every thing starts with your brain , you can take total control and when you do its a great feeling ,,lose all your anger and hate then enjoy life for what it trully is ,,,the Monk !!! my nick name

  30. I bet if that guy sleeps on a memory foam bed, he'll sleep instantly instead of sleeping in a meditating position 🙂
    I wish i could sleep like that, would be useful in sticky situations

  31. kind of ironic how you say "god bless the shaolin monks" when they don't believe in anything related to catholocism

  32. its just a nice gesture, im sure any shaolin monk or any decent person will respect that and take it in the best way possible.

  33. soooo the secret oh the shaolin monks is that they actaually sleeping!!!! oh you!!!

    No, seriously…i would like spent 1 year whit them

  34. The Buddhist Code prevents them from ever being the aggressor, there Martial Arts are strictly for self defense only

  35. okay so they are okay with being violent only in a particular scenario still that is violence which is fine but contrary to what they preach.

  36. Violence is empty and the best it brings out in someone who thinks it meaningful is more violence. Monks train with one another, yet no matter how much they may hit each other violence never occurs. A man on the streets is nicked by a passerby and he himself creates the violence he experiences. That is why monks are non-violent.

  37. that trash can comment though! What if I live in Mogadishu?

    Just kidding.. But seriously that trashcan thing was funny! Anyone?

  38. I have always been interested in learning Chinese meditation an the way of Kung-Fu but prices here in America are to much for me to afford. As a child I have always been interested in Chinese Culture. The way they eat, meditate, Kung-fu, an the way Monks take care of earth. Sucks I will never get to learn 🙁

  39. if he studied with tibetan monks, why does he say ''we shaolin monks'' ? that does make no sense if he didnt study at shaolin

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